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Mr. Hitesh Agrawal (name changed) was one of our high-performing Area Sales Managers in Uttarakhand (State changed) – impeccable performance record, quarter on quarter, year on year solid delivery on targets, and touted to be a very likely successor for his boss, the Branch Manager in the near future.

October 1, 2020

A few years back I, along with the Management Committee of the organization, were in the middle of a high-powered Performance / Talent calibration meeting. One of my colleagues, higher positioned in the “power structure” of the organization proposed a superlative evaluation for one of his team members. There was a stony silence in the room, and one of my other colleagues, in fact highlighted some positive behavior of the team member. And the superlative evaluation went through!!!

August 17, 2020

It is a bright morning - You are working in your desk (well… in Covid times, you may have logged in to your machine) with a hot cup of coffee. A message pops up from your boss - “ Can we have a brief chat… I have a feedback for you”

How would you describe your feeling? I asked this question to some of our leaders – the answer is uniform

"Elated? Definitely not! A knot in your stomach? YES - something must have gone wrong"

August 10, 2020

Recently, one of my new Business colleagues came to our Corporate HRBP with a list of proposals for movement of people. On being asked about relevant data to support the candidature, the business colleagues was surprised. He started mentioning his “views” about their strengths and development areas (there were hardly any). The quality of discussion obviously can be imagined..

August 10, 2020