The Art of WIN

This week on the 14th and 15th of September, the HR fraternity of South Asia will physically conference in Delhi and many more will participate it in virtually (via the various social media channels). I am so excited to be a part of it, as a speaker and more so as a learner. Its SHRM India's Annual Conference #SHRMiAC 2017. 

The theme is "The Art of Winning". Given the perpetual VUCA world, this positive and practical them is bound to excite and engage one and all. So, in my understanding and perspective what is winning? 


Winning is about gaining, achieving and learning from it, most times it's a victory or triumph against one self as opposed to others and that's what makes it very sweet. Winners always respect and learn from their worthy opponents and most winners have been on the other others side of it too. When you loose you don't give up, you learn from your mistakes, motivate yourself and others and get back into the game. Attitude is the key weapon of any Winner.

In the corporate space or any other, it's about individuals and or teams. Competition is the bed or field on which winners and losers live and play. No one likes loosing unless it's against someone you love and care for. How many of you have enjoyed losing a board game or a bet against your children or parents, many I guess!! Now this begs a question - What do you love or won't mind losing to your near and dear ones and won't feel the same against others? Think... I will speak about this during my session at the conference. 

Any great leader, teacher, mentor or coach begins by clearly defining winning (in his or her head and then to the team or people under their influence). Do you do that? 

In sports and most organised competitions in other areas, the rules, definition and meaning of winning is very clear. However, when it comes to life and most other situations in the corporate world it's hard to clearly define winning. For example how would you define hiring and on-boarding of a winning candidate? Or how would you define a winning relationship? Think.... It's possible. I will share more on how I do it with my teams at the #SHRMiAC 2017 conference.

For me winning depends a lot on others as just compared to yourself. Even if you are playing a individual sport or performing in a individual role in a company. Winners are very good at stakeholder management and they create very strong interdependence with them. This is just one amongst the other critical requirements for honing and sharpening your capabilities in the art of winning. 

I look forward to speaking at the conference and learning from all of you. See you soon. 



Inspiring and thought provoking
Looking forward to your speech.A new dimension..and a definition on " winning " for millennials is expected..

This is a nice post explaining a lot about winning art. I really appreciate your efforts to do so. Keep Posting.

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