Why Australia Will Never Beat India in Cricket - Webinar with Gavin Freeman.

Isn't this what we all want for ourselves and for the teams that we lead - To Win, Every Time?

This was precisely what Gavin Freeman, author, executive coach, and the keynote speaker at SHRM India's Annual Conference and Exposition talked about in his webinar held on 14th September, 2016.

Taking cricket, that is a passion in both India and Australia, as the base of the discussion on how to build an unbeatable team, Gavin highlighted some of the key traits that we can imbibe from the world-class cricketers of both the sides to make ourselves ready to win and to lead our teams to succeed as well.

Here are the main key takeaways from his session -

For Individuals -

We all know that teams comprise of individuals who have come together to achieve a common goal, so to make a strong team, we must first become strong individuals. It's important to understand our individual strengths and inculcate characteristics like focus, resilience, strategic thinking, persistence, adaptability, assertiveness, decision making prowess, controlled reactions, patience and the ability to trust team mates in ourselves. Find out what your strengths are and then build them up.

For Teams -

A cricket team is a great example of people with different skillsets coming together and working towards a common goal - to win that match. Like a cricket team has batsmen, bowlers, and fielders, each with their special skills, we too must have a team with people comprising of different skills, mindsets, personalities, with a common goal and trust among themselves. It is further necessary that everyone in the team is aware of the strategic plan, each is allotted the right role, has the right (required) mindset to do the job and has been provided necessary training.

For Organizations -

Once you have the right people on the right job, half your work is done. You then need to set appropriate goals and strategy for your business and communicate them to your team. It's also necessary for organizations to know their people and understand what drives them, if they're looking for continued success. According to Gavin, plans need not be set in stone, you can debate or have healthy arguments with your team to fine-tune that plan!

To guide you in your efforts to build a great team, follow his Business Olympian Formula

Difference between
good and great =f (Ability to demonstrate resilience under pressure)
                                      -------------- --------------------- ---------------------
                                      Cognition       Behaviors         Motivation

The complete webinar can be viewed here.


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