Gurprriet Siingh, Korn-Ferry Hay Group, Shares His Thoughts on Social Media – Boon or Bane for HR?

With the advent of Social Media, the way organizations function has undergone significant changes. Social Media has entered a large number of our processes including those related to people. HR has started exploring social media and what it can offer in terms of efficiencies, to improve existing processes. In this video, Gurprriet Siingh, Senior Client Partner, Korn-Ferry Hay Group speaks about the usage of social media in HR and its pros and cons.

Today, one can see how organizations are actively using social media platforms for hiring. Gurprriet says “There was a time when we conducted an interview with someone, and the interview questions were about where the interviewee’s Dad works or where his or her grandfather had come from. But no one asks these questions these days. “

These questions were actually traditional methods of doing a reference check and getting information from prospective employees. But social media allows us to do that now with the wealth of information that it contains. Organizations have access to the publicly shared data of people, so they can draw inferences from it. Looking at an individual’s engagement on such platforms, gives an idea of the interest and level of intellect.

All individuals have dual profiles – LinkedIn is professional and Facebook is personal.

Gurprriet shares that “If you do not want people or organizations to look at your personal profile, manage your privacy settings. If your privacy settings are open to all, then that is consent”

 So it is important to be clear about your Social Media strategy across the different platforms. Peers and managers form opinions about their team members based on social media updates. So you need to be aware of creating perceptions.

Gurprriet believes “Being careful and moderating is in your hands. You cannot externalize it.”

In addition to that, using these platforms for networking is a great thing. Most organizations are happy about these social media platforms being used for work purposes and discussions. The only challenge with it is about control.

Some organizations have also created their own internal networks such as Yammer which allows people to work better, and also encourages people to remain within the legal framework of the country and company.

The biggest value of Social Media is thatit removes hierarchical equations and allows people to engage without a worry, with leaders across management levels. Even decision making has become collective since leaders can get immediate inputs and know the pulse of those on ground.

Gurprriet has a final word of caution for the newbies though. He says “Advice to newbies – Just lurk, watch. Pick up the Rules. Watch how people engage, learn your way through, learn the rules of the game and then engage”

Watch the complete chat here. 


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