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Sanjay Kalla, SHRM-SCP
Chief Manager - HRD, Central Bank of India

  • Sanjay is a banker by Profession with over 30 years of rich experience of working in different roles & positions. Having started the career from the lowest rung in the corporate ladder, has the overall feel of the journey through the organisation.
  • Human Resource Professional at Heart with keen interest in developing people’s capabilities, Sanjay has been a part of various Strategic HR initiatives and Projects like Organisation Restructuring, Succession Planning, HRD Audit, Performance Management System and Implementation of Job Family etc., and is a key person in many other Strategic HR Initiatives currently in progress.
  • Having been a faculty, Sanjay has immense passion for Learning & Development activities and believes that people should be inspired to take appropriate steps to pursue bigger goals of life. He has expertise in Training Design & Content Development.
  • Sanjay has varied experience in Assessments and developing Competency framework.
  • Being a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach, Sanjay enables people to see the Big Picture

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The very thought of working in HR function is exciting. It provides you with an opportunity for being a growth enabler for your fellow workers. An HR professional who has credible certification/degree is looked upon in more favourable light and thought to be more reliable. HR is a domain where knowledge and experience go hand in hand.

March 9, 2021