#SHRMi16 Speaker Series: Meet Harlina Sodhi: Talent Acquisition Metrics Go Beyond Right Time, Right Role, and Right Person

A talented workforce is what gives an organization an edge over its competitors. It is therefore important for all organizations to have a set and well formulated strategy to acquire, engage, and retain talent.

We connected with Harlina Sodhi, Senior EVP, Head, Culture and Capability, IDFC Bank, to understand her viewpoint on talent acquisition and holistic approach to the metrics.

The way we manage our talent has to keep pace with the changes in the workforce composition. We cannot be dependent on our age-old methods to manage and work with a new-age workforce. According to me, the levers for driving lean and effective Talent Acquisition strategy today are crowdsourcing, amplifying experiences via augmented/virtual reality, optimising big data to get predictive & prescriptive analysis - all of which not only source large pool of profiles but also give intelligence to support decision making," said Harlina when we connected with her to understand what drives talent acquisition.

"TA metrics today go way beyond right time, right role, and right person. Metrics today cover culture fitment of prospective employees, experiences during TA process and brand or employer advocacy. These metrics are industry agnostic," she explained when asked about how TA metrics are measured and if they differ from industry to industry.

When asked about how technology affects measuring, managing and improving efficiencies in Talent Acquisition, she shared, "technology can and does play a huge role in measuring, managing & improving efficiencies in TA. It enables personalization, enables 'world is my oyster' for the recruiter, facilitates crowdsourcing of profiles, comments on enculturation of new hires and so on".

To learn more about this topic join us at the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition 2016.


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