#SHRMi16 Speaker Series: Meet Unmesh Pawar: AI and MI will Help the HR Fraternity to Perform Better

There’s a lot of discussion around artificial intelligence. Industry is exploring and experimenting on how it can be used by various functions across the organization, its pros and cons - especially how it will affect the workplace or more specifically our jobs. Given all this buzz about artificial intelligence, we want to know how HR can use it to its benefits - especially in the field of talent management. We connected with Unmesh Pawar, Global MD Talent Acquisition, Accenture, to know more about his viewpoint on artificial intelligence for autonomous talent management.

Unmesh spoke to us about how the HR space will be disrupted by artificial intelligence for sure, but it will be for the better. "To evaluate HR metrics, data has been a challenge. Now that we have digital innovation, the opportunity to analyze derived insights from data through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Intelligence (MI) has opened up. It will give more insights to Talent Management than Human Intelligence. Unlike data scientists who are experts in Human Intelligence, AI and MI will help the HR fraternity to perform better", he said.

He further added how AI gives the ability to be predictive to business creations and play out scenarios for business. “As businesses depend on data simulation and not gut, it gives them better command on any given situation. It allows to customize and “consumerize” the experience. HR will be targeted at the individual level and the entire value proposition will be according to the individual instead of generalizing it.”

For example, we can consider the case of a woman going for maternity leave who has updated the system about her leave of absence. Automatically AI throws up recommendations based on her career traits and counseling can be set up for her regarding her future - how to manage, how to keep her updated in micro snippets about organizational updates.

It’s all about Customization - remember, recognize, recommend.

To give us an example, he shared a few stages of the hiring life cycle where data analytics can be put to action:

Discovering talent: Data Science to search talent based on demographics and accordingly take people and product decisions.

Attracting talent: MI and AI have the potential to target users based on actions on various job sites - who went on which job site, updated their LinkedIn profile or visited a company profile. Machines can now be taught how to study patterns and key performance parameters.

Segmentation: There can be different approaches on segmenting the data and campaign strategies can be decided around it - skill, industry, consulting, generic, community and corporate citizenship, travel and photography, courting people in a way they relate to and not in the way how you like to.

Interview: Now biometric capability can be used to filter out fake profiles - based on body movement, emotional and sentiment analytics. Companies are going digital to address the consumer but your people need to be ready to deliver it. It needs a partnered ecosystem. You don’t need only processes but also need to train your people and empower them to deliver smart solutions.

Get ready to know more about this subject at the SHRM India Annual Conference and Exposition 2016.


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