Five Reasons Why Being A Boss Is Tough – Appreciate them some more!

For decades, we've spoken about them behind their backs, made pot shots at their behaviour, their dressing style, cracked jokes about them and ridiculed their way of life. Today our mind cannot but think of this person we deal with [or rather have to deal with] every day. Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about your Boss!

Here are our top five reasons, on why we think, being a boss or a leader is tough work:

1. They have to listen: Here's the thing. On any given day, a boss has to listen to complaints, wish lists, improvements needed and need to be more profitable. Top line and bottom-line chatter. And this is on an ongoing basis. Imagine a WhatsApp feed with a zillion messages being uploaded directly into your neurosystem and you having to constantly process all this information and news. 24x7x365. Now add getting work done, future planning, managing costs and a competitive work environment. That pretty much makes for a day. It's not like they can just switch off, you know. For a boss knows what's at stake if they do!

2. They have to make tough calls: No matter what, a boss has to, at some point, make tough calls. Like deciding whom to promote and how to really keep people at work happy and constantly motivated, and self-driven while ensuring a fair learning curve for all. Yes, they do have help from other team members but remember the onus still lies with the boss. Who do we suspect when people seem to start leaving the team? Or worse. How about having to fire someone. You think that's easy? While on the other hand, have you ever rewarded a boss for recruiting the right person in the team? Hardly ever!

3. They have to shoulder the blame:. More often than not, a boss has to constantly look at the larger picture. For not only does she/he have to meet business expectations but also play a fine balancing act between driving profitability and sustaining a business. She/he also has to wear multiple hats to ensure growth for the team and take responsibility for your actions [in case of a problem]. As an employee, how often do you hear yourself saying ‘Hey! I did this only because my boss asked me to. So don't blame me now.' Go ahead, let's just pass the buck. Let's blame them for us not getting promoted every year of our corporate existence and complain on how they are not allowing us to reach our full potential.

4. They have to go without appreciation:. Remember a coffee conversation that goes something like this? ‘I do all the work. My boss just sits there stalking people on FB. What stress? Huh!' So what do you think all the pressure and expectations from a team, a business and the environment results in? It results in what is called 'accumulated aggravated stress'. No really! Being a boss not only means having to take tough calls, take decisions that impact the future and help shape careers but also having to deal with people who believe that they do all the work. No wonder it's one of the most 'under appreciated' job profiles around town.

5. They have to meet multiple expectations:. This is a classic one. You want a boss who's more like a friend but should also know that criticism can hurt your feelings. A boss who gives you complete control and freedom to grow but also takes onus if something goes wrong,. A boss who does not judge you as a person, while you can do the same to her/him. Is empathetic at all times without being 'too hard driven' about business and targets. For we are only human. Phew! Expecting all of this from one person right? Let us say that again. Phew!

No wonder then that one often hears the old phrase 'heavy lies the head that wears the crown'.

How about a simple 'Thank You' every once in a while? – Your Boss.


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