#SHRMi16 Speaker Series: Meet Rajeev Gupta: The Right Time to Experiment is Now!

The Start up movement has a lot of potential to create a positive change in the Indian economy, if, as an industry, we can lend support and guidance to those that are experimenting, innovating and are trying to create something new.

SHRMi16PITCH has been conceptualized with the aim to support all those who have dared to become a part of this creation process despite the risks it presents.

We connected with Rajeev Gupta, Director – Arpwood, for his take on SHRMi16PITCH, a first of its kind HR Start-Up–Mentor interaction platform.
"Entrepreneurial ventures were the powerful engines of postindustrial economic growth. They disrupted but the losses they inflicted on incumbents were less than the gains they spread. This created the economic dynamism that enriched the west and perpetuated its success. But finally, technology and free flowing capital have levelled the course and so now it is all about the worth of the innovation and not the scale behind that innovation,” he said. East too can sprint now. Whether it is small companies or relatively small economies like India, all have a near equal chance to win."

I hope this forum by SHRM for new ventures fuels brilliant ideas for the good of the innovators and the society. By enabling people to come up with novel or disruptive solutions to meet the needs of the people, innovation can turn interesting ideas into viable enterprises. Options that seemed niche or futuristic a few years back are now becoming more mainstream and conventional things to have, so the right time to experiment is now,” he adds. “It is important to draw a distinction between entrepreneurial ventures and individual and corporate entrepreneurship as they serve different economic functions and their potential for innovation is also different.”

“In the longer run, businesses that commit to innovation are flexible enough to evolve their strategy to meet shifting social trends and preferences, while on the other hand, those that don’t incorporate innovation in their vision, face the risk of becoming irrelevant,” says Rajeev and he also added how innovation is thinking of ways to do or make things that already exist more appealing and invention is the creation of something that has never existed.

Join us at the SHRM India Annual Conference and Exposition 2016 to connect with him and know more about the world of entrepreneurship, and his start-up and how it can benefit your business.


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