Ishita Ganguli


Ishita Ganguli: The author has around 10 years of experience in various strategic HR roles across different industries.

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While we are quite familiar with the concept of 'feedback' and have faced many while at work, how many of us actually have noticed 'unsolicited’ feedback? This kind of feedback is also an important input when it comes to making behavioural changes. Most of us spend our entire life and career oblivious to these subtle cues or ignore these remarks that we receive. If given a little more thought, these too could make us more effective professionals by imbibing specific behavioural changes.

March 15, 2017

'Did you capture the right metrics which show the HR value - add?' - is one of the most common questions heard in the HR corridors for long now. Dashboards, data decks and reports generated from information systems are being incorporated in the HR departments’ reports since last decade or so. HR facts like headcount, attrition, productivity, hiring and demographics are some of the popular areas of HR reports.

March 15, 2017

People are one of the key factors in creating competitive edge for enterprises. However, until late HR and CxOs never had opportunities such as data sciences and advanced analytics techniques to work together to radically improve employee productivity and retention. According to Gartner, by 2018, 25% of large organizations will incorporate social employee recognition and rewards into their performance management processes. Exploitation of analytics that measure various aspects of employee activity will be critical in helping organizations improve business results.

March 15, 2017