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AR and VR Converge to Create a New Workplace

Ennui can set in at the workplace very often. No more. Virtual Reality is here to the rescue. The workplace will now be an innovative place. And by the looks of the initial experiments, the possibilities are limitless.

Leading companies of the world are looking to employ diverse talent from the comfort of their homes. With Virtual Reality it is possible for the employees to be where they are and still be present at the office. An employee sitting in the corporate office can now interact and collaborate with an employee sitting in a different continent...


The Importance of Social Media in HR

Social media as a digital platform has had a tremendous impact on how we communicate and maintain dialogue with friends, family and colleagues. The advent of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have presented to us a democratic platform where everyone has an opinion and an equal chance of being heard. Social media, in the way it is structured, allows people to share their life events, their opinions on matters of political or social significance and their feelings. The hallmark of this medium is in the two-way, instant communication that it offers vis-à-vis other traditional...


Learning Architecture: Cloud based LMS and its Success rate

In recent years, e-learning has taken over conventional forms of learning in almost all fields- be it school education, IT application or training programs for HR. It is a more effective and convenient form of learning. In fact cloud-based Learning Management Systems are the best ways to create training modules and course materials as they have a far reach and are cost efficient. Let’s find out the whys, hows and whats about cloud based LMS!

What is Cloud based LMS?

Cloud-based learning management system or Cloud based LMS is a form of e- learning...


5 SMS Tips for Better HR Communication in 2018

Lost and stalled communication can be a major productivity block in the workplace. As an HR department, you have to impart important and typically mundane information to the employees. You want to communicate in effective ways that get that important information into their hands without a hassle. Improve employee communications this year with text messaging integration for 2018.

Check out these 5 SMS tips on how to better your HR communication in 2018:

Improve Your Recruitment Process

Current employees aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the use of text...


L&D in the Gig Economy: Learn-tech to the Rescue

Summary: Just as organizations take special efforts to engage their permanent employees and train them, they have to do the same for their freelance workers. With the gig economy booming like never before, companies need to understand how learning technology can be leveraged best to support and retain gig workers.

The working world is experiencing a rapid change. While the traditional 9-5 work hour culture has not been obliterated, the number of people opting for more flexible, freelance jobs is on the rise. Ever since mobile technology made the Internet truly ubiquitous, limitations such as who...


The Self-Discovery Triad for Attaining Excellence

Sam is a bright management graduate from one of the top Ivy League institutes. Just before his placement, he reached out to a locally renowned consultant to help him decide on a career path that would best compliment his personality. Sam found the interaction extremely useful and was able to quickly narrow down to his ideal first employer.

Five years later, Sam switched jobs for the third time and even had the opportunity to relocate to a new country. While he found the change refreshing, he could never shake the feeling that he was not completely...


SHRM India - How employees view the appraisal process

It is that time of the year. Most employees look towards it as a time to receive areas for development or feedback on what went wrong. They also worry about its implications on their career and growth. There are a handful of those who do look forward to that time, with a sense of anticipation. In some cases because there is a self-appraisal involved, it might also give an employee a sense of empowerment because he or she can share their own views.

In a nutshell, most employees worry about the appraisal process. The kind of...


How Technology is shaping the HR landscape

The past couple of decades have noticed a marked change in the way the HR sector functions. From becoming a sector at the forefront of business to adapting to the latest in technologies, HR has grown by leaps and bounds.

It was in the early 2000s when technology and process automation began to be integrated with the HR function. Since then, HR technology has come a long way. Over the past few years, with innovation and new technology, the HR landscape has seen a tectonic shift. Companies are now becoming technology savvy and incorporating technology at...


Mindfulness is the foundation of Emotional Intelligence

Many articles and papers specifically by Daniel Goleman or other researchers show that emotional intelligence is a bigger determinant of success, than IQ or other attributes. You might stand to acquire high grades through a higher IQ, but career success is believed to be linked to emotional intelligence.

The term “Emotional Intelligence” was first shared by Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer in 1990. As per their description, it is a type of social intelligence. It means that the individual is able to assess and track his/ her own and others' feelings and emotions, and...


HR is the "new" Marketing

It is the era of millennials who change jobs like they change clothes. Their patience and tolerance levels are low and job satisfaction is high on their priority list. They quit a job before they can be fired if they do not find the organization to be a great fit for their personality and needs. They are talented and companies want them, but to retain them, HR teams need to start thinking differently.

Employees in the current day quit a job because of a need gap. This need gap, much like the consumer need gap in...