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More Digital, More Human - Aligning the Workforce in the New Normal

In the prevailing pandemic, business leaders have decided to launch fresh initiatives for a digitally savvy enterprise in order to keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently. However driving change comes with a plethora of challenges especially for employees who have to adapt. Thus it is imperative that transformation occurs without losing the human touch.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures and businesses find themselves having to resort to urgent business continuity plans. Overnight, employees reverted to work from home, keeping their own safety in mind.

Despite the ensuing turmoil, companies are setting a new...


The Great Resignation

Have you heard about The Great Resignation? Almost 41% of the workforce is looking to quit, has quit and wondering if they accepted the new job too quickly. If anyone says it is a "Black Swan" event, tell them they are wrong.

You could say the pandemic caught the business world unprepared like deer in the headlight. The Great Resignation is also telling us how unprepared the employers are. Maybe this is the time...


Decode Organization Culture

Culture is about the unspoken rules that tells someone new how to behave. Anthropologists immerse themselves in different cultures and make sense of the societal culture. This can make the strange or exotic seem familiar and make us what question why we do what we do. Some of their tools can be very powerful to decode the culture of organizations.

Ask the why behind the "classification"

A senior leader at Adidas asked...


What I learnt about being a Freelancer

India’s gig economy is set to triple over the next 3-4 years to 24 million jobs in the non-firm sector from the existing 8 million. Gig workers deliver on-demand work with little to no formal contracting. Here are things I learned over the last five years of freelancing.

The alternative workforce, on-demand workforce, gig workers, freelancers, independent workers, moonlighters, side-hustlers, liquid workforce... there are many shades of the workforce that is growing fast. Freelancers also do on-demand work but have no platform or agency to market...


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Beyond Branding: Why Organizations Need it?

The demand for transparency and social relevance has only intensified following the introduction of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programmes in organizations worldwide. According to a Survey at SHRM, staff exclusively dedicated to diversity in organizations rose from 13% to 15% in the past 10 years.[1]

With universally comprehended definitions, many still lack clarity on the difference between the terms Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Diversity refers to representation of different groups including gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity and culture, physical ability, etc. Equity on the other hand...


Lying Is A Superpower - Use It Sparingly

Lying is socially undesirable. Yet, it is a superpower that people routinely use to tempt fate, defy death and achieve the impossible.

Parents HAVE to lie

When my kid wanted my opinion about the piece she had played on the violin, I was faced with a moral dilemma. I had four choices to pick from in increasing order of truthfulness. I...


Build Your Superpower This Father's Day

Every father wants to be the perfect father. To achieve that you need to unleash your biggest superpower as a dad.

Be careful what you wish for

My father had it easy. He taught English for a year at Delhi University after doing his Masters in English. Then he joined the Indian Railways and retired from there. We lived in small towns and big towns. It was a world with very few choices. There were never more than two or...


Skilling for Tomorrow - Scalable Impact

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world labour market is witnessing an imbalance in the skills of the workforce, coupled with the swift adoption of technology. The current scenario has fast-tracked the urgency for reskilling and upskilling to prepare the workforce for the future.

It is estimated that the UAE is likely to experience a skill gap worth USD 50 billion by 2030 and 28% of its workforce needs skilling and upskilling. The good news is that UAE can gain USD 4.3 billion, equivalent to 0.6 per cent of its GDP...


Grief - the ignored emotion at workplaces

It was a brutal day. I woke up to hear about my uncle passing away in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Shortly after that we learned about my wife's classmate's passing away. Minutes later, my colleague, who was already lost her sister a week back, called up to tell me that her brother-in-law was no more. A classmate texted me to say that his wife too had passed away. He had...


How to Onboard New Hires

What does a cooking video and a music video have to do with designing a corporate onboarding program? Both tell us how learning experiences must be designed.

Let us start by watching Master Chef Gordon Ramsay's video where shows us 5 basic cooking skills.

The video appeals to the novice and the expert alike. It has been viewed 34 million times. It uses the first of the four steps of designing a Cognitive Apprenticeship.

Here is...