Anamika Sharma


Dr. Anamika Sharma heads the psychometric testing division at Mettl. She oversees creation of both standard as well as custom tests and has advised Fortune 500 enterprises on creation of a psychometric assessment backbone.

Articles by Anamika Sharma

Very often I hear from all my clients using psychometric assessments - "How do I ensure that the candidate has not responded in a socially desirable behavior?” This is more often than not, followed by another question “How do I decide whether to hire or not, if a candidate has responded in a socially desirable manner?" What these questions really aim to do, is to understand whether the person has tried to ‘present oneself as Mr. or Ms. Right’, or tried to ‘distort the recruiter's perception about himself/herself’? However, is it so bad to present oneself in a favorable manner?

March 17, 2017