SHRMiAC’17: Let’s WIN Together

SHRM India’s Annual Conference and Exposition is back. It will be held on 14-15 September, 2017, in Delhi. We look forward to seeing you all there with your teams.

Like its previous editions, this year too, SHRM India Annual Conference and Exposition 2017, is planned to facilitate a get together for the HR professionals to meet, learn, share and WIN.

Our learnings from the past year have made one thing very clear, that to WIN and overcome Challenges – at a personal, professional or organizational level, we need to imbibe certain characteristics in our personality and overall attitude. For organizations, these traits need to be inbuilt into the culture and form the backbone of its very structure. 

We all know how important it is to WIN and also to have a winning attitude at a personal and professional level for continued success. So, this year, the SHRM Annual conference will discuss at great length the attributes required to WIN and also to handle situations where failure is inevitable.

While we have all heard words like passion, fire, first mover advantage being used in relation to Winning, how many of us have actually tried to understand what these words mean? What do they signify, and more importantly what do they demand from us – in the form of an action – to ensure that we WIN?

This year, at the SHRM India Annual Conference and Exposition, our esteemed speakers and panelists will help us do just that. The global experts will not only list out the traits required for winning – FIRE, COLLABORATE, EVOLVE, FIRST MOVER, and BELIEF, but they will also, with examples and real stories, share how these mantras helped them overcome challenges in their life. We believe, these sessions will act as a guiding point for us all and our teams to turn difficulties into opportunities and emerge WINNERS.

We have a two-day full agenda of exciting talks and discussions that are bound to ignite the fire to win in all of us. At the conference, Rajesh Sud, MD Max Life Insurance, will talk about how to cultivate Winning as a second nature; Dr. Brad Shuck from University of Louisville, will discuss how we can improve and elevate the all important Employee Value Proposition, and Ajeet Bajaj, India’s famous adventure sports person, will motivate us to stretch our boundaries, step out of our comfort zones and take actions that will lead to a WIN.

This is just a preview of what will be discussed and who you will get to meet at the SHRM India Annual Conference and Exposition. Check out the full list of speakers here.

Join us to create a culture where winning is the norm and not an exception.




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