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RAK Government launches an ambitious initiative to develop its human capital capabilities

Today we are living in times of unprecedented disturbance in all aspects of business environment, whether it be political, social or technological. In this situation, all organisations are continually strategizing, realigning, and responding to deal with the challenges. Therefore, the need for greater capacity and strategic focus in the delivery of Human Resource strategies and processes has never been more crucial. HR is ideally positioned, through its application of a broad range of technical skills and its understanding of the business, to be an impactful leader and an influential business strategic partner in the organisation.



Metaverse: Should HR Leaders Pay Attention?

When most of us were struggling to return to normal lives and figuring out the possible ways to resume offices after a long pandemic phase, options such as hybrid and fully remote work models were explored and embraced. Around the same time, the intriguing concept of virtual workplaces in the metaverse evolved as an alternative to the office, gaining much traction in the HR world. Let us explore the meaning and potential of the metaverse in the future of work and find out if it is worth the attention of the HR folks.

Understanding Metaverse: Pixels...


Data-driven talent transformation

As rightly said by Jelf Zeanah, “The role of data analytics in an organization is to provide a greater level of specificity to the discussion.” 

These days' data is ubiquitous within the organization. Every system has a spreadsheet for working on and analyzing something. Organizations prefer their decisions to be based on and backed by data. The last three years have been a whirlwind for organizations. The workforce has gone through high churn, and the ways of working have changed drastically. 

These dynamics and the much-discussed phase of the Great Resignation have made HR...


Revamp your HR function with a cloud-powered HXM suite

The pace of change in today's corporate world is rapid and far-reaching. Organizations frequently need to execute enterprise-wide changes impacting their processes, products, and people to stay up with a continually evolving business landscape. It may be challenging, and individuals frequently oppose it. However, businesses must take a methodical approach to extensive change management to foster an agile working culture. This is where strategic HR comes into play

HR: Beyond the conventional

HR Transformation was primarily concerned with making existing HR services more efficient, effective, and compliant. Today, employees drive the value for organizations,...


Inclusion before Diversity

In the last two years of COVID and work from home, I got to socialize with several people who were not a part of my daily life earlier. Some of them, though very different from the crowd, influenced me big time. I realized that every type of personality is unique and is necessary to make any culture complete and meaningful. I also realized that clubbing the distinct strengths of different personalities can result in a superb and more enabled society.

As life is getting back to normal now, I took this thought of embracing diversity a...


Degree inflation: Is it unfair

If someone more qualified gets hired to do a job, is it fair to the candidates who meet the requirement? If the more qualified candidate gets rejected, is it unfair?

The Police department employs messenger’s job to deliver packages between different departments. The job requires the candidate to have cleared Class V to ensure basic literacy. The candidate needed to declare that they know how to ride a bicycle. After a gap of 12 years, when the UP Police advertised for 62 such vacancies, what happened after that surprised everyone. More than 50,000...


Fake It Till You Make It

Theranos was supposed to be the next Apple. Elizabeth Holmes had already decided that she was the next Steve Jobs. She wore black turtlenecks and jeans and practiced looking at people for long stretches without blinking. She lowered her voice to a low deliberate tone because she was told that is how charismatic people speak. She was on a fake-it-till-you-make-it path. The only problem was that her company, Theranos, was also following the same philosophy. And yes, she repeatedly used that phrase which is...


Can you be happy in a job you hate?

Here’s wishing you a very happy 2022. If you are already in a job that you love, you are already happy. A lot of people are not in jobs that they enjoy doing. What can they do to be happy?

  1. Do what you love: People say that we should do the work that leverages our strengths. We have both – strengths and weaknesses. What do we do about our weaknesses? Some organizations craft the job descriptions to design jobs that leverage the strengths of the employee. Job design is a special skill that HR needs
  2. ...

2022 - The Year of No Code HR

There is a sharp acceleration in digital transformation of the businesses triggered by the pandemic. While most people are seeing visible signs of the transformation, the changes in HR are equally prominent.

  1. One size does not fit all: In a hybrid workplace, some teams will be in a common location to work. Some others will be fully remote. Some leaders believe that being in the office is necessary to create a culture that works as a binding force. Others disagree. HR must design the new workplace in every sense.
  2. The workers have become more autonomous:
  3. ...

Paradigm Shift in Learning, Performance and Experience Management for Employees and Agents Alike

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) partnered with SAP Success Factors to conduct a webinar on Paradigm shift in learning, performance and experience management for employees and agents alike. The webinar took place on the 28TH of July 2021

The webinar witnessed enthusiastic participation from a keen and very astute panel gracing the occasion with their esteemed presence. We had the following speakers with us:

  • Mr Atul Mathur – Executive Vice President, Aditya Birla Capital
  • Mrs Seema Singh – CHRO & CFO, India Post Payments Bank
  • Mr Praveen Menon – Chief People
  • ...