SHRM India HR Awards - Recognizing Excellence in HR Practices

In today's competitive and dynamic business environment, organizations need to pay attention to every aspect of business. They must realize that achieving lasting success in the industry requires more than just high sales or profits. People want and expect more than just salaries, commercial payments, dividends from those that they work for and engage with as shareholders, investors, business partners, vendors, consumers, and as a part of the society in general.

A positive and good review from all the stakeholders of an organization is necessary for sustained growth. It can be achieved only and only through practices that promote honest and hard work, efficiency, productivity and create a culture where trust and respect for everyone associated with the organization thrives.

The responsibility to create this culture and practices primarily lies with the HR. HR professionals put in lots of effort to formulate strategies and practices that help build a strong foundation for organization and a favourable reputation for its business and its employees in the market. Ensuring that when evaluated, the organization wins on each point!

Prospective employees and evaluate organizations on various aspects like:

  • Use of Technology
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Avenues for Undertaking Socially Relevant Projects
  • Employee Engagement Through Social Media
  • Hiring, Training, Retaining Practices
  • Cross Functional Opportunities
  • Cultural Environment of the Organization
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness
  • Health and Wellness Programs

It’s not just the prospective employees that evaluate an organizations, even socially conscious customers, vendors, and investors evaluate organizations before investing in them or doing business with them.

Customers, Vendors, and Investors evaluate organizations on various aspects like:

  • Social Responsibility
  • Business Practices
  • Employee Management and Engagement
  • Healthy and Safe Products

This list covers almost every single aspect of an organization, making it utmost necessary to develop robust and healthy HR practices.

Some organizations are doing commendable work in this field. They are not only creating a brand name for themselves in the industry but are also sought after as employers by the young professionals joining the work force. This is why we should all aim to be like them, or at least try to adopt their practices and policies.

It was to recognize, reward such organizations and HR professionals, and to encourage others to join in in creating better people management practices that we launched SHRM India HR Awards in 2012.

Through this award we focus on rewarding practices and ideas that would impact the enterprise of the future and recognize organizations that put people first and understand the importance of human capital.

The winners of 2015 and their case studies are presented here. These case studies would help set benchmarks for the industry and HR professionals looking to bring a change in how their organizations manage their two most important assets – their reputation and their people!

Read, Practice and Share with us how you manage your brand and your people and make them feel special. We’ll bring your practices to the world, help set the standard and create an environment where both the HR and its employees work for the betterment of the organization and of each other!



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