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I live in Silicon Valley, the technology capital of the world. You’d think a person of my regional bias would turn his nose up to the Mid-West when tackling the subject of technology design. But, there is something about the creative force that exists in the purple city of Minneapolis. Is it the time spent on the lake or the fact that the weather is less than ideal 10 months out of the year? Either way, if you are a Human Resource Professional, you’ll find your fair share of Minneapolis-Based companies in the Exhibitor Hall at #SHRM17.

With hundreds of “vendors” staffing booths full of well-manicured product professionals in logoed polos, the Exhibitor Hall can be intimidating. It is essential for attendees to have a game plan before they enter the expo floor.

Ask Yourself:

a.       What solution am I genuinely intent upon implementing with 12 months?

b.      Then, find the exhibitors in that space and map your exhibitor hall “go-to” booths.

Having been in the HCM Space for a decade, I must admit, finding technology partners with a unique and compelling perspective can be an arduous task. So, I thought it to be my duty as a member of the SHRM Blog Squad to help you find someone worth chatting up.

In an E-learning world that has become clouded with start-ups, app integration and old thinkers who’ve failed to adapt, Brainier has prevailed!

Since 1986, Jerry Cox has led a team of professionals in the corporate learning space that combine in-person consultation with state-of-the-art technology while constantly evolving their creative curiosity. Great ideas come to fruition when you are snowed in!

I caught up with Jerry to gather his insight in advance of #SHRM17 !

1. TTN Learning is now Brainier. What does this enhancement mean for your customers and how has your solution base expanded?

Changing our name - and our brand - was a huge undertaking. The project started off as a "logo refresh" task and turned into a months-long discovery project that actually provided new direction and identity for our company. TTN Learning really represented the previous generation of e-learning. As we moved into a new era of Learning and Development with our new suite of products and services, we needed to have a name and brand identity that was:

1. Relevant, in that it fit the strategic positioning of the brand

2. Compelling, in that it provided a strong differentiated tonality

3. Memorable, for obvious reasons.

We believe that Brainier is all three of those and more.

Not necessarily because of the brand change, but actually concurrent with it, we have developed an entirely new generation of products and services that make it easier for HR and Learning and Development professionals to serve their internal clients and extended enterprises with tools that are consistent with the needs of today's learners. We have made it easy to create learning that is job-specific, role-specific and mission-specific and is available to a whole new generation of learners that are mobile, tech-savvy and require a fast-paced learning experience. The elan LMS provides many tools that enable an intuitive, "easy-to-use" experience including quick searches for information or topics and an online community.

2. What can we expect to learn at your booth at #SHRM17 and where can we find you?

You will quickly learn that Brainier is an excellent, agile partner for your current and future Learning and Development needs. You will also learn that the elan LMS is not only an excellent platform from a technology perspective, but it integrates with most HR Management platforms; and the Brainier Customer Care Team has won two consecutive Stevie Awards for excellence in customer service. You will learn that Brainier is the right technology and the best partner available in the LMS space. Also, Elan is the winner of the most recent Brandon Hall Gold Medal for Excellence in Learning Management Technology.

3. As a veteran exhibitor at the SHRM Annual Conference, what advise can you provide attendees to maximize the Exhibitor Hall Experience?

This is a pretty big exhibition. With that in mind, it's great to have an advance plan. Look through the list of exhibitors and find the ones that you know you need to see. Also, look at the categories of products and companies that you should see if you have time. If you are looking for something specific, make sure you have done some research in advance and come prepared with questions that you can use for comparison. Get demos where possible for critical items. And, of course, make sure you stop by to see Brainier at booth 2457. 

4. What do you think are the most important lessons HR Professionals can carry with them from the SHRM Annual Conference?

What a great question. And - it is one that all attendees should ask themselves before leaving for an event like this. The answer to the question is different, by varying degrees, for each attendee. I believe this is a critical time for learning professionals. Some may remember that there was a significant "correction" in the US economy in "The Great Recession" in about 2008. History will show that companies that were positioned to "weather the storm" had, among other things, excellent strategies to keep their company stronger than the competition through differentiation including training. As we fast-forward to 2017, HR professionals should always be positioning Learning and Development to be a critical business strategy for their company, and not simply and expense that can cut during a downturn. There are many excellent services and tools available to evaluate at SHRM to help HR professionals create an excellent learning environment in their companies.

5. How can we find out more about Brainier?

The best way to quickly find out about Brainier and the elan LMS is to go to our website and sign up for one of our monthly 60-minute webinars that provide a great overview of the company and the elan LMS. Or simply e-mail us or give us a call.

Brainier Site: http://www.brainiersolutions.com/

Contact Jerry: jcox@brainiersolutions.com

Meet Jerry and the Brainier team @ Booth 2457



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