Belief – If You Think You Can, Then You Will

Belief is a state of mind that people hold very close to their hearts. So, even if there is no proof to confirm the existence of this belief, people deem it to be true. Belief, also referred to as idea, principle, opinion or assumption, is essentially a characteristic of a person’s attitude. It is the way the person perceives and understands the world around him or her. In an organizational context, beliefs are fundamental to its culture.

These beliefs influence the intentions, actions and decisions of the employees. When they behave in a certain manner based on their beliefs, the organizational culture gets a distinct character. Beliefs can create a positive as well as a negative image of an organization. Hence, HR plays a crucial role in establishing and fostering a set of beliefs that can drive constructive behaviour among the employees.

Beliefs can make a remarkable positive difference to employees’ behaviour and performance, if guided in the right manner. Employees need to be encouraged to believe in their capability or else, they may not reach to their optimum potential. Because, there is a fine line of difference between ‘can’ and ‘will’.

Employees, especially average or under performers, are often apprehensive if they ‘can’ achieve their goals. If HR can make them to believe that they ‘can’, then they ‘will’. For that matter, this little push of ‘can’ also help super achievers when they tend to go through a phase of undermining their competency.

Workplace and personal factors together, employees are likely to get burdened with various kinds of debts such as emotional, health and financial. They want to break free of this debt cycle, but often not aware the right course of action. Consequently, the weight of this debt becomes so onerous that they lose the cognitive decision making ability, and complicate even day-to-day life.

How can HR help employees to get debt-free through the belief ‘If You Think You Can, Then You Will’?

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Neeraj Deginal, Head - Technology, SHRM India, and the author of the book Zero Debt – Break the Debt Cycle and Reclaim Your Life’ will speak about his ten- year long journey from going neck deep into debt to be absolutely debt - free. It will inspire you to become debt-free, which will eventually lead you to total freedom, be it, financial freedom, emotional freedom or freedom from stress.

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