WiNGS To Soar High In Employee Well-Being


Imagine, waking up to this beautiful note sent by your manager and applauding your efforts in a public online forum visible to 50k+ employees of your organization. This post will not only create a smile on your face but also increase your productivity. In layman’s language, this is what employee well-being refers to.

What is “Total Well-being”? It includes duties, work expectations, the level of stress, and the environment, which affects the overall happiness and health of employees. Employee wellbeing does not revolve only around the physical health of the employee but also different aspects like mental well-being, career well-being, and financial well-being. These are intangible factors like sense of belongingness, which makes the employee own up to their productivity and efficiency at work.

Therefore, total employee well-being holistically understands the overall quality of employees’ life, taking into account their totality of lives.

Organizational, well-being might not be a parameter to be rated. There could be a discrepancy in terms of valuing employee well-being. For example, as a company grows, it inadvertently places a high demand on its staff, requiring them to work long hours in order to satisfy client needs. Here, the employers fail to understand that well-being is not only a physical factor but also involves diverse elements.

Additionally, employers focus more on maximizing productivity, which diverts employee well-being. Rather than creating a culture of long-sighted approach, they indulge in making the employees work more not considering the actual work output.

However, in WNS, Swami (CPO) focuses more on encouraging employees to engage them and increase their productivity. WNS being rich in recognition culture, makes sure that every employee is appreciated on an open forum in Talent Turf, our recognition platform where employees are praised for their hard work, innovative efforts, and contribution. We get points based on the contribution the employee has made to our teams, which could be redeemed for various tangible goods. The impact of this recognition-rich culture is necessary for every organization.

Continuity of Fitness Challenges

To ensure that employees are physically fit and unlock their fun competition, WNS encourages Marathon every week. We have tied up with different sponsors like Aamchi Mumbai Marathon or Ultra Marathon that helps employees to come together and display their fitness taste. This helps to unlock their strength to their peer groups; connect over energy drinks five am early morning. Such activities empower the employees to face challenges beyond their comfort zones, introduce new connections, and foster long-term relations.

Top Talent Recognition

We follow the practice of recognizing top talents by sending them to five or seven star hotels to enjoy a sumptuous meal. The grand ceremony of eating together re-energises the team, boosts their productivity, creating a positive influence on the employee wellbeing like more job satisfaction, less stress and more energy. This focuses highly on better physical & mental health of all employees.

Amelia Survey

Amelia Survey is our engagement/mood tracker dashboard, a real-time live data based on the response from the employees. Email and text messages are triggered to all employees twice a week based on their date of joining. There are three surveys sent to employees having tenure of 15 days, 30 days, and above 60 days. The parameters to gauge the happiness quotient of employees are recruitment, onboarding, infrastructure, employee connect initiatives, training, performance engagement, productivity, recognition, well-being, and net promoter score.


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is aimed at providing confidential counselling services to employees that will help them to deal with a wide range of emotional matters like difficulty achieving work life balance, strained relationships, coping with a loss, addiction, burnout, depression, stress management, and much more. Usage of this service is voluntary and completely confidential. We have had employees availing the best services by EAP team and helping them to get out of their mental stress leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Thriving through Meditation

Meditation leads to a calm and composed lifestyle giving you immense tolerance and patience level. You’d thrive through any challenging situations post-meditation. Practicing mindfulness will foster good working relations with colleagues as well as clients, ensuring employees’ holistic development. In WNS, during pre-covid phase, we would conduct meditation sessions every Wednesday to inculcate the benefits of a peace and mindfulness.

Showtime with WNS

Thomas, EVP of WNS emphasizes on participating in ShowTime, launched in 2022 to offer talented employees a global platform to broaden their horizons and wings. Over the course of the competition, colleagues across the globe participated and dazzled with their fine performances. This breakout led to showcasing talent in dance and drama, which boosted their confidence in their personal and professional lives.

Walking Meetings

In WNS, we encourage walking meetings where employees and managers can have meetings while walking. This helps break the habit of sedentary work and encourages a healthy way to carry out routine tasks such as meetings, discussions, conference calls etc.

WNS is well equipped to manage the emotional well-being quotient of the employees and is making efforts to holistically develop their total well-being. We also encourage employees to share their ideas, which could bring changes in their own lives through Brain Wave. This Brain wave asks employees to share their thoughts over portal and experience a difference they suggested. As a part of rich values-driven culture, WNS is the best company with a culture enriched in employee wellbeing and attaining the epitome of employee engagement and satisfaction.

These were a few proven and powerful means to boost employee well-being in WNS. In addition,

I am grateful to experience this culture in a company like WNS and makes me proud to announce, “This is where I belong.”



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