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India: The Future of Work for HR is One That is Global in Scope, Diverse in Skills and Cultures, and Defined Very Differently Than it is Today. – Stacy Harris

Interview by SHRM India

Sierra-Cedar Inc., is a part of the The Sierra-Cedar Group. They are known for their industry-based consulting expertise in technology and systems for  industry applications, strategy and research, business analytics, performance management, and enterprise applications. They also help their clients manage and upgrade client’s applications as well as technology infrastructure. They further guide and support them in implementing and integrating cloud-based services.

We got in touch with Stacy Harris, the Vice President of Research and Analytics at Sierra-Cedar, in charge of the Annual HR Systems Survey and Research Function, to gain insight into...


Simplification VS Customization. What Works When?

This is a decision that almost all HR practitioners irrespective of level, geography and business segment struggle with. The reason for the struggle is the fact that while it should be a business decision, if it is not done with a well-strategized and thought out approach, it can seem like a judgment call. Avoiding the concerns that might arise if this is not a data-based or parameter-evaluated decision is absolutely critical. Therefore, as an HR practitioner, the primary role is to first identify what are the basis for deciding or suggesting that a particular process should be simplified or customized....


Developing HR to Deliver Excellence - SHRM HR Awards 2014

SHRM India HR Awards 2014 aimed to connect professionals from various fields to come under one roof and inspire each other to grown their business. It recognized organizations that have excelled in bringing growth to the people practices and empowered HR to become a strategic business partner.

SHRM India has compiled the case studies on the best practices of the six winners, one runner's up and two merit-holders of the SHRM India HR Annual Awards, 2014.

Click Here to access the SHRM HR Awards 2014, case study booklet...


Why Company Culture Matters

Various organizations, from time to time publish reports that focus on the “best” and “worst” workplaces, organizations and industries relative to employee turnover. Their reports are eye-opening but not necessarily prescriptive.

My article is intended neither to bad mouth nor to glorify, the members of these “best and worst” lists, hence, I am not using names. However, there are about 19 well-respected and esteemed organizations with median employee tenure of 2 years or less. In other words, their staff churns, on average, in 18 months or less. The first thought on seeing this data is – "How do they manage...


What is ‘Strategic’ HR Management?

The great (or is it not so great?) part of HR is that academicians,
practitioners and consultants associated with the field of Human
Resources have been trying for years to answer questions like:

  • How can HR get a ‘place at the table?’ 
  • How can HR become Business Partners?
  • What is ‘strategic’ human resource management?

I am sure you can add to this list of what I call ‘eternal,
evergreen’ questions.  Not that thought leaders in the field of HR have
not provided the answers; but for some reason these questions seem to


Total Employee Experience – The new synonym for Employees Engagement

Since its inception, employee engagement is seen as a local (read team level) phenomenon and is believed to be largely driven by the ‘work group level’ dynamics. In such a reality the team manager, is indeed, the central anchor of employee engagement. At one time Gallup estimated that managers account for at least 70%(1) of the variance in employee engagement scores across business units.

Techno-Social evolution, specifically over the last 3-5 years, has dramatically changed the world of work. A large proportion of the workforce today chooses flexi work over regular office visits. More and more business is being conducted...


The ABC of Content

Any finished product is a function of both form and substance. These share a symbiotic relationship and neither is complete without the other- the best substance cannot exist as an amorphous mass and the most perfect form needs substance to fill it. Likewise, Assessment Testing needs both a framework and content. The design, operation and review/ updation of the Framework is no doubt, as all of us know, a critical determinant in the success of an assessment testing application. Equally important however, is the quality and relevance of the Content. The content determines customer delight and is perhaps the differentiator...


Strategic Industrial Relations for Competitive Advantage

Industrial Relations is a very interesting subject. Actually any relationship is so intricate and involves human emotions that films get made on it. Industrial Relations is the only subject on which many feature films are made. You will remember 'Aaghat' which was a Govind Nihalani film made in 1985.
The subject of discussion is 'Strategic industrial relations to ensure competitive business advantage.' In my talk today, I will briefly discuss the two catchwords: Strategy and Competitive advantage. I will then explain the difference between Strategic HRM and Strategic IR. This is only to put all of us on a...


"Socially Desirable" Behavior and Hiring Decisions

Very often I hear from all my clients using psychometric assessments - "How do I ensure that the candidate has not responded in a socially desirable behavior?” This is more often than not, followed by another question “How do I decide whether to hire or not, if a candidate has responded in a socially desirable manner?" What these questions really aim to do, is to understand whether the person has tried to ‘present oneself as Mr. or Ms. Right’, or tried to ‘distort the recruiter's perception about himself/herself’? However, is it so bad to present oneself in a favorable manner?...


So, You want to start a Coaching Intervention

In 2009, there was a famous research report published in the Harvard Business Review (January Edition) where they presented a myriad of contradictions and controversies about the profession of coaching. Fortunately, the domain has evolved very quickly and the situation is not as paradoxical today as it was back then. For the trained and certified coaching professional, there is more clarity on what are some of the ways to successful interventions and more focus on the outcomes, process and method of coaching. Self-styled coaches need to put their methodology and process under the scanner and look at benchmarking against professional...