Discover the New Talent Ecosystem

March 24, 2016

Discover the New Talent Ecosystem

We are living in a chaotic swirl of social, technological, economic, ethical, political, legal, environmental, and demographic conditions. In this networked age, success is determined more by an organization’s ability to function as part of the larger system than by what it does on its own. Join us for a holistic and agile view of the new talent ecosystem that will help you leverage your organization to create talent management strategies that will enhance your competitive edge. You will find the following exclusive programing and content only at the HR People + Strategy Annual Conference, in Scottsdale, Arizona, April 10–13.

Learn How Facebook Builds a Positive Culture in a VUCA World


In a single generation, our world has shifted dramatically to one that is fast moving, often volatile and certainly unpredictable. In many organizations the shift has fostered a mindset that shows little regard for the organization’s role in driving the elements of what makes a life worth living and applying these insights to help people perform more effectively at work. Facebook has long been at the forefront in developing progressive people policies and practices that have been instrumental in creating one of the most desirable places to work in the world, where pride in the mission of the company, and a desire to have impact and loyalty to the organization consistently score among the most important dimensions of success. Stuart Crabb, Head of Learning and Development for Facebook, will explore these issues with us.


Learn Why Purpose Matters Most for Organizational Success

Highly successful organizations are driven by purpose. From 1996 to 2011, purpose-driven companies provided returns of 1646 percent, compared to 157 percent for the S&P 500. Corporate organizational purpose has proven to be the single most powerful tool to drive top and bottom line growth. Louis Efron, author and former Head of Global Talent Engagement for Tesla Motors, will discuss the critical importance of organizational purpose in the talent ecosystem and the meaningful implications for talent, culture and HR practices.


Learn How the Best and Brightest Are Reimagining the Future of HR

John Boudreau is one of the world’s leading researchers and thought leaders in the arena of human capital issues. He will share his latest research and thinking about the future of work and HR. Drawing upon the work being done by, the global consortium to reimagine HR, employment alternatives, talent and enterprise—for which he is a founder, core team leader and advisor, he will discuss the disruptive forces that are fundamentally changing the work landscape. Boudreau will also share insights from his newest book Lead the Work, and the implications as work moves beyond regular full-time employment. His research challenges us to tangibly reimagine our personal leadership roles in creating and adapting to the new talent ecosystem.


Learn How to Handle the Unfinished Business of Work/Life Balance

Discover a future in which all of us, men and women alike, can finally have fulfilling careers along with the rewards of family life. Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter’s book, Unfinished Business: Women, Men, Work, Family, focuses on the future of the workplace and argues that as long as work and family are considered women’s issues, women and men will never be equal and employers will continue to hemorrhage great female talent. The job of caregiver can no longer fall only on women any more than the job of breadwinner can fall only on men. Understanding and implementing this larger cultural shift is the key to hiring and retaining the best millennial talent and to increasing productivity both at home and in the office.


Learn about the Newest Scientific Discoveries Impacting Leadership Development

Drawing on his highly acclaimed work at Columbia Business School and the Institute for Personal Leadership, Professor Hitendra Wadhwa will offer a fresh approach to developing leaders that is grounded in science. Learn about how to leverage the latest findings on human nature, studies of great leaders, the science of learning, and the power of digital platforms to design a new learning model for leadership development that maximizes organizational adoption, creates sustained behavior change and delivers measurable ROI.


Learn How Big Social Data Is Being Mined to Assess People Right Now

People share vast amounts of personal data online, and computer scientists can now take that data and crunch it to reveal dozens of personal traits as diverse as political leanings, ability to work in teams, drug and alcohol habits, and intelligence. They can even predict who is pregnant and when the baby is due—all from digital “breadcrumbs.” Learn from Dr. Jennifer Golbeck, University of Maryland, about the surprising implications of using personal data for commercial applications and in workplace.


Learn What to Make of the Revolution Hitting Performance Appraisal Processes

There has been no shortage of media attention given to a few major companies dropping their performance ratings and shifting their annual performance appraisal process to more frequent, feedback-rich and manager centered formats. Research and media are hardly able to keep up with that trend. In reality, there are more questions remaining than there are answers to the escalating challenges. One thing is certain, there is a renewed scrutiny in organizations of the validity of their existing performance management process and how it needs to change to help motivate employees and drive better productivity and engagement. A distinguished panel from GE, Deloitte, and Eli Lilly— facilitated by Dr. Anna Tavis, —will offer a revealing account of the journey companies have taken to renew their performance management approaches.

The Authors: 

Richard M. Vosburgh, Ph.D., is a retired CHRO, president of RMV Solutions LLC, and chair of the board of HR People + Strategy. He can be reached at