Live Blog Ask an Advisor Chat: California Sick Pay, Vacation and PTO

Live Blog Ask an Advisor Chat: California sick pay, vacation and PTO
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Ask Advisor

For the state of CA are we allowed to pay an employee 4 hours instead of just the two hours he worked before being terminated?

Thank you

incremental use; we currently have employee use the sick time in increments of 2 hours. is this correct?

1) There was a computer glitch causing ee's to receive more PTO than actually earned. Is there a limit to how far back in we can conduct an audit?

2) We have PTO, not sick and vacation separated. Currently, our PTO balance in not on the paystub, However, they can log in their timesheet and see their balance at any time. Is this legal? Do we specifically have to have PTO/Sick/Vacation on their paystubs?

We have unlimited Sick leaves but have created a policy to be in compliance with the ordinance. Our employees don't formally use those sick days and just accrue them because we don't track that. Is that ok that we manage sick leave this way?

Do you foresee any issue with granting a set number of sick days each year, rather than allowing employees to accrue them over the course of the year?

If we have unlimited vacation for now, can we not put that in writing as a policy? Or it should be written?

We have one generous PTO bank. If an employee has PTO accrued and calls out sick, can we required they first use accrued PTO before going unpaid?

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