Unsung Heroes - Aiding the Transition of Ex-servicemen from the Battle Field to the Corporate Office

The Armed Forces devote their lives to guard our nation’s sovereignty and work tirelessly to protect us and our families during times of turmoil. Some of these brave men and women lose their lives or are incapacitated while defending our safety. The attacks in 2016 in Pathankot, Pampore, Uri, and the latest in Nagrota are the most current examples of the dangers that they face while on duty.

Doesn’t it then become our duty to assist and ease the transition to civil work-life for them when they retire from the force? It does.

This is exactly what Bengaluru-based non-profit organization UNSUNG HEROES does. Managed by a team comprising of ex-servicemen and corporate leaders, it helps the ex-servicemen connect with organizations, educational and training institutions, and people who can help them transit to civilian work-life and find work where they can make good use of the skills that they learned during service.

Apart from gaining technical skills and knowledge, during their service these men and women also become trained in handling large and diverse teams and in tactical communication. The nature of their job in the armed forces also instills qualities like integrity, commitment, and dedication in them. All these qualities are also essential for finding success in the corporate world. We all know how important these qualities are in employees and in colleagues to build a positive and successful organization.

What Does Unsung Heroes Do?
The team at Unsung Heroes runs various programs and initiatives to help the ex-servicemen find a foothold in the industry. They provide the following services:

Assists and guides the ex-servicemen in finding relevant careers
Under their Talent Heroes initiative, they connect job searchers and organizations in the corporate, SMB, and government sector looking to hire ex-servicemen. Organizations who know the value of the skill-set and qualities possessed by an ex-armed force personnel and are interested in hiring them can register vacancies or their requirements in the “Talent Heroes” section and search for suitable candidates from the database maintained by Unsung Heroes.

Helps them Start up
If you thought that starting up or founding a venture was meant only for young executives bored of their corporate careers, then you couldn’t have been more wrong! Some ex-servicemen in addition to being great on the battle field are also owners of entrepreneurial acumen and drive. Unsung Heroes helps these entrepreneurs find investors and people who are willing to help them guide in building their venture. Organizations, funds or investors interested in investing in such ventures can register in the “Warrior Ventures” section.

Helps them acquire the necessary training to find gainful employment.
While some people are naturally multi-talented and possess the ability to take up a variety or tasks, some find it difficult. Unsung Heroes helps these people find the right educational courses or training programs required to become eligible for the corporate sector. Organizations, institutions or individual consultants and trainers working in this sector can register under the “Skills Programs” section.

Raises funds and capital to aid the programs and initiatives
In order to effectively fund various program and initiatives the Unsung Heroes team also works on raising funds. They are in the process of setting up a corpus fund to provide for their activities. If you’re interested in contributing to the fund or know someone who is, then you can register under the “Capital Power” section.

How We Can Help?
As Manoj Biswas from Unsung Heroes and Captain Raghu Raman conveyed through their presentation at the SHRM India HR Awards ceremony held during the SHRM India Annual Conference and Exposition 2016, the soldiers are in some ways just like us - they have dreams, aspirations, and families just like we do. During trying times, they and their families too need care and support just like we do. The difference being that they’re much braver and work selflessly for the good of the country.

So, just think of the ways in which you would want assistance if you’re an ex-serviceman. We’re sure that if we think on those lines, we can all find some way or the other – big or small, to contribute or support the team at Unsung Heroes in their quest to aid these real-life heroes and ensure that their life outside the Armed Forces is as exciting and rewarding as it was during service.

Like the tagline of Unsung Heroes says - Be All You Can Be, let’s Do All We Can Do for our ex-servicemen – starting with celebrating their work and thanking them and their families for the tireless duty and for risking their lives for our nation and its people!


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