SHRM India: FIRE - Keep the Desire to Win Alive in Your Organization

Motivational dynamics have changed considerably in today’s workplace. Organizations use extrinsic motivation such as money, appreciation and recognition, and implement various engagement initiatives to enhance employee satisfaction and drive profitable long-term performance. Still, organizations fail to win – goals don’t get accomplished and employees can’t be retained. It is because extrinsic factors drive the motivation in the head, not in the heart. Unless, the employees are intrinsically driven by a force within that engages both their head and heart, establishing a winning culture in the organization could remain a distant reality. A winning culture is an off-shoot of the passion of people.

When their job becomes a passion, it wouldn’t feel like work anymore to the employees. It is the flame of this fire of passion that will consistently fuel their desire to win, making winning their second nature. Their passion for work will in turn infuse zeal in the workplace environment, and invigorate the fire that is waiting to be lit within every employee.

However, most organizations disregard the value of passion and think it as a risky or an unpredictable characteristic. They do not realize that passion can get the workforce moving on their own without much persuasion. A Deloitte article titled ‘Passion at Work’ highlights that by cultivating the traits of worker passion in their workforce, organizations can make sustained performance gains and develop the resilience they need to withstand continuous market challenges and disruptions.

A winning culture not only engages people effectively, but also ensures that they look forward to coming to the workplace daily, enjoy working with each other, and work as a unified community to constitute an environment of success. The passion to win becomes a fire that they would never want to extinguish. The employees become the torchbearers – they take personal ownership and accountability to achieve goals and encourage their team members to willingly put their 200 percent in their work.

Eventually, winning becomes an acquired habit or tendency so deeply ingrained in the organization that it appears as a cultural norm or a natural cycle that is hard to break. As long as the fire keeps burning, the winning euphoria will continue. Or else, the organization may have to suffice with mediocrity.

While winning as a second nature is integral to an organization’s sustainable success, it does call for a cultural mind-set shift. And, it isn’t an easy task. The old habitual behaviour needs to be replaced by a radically different thinking, and people need to be oriented towards winning through collaborative, innovative and agile efforts. It requires right people doing the right things at the right time with an unwavering commitment and as a team in an environment of trust without feeling competitive or pressurized. The leaders of the organizations have to lead by example and display a winning attitude that will set the wheels in motion.

What does it take to promote winning as second nature in your organization?

Join the enlightening sessions at SHRM Annual Conference 2017 to explore more. Rajesh Sud, MD, Max Life Insurance will take your through how you can build a winning team and make bold and transformational leadership commitments to move towards a future that redefines and restores our relationship with collaborative winning!

So will Pramit PalChoudhuri, Senior Editor, Hindustan Times. He serves on the National Security Advisor Board to the Prime Minister of India. During his session, he will analyze the geo-political landscape of India and share his perspective on what it will take people to achieve Vision India.

Let’s work together to keep the Fire to learn and Win burning within us and our organizations. This is how we can create winning cultures!

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