August 2022

The pace of change in today's corporate world is rapid and far-reaching. Organizations frequently need to execute enterprise-wide changes impacting their processes, products, and people to stay up with a continually evolving business landscape. It may be challenging, and individuals frequently oppose it. However, businesses must take a methodical approach to extensive change management to foster an agile working culture. This is where strategic HR comes into play

HR: Beyond the conventional

August 29, 2022

In the last two years of COVID and work from home, I got to socialize with several people who were not a part of my daily life earlier. Some of them, though very different from the crowd, influenced me big time. I realized that every type of personality is unique and is necessary to make any culture complete and meaningful. I also realized that clubbing the distinct strengths of different personalities can result in a superb and more enabled society.

August 16, 2022