HR’s Voice Working Overtime to Shape Overtime Regulations!

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We’re less than 2 months into 2016, but the pace at which President Obama is advancing his workplace public policy priorities through the regulatory process can easily be referred to as an onslaught.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the proposed changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime rules.  And, as  SHRM’s Director of Congressional and Legislative Affairs, I’ve heard so many of your voices load and clear.  

So many of you- across all industries- have expressed concern over how the he proposed overtime rule would more than double the salary threshold to $50,440 per year to be considered exempt from overtime and would automatically increase the threshold annually, impacting employers across the country.   Thankfully, legislators from both parties have heard the HR community as well.  

Many  in Congress are listening to the concerns of employers, non-profits, universities, and state and local governments- and they are taking action!Recently, 108 bipartisan members of the House of Representatives REQUESTED that the Department of Labor reconsider moving forward with this proposal given the negative impact on employers and employees. But Congress must hear more about the impact of this proposal.

That’s why hundreds of HR professionals will share their story during the SHRM Employment Law and Legislative Conference Capitol Hill Day March 16.  I hope you can join to lend your HR voice to this important discussion at #SHRMLeg.  What’s your take on the proposed changes to FLSA? 

Lisa Horn

Director, SHRM Congresional and Government Affairs