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When we speak about inclusion of all kind of talent into the workforce, there is a big chunk of the pool that we are missing out on – the differently abled individuals. As per statistics, approximately 2.13% of India's population is differently abled in some way. Most of them have been marginalized and kept out of the workforce, hence indicating the perception that they might not perform at par with the others.

March 15, 2017

Exit Interviews are usually not perceived as pleasant interactions – some people view it as a venting exercise, some adopt an “advisory” approach of providing solutions to the issues they faced and a lot of people are usually indifferent!

March 15, 2017

In the past few articles we have shared various elements of Diversity , as well as the importance of Diversity audits. While our country does not make diversity a legal compliance area, in order to be perceived as a global organization that believes in equal opportunities, organizations must proactively have metrics in place related to the composition of their workforce. This kind of periodic monitoring assists organizations in ensuring that close any glaring gaps which are leading to some kind of diversity imbalance at a particular location or business unit or management level.

March 15, 2017

HR Audits are becoming the need of the hour. An audit is typically conducted to identify the baseline or evaluate the current situation within the organization with respect to a certain area or sub-process. Hence in case of Diversity, such an audit is important to understand where the organization stands and the distance it needs to cover with respect to its goals in this area.

If one is conducting a comparative survey, then this helps to assess one’s situation against the market practice.

March 14, 2017

We know that these two areas are linked. But what we are yet to understand is which one determines or impacts the other. So in essence, we are trying to answer this core question through the article – Does a flexible workplace lead to a more diverse workforce being there within an organization OR if the organization has a diverse workforce it tends to create a more flexible workplace?

March 10, 2017