#SHRMi16 Speaker Series: Meet Namrata Gill Tyagi: Culture Cannot Be Taken for Granted

Culture - is what sets one person or place apart from another. It is also a major factor in determining if someone would want to revisit or further their acquaintance with you. If it's good - it works as a relationship builder, if not - it drives people away - this is precisely why Culture is an important aspect of the organization set. All stakeholders that engage with the organization will continue to do so only if the 'culture' of that organization is conducive to building long term mutually beneficial relationships for doing business and making careers.

We spoke to Namrata Gill Tyagi, Vice President, Corporate HR & Head for OD - Dr. Reddy's Lab, for her take on why company culture matters most and who needs to lead this shift.

We connected with the dynamic leader, looking forward to an interesting conversation on industry landscape and how company culture brings together pieces of the puzzle. Namrata shared how a company's culture is essentially what determines its core values, beliefs and ethics, and it guides our thoughts, actions and feelings in powerful and unique ways. "It cannot possibly be taken for granted," she said, affirmatively. "By creating enabling and empowering spaces where employees have the autonomy to make decisions, grow and effectively communicate with each other, HR can help create a solid foundation for an engaging culture. And since culture beings with the organizations leaders, HR can partner with them to align these desired behaviours to the company values," she further added when we asked her about how HR can take charge.

"To lead any change in an existing culture, one needs to understand what it is currently, and where it is ought to be. It is in this gap between the current and the ideal that the senior leadership should step in and define the strategic direction forward. By imbibing the culture that they envision for the organization, and being vocal about the mission, value and vision that they stand for, they would organically be inspiring by example and leading the behavioural change in others too," she said.

We were curious to understand why Millennials are leading the change, directly or indirectly, and asked her to share her thoughts. "Millennials are an integral component of our workforce cohort, and an important demographic to consider no matter which business one is in. Given their immense numerical strength and vast digital presence, Millennials are poised to reshape the economy," Namrata said, adding that their individual experiences will change how we buy and sell, forcing companies to examine how they do business.

"In today's rapidly growing and fast-paced economy, technology has been a boon in numerous aspects. It plays a pivotal role in enabling Human Resources to effectively hire, manage, develop and train its people better. With the emergence of HR-tech start-ups such as InFeedo, Wheebox and NiYO, the possibilities of effectively applying technology to HR solutions are limitless," she said and gave us much food for thought to ponder over after wrapping up.

This was an engaging conversation and we're sure you are eager to hear more. Join us at the upcoming SHRM India Annual Conference and Exposition 2016 to connect with Namrata and power your business.


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