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#Nextchat: Forget Flu Season. It’s the ‘Incivility Bug’ That’s Wiping Out Your Workforce!


Preview of this week’s #Nextchat with special guest Christine Porath

Almost all of us have experienced “that boss.” You know, the one who yells, belittles, bullies and publicly lambasts others under the guise that this “demanding” leadership style is simply his or her way of producing results. Many organizations may have historically condoned these toxic leaders, given their “get things done” capabilities. But we know now that uncivil employees, bosses or otherwise, are hurting more than feelings—they are hurting the company’s bottom line. Nevertheless, all signs seem to indicate that this “incivility bug” is spreading, even though it’s bad...


New Algorithm Orientation – Welcome to a New Era of Human vs. Machine Worker



In the 1960’s, Rosie the robot, model XB-500, served George Jetson and his family in a futuristic world that looks like the world today. While we know that Rosie was hired from U-Rent-a-Maid, we don’t know whether she replaced a human employee for the Jetson family. But here we are in 2018, the future has arrived with the Roomba robot vacuum commonplace in many households.

As we move forward in the 21st century, this crazy pseudo sci-fi scenario becomes more and more commonplace. Bank tellers and travel agents...


Significant Interview with #SHRM18 Speaker, Todd A. Solomon (The Forgotten “T” in LGBT Diversity: Best Practices for Creating a Transgender-Inclusive Workplace)


It was a great privilege to interview Todd A. Solomon, the head of McDermott’s Benefits, Compensation & Employment Practice Group.  Todd chairs the Firm's Pro Bono and Community Service Committee. He received the 2008 McDermott Will & Emery award for Outstanding Achievement and Commitment to Pro Bono and Service to the Community. Additionally, he is a member of the McDermott's Diversity and Inclusion Committee and has been involved with evaluating the Firm's domestic partner benefits policies and working with businesses in Chicago in jointly advocating for lesbian,...


9 Mistakes You Don't Want to Make -- A Q&A with Skip Prichard


Skip Prichard's book, The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future (Center Street, 2018), may be told as fiction, but it's grounded in reality. Intended as a tool for self-improvement, the book identifies nine common mistakes people make at work—and offers ways to avoid them. Prichard's advice is based on interviews with 1,000 successful people, his own experience as a CEO and research into success.

The HR Magazine Book Blog recently spoke with Prichard about the book.

Why did you write this book?



A #SHRM18 Interview with Joe Gerstandt


Whether he is prowling the Smart Stage with all the intensity of a panther or piercing the crowd with his affectionate stare from the Mega-Session floor, Mr. Joe Gerstandt’s presentations are always unavoidably HUMAN. Joe is a freedom fighter, a freak flag flyer and a lover of all things Human Resources. You have, not one, but two opportunities to see Joe present at #SHRM18. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity for genuine human engagement over today’s most relevant topics.

I caught Joe between...


Speaker Evaluations and #SHRM18


Last year on the SHRM blog, I bemoaned the sorry state of affairs of speaker evaluations by those HR professionals who are supposedly experienced in the art of giving feedback.  Too often, the comments given to speakers are rarely helpful, or, frankly, downright rude.  

Once again, I served as the Programming Co-Chair for the 2017 Wisconsin State SHRM Conference, and had the opportunity to review the evaluations and comments given to speakers.  All responses (in italics below) are from real HR professionals who took the time to actually make these statements....


Everything You Need to Know About Managing People #SHRM18



SHRM18 is right around the corner! Of course by around the corner I mean three months away. But it’s never to soon to start checking out the agenda and trying to plan at least half of the sessions you want to attend. I recommend planning but also allowing room for flexibility because stuff happens.

karlynI have the honor of...


A #SHRM18 Interview with Jennifer Currence


I had the opportunity to connect with Jennifer Currence in preparation for #SHRM18 about her session, The Year's Top 5 Priorities for a Department of One on Sunday, June 17 from 12:30 PM - 02:00 PM.

As an HR Department of One, I am so excited about this session to learn the top five priorities for HR in small business as well as practical, inexpensive solutions to address these priorities. 

In small businesses, HR is often pulled in so many different directions that it's easy to lose sight of the...


Workflex Legislation: A 21st Century Workplace Solution



As an HR professional, it can be challenging to keep up with legal and compliance matters, much less stay on top of the changes being discussed by our legislators. One of the benefits of being involved with the SHRM Advocacy Team (aka A-Team) is that they provide a quarterly webinar where they talk about issues that are being in Washington.

On the last call, SHRM shared some information about H.R. 4219 (Workflex in the 21st Century Act). This SHRM-backed legislation is focused on two hot topics in our workplaces right now...