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3 Ways To Increase Your Veteran Hiring


Our Veterans, America's sons and daughters, pursued a noble cause to protect and defend our nation’s freedoms. According to the Population Representation in the Military Services, Service Members transition from the military after serving between 4-10 years.  This number varies between branch but generally those that transition before fully vesting for retirement, do so between 4-10 years. The government does an incredible job of preparing our Service Members for transition but Veterans still struggle to find employment, despite the millions of dollars the government has spent to train them.

I'll give you...


A #SHRM17 Interview with Leo Ranieri, President of Massage at Work



As a longtime believer in the benefits of massage to overall health, I was intrigued to read about SHRM Exhibitor, Massage at Work.  Particularly interesting to me was the correlation drawn between massage and the reduction of absenteeism and stress levels at work.

While I’m lucky enough to be able to fit massage within my budget, the concept of bringing massage into the workplace as an employee benefit resonated with me.

Given my interest, interviewing Leo Ranieri, the President of Massage at Work, was a natural fit for my...


All In for Disability Employment at #SHRM17


In only a few short weeks, the #SHRM17 Blog Squad will join thousands of attendees in New Orleans for the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition. Each of us, and each of you, bring a variety of experiences, knowledge, and abilities to the table. And, yes, we have a “seat at the table” (disclaimer: try not to use that HR catchphrase around Mary Faulkner)!

I’m always fascinated by the variety of ways HR professionals choose to share their expertise and areas of passion. While I...


How to Get the Most Out of #SHRM17 Even If You Can’t Attend



We are less than 12 days away from the start of the HR event of the year which is the SHRM Annual Conference held in the Big Easy. I find it appropriate that the conference’s slogan is ‘All in’ which implies that you are truly committed and devoted to the HR profession . ‘All in’ is a slang term often used in poker meaning to be totally committed to something which in our case is the profession of human resources.

All In at the 2017 SHRM Annual Conference in New...


Free Lunch Does Not a Culture Make



Low-Cost Employee Engagement Inspiration For Millennials, By Millennials!


Breaking up is hard to do – or so the song says – for both employees and employers. As HR professionals, many of us have seen the oft-quoted skyrocketing costs to an employer to replace an employee between recruiting and training replacements.  Quite plainly, it is in every employer’s interest to strive for an effective employee engagement plan – but how is an employer with limited financial resources able to compete with napping pods, endless paid time off, or kitchens stocked...


Combatting the Prescription Drug Crisis




Everyone at the office knew Ben had suffered a back injury in a car accident a few months earlier. However, his co-workers suspected something else was wrong with their colleague, who had worked there 12 years. He was quieter than he used to be, became distracted during conversations and had even been spotted dozing at his desk in the IT department. Something was off. So they sought the HR director’s advice.
When Sheila Felice met with Ben (not his real name), she casually asked if work was going OK....

10 Tips for #SHRM17 Final Prep




It's time to make final plans for #SHRM17 in New Orleans. SHRM has an amazing experience ready for us this year! If you have attended before, then you know that just a little bit of planning on the front end will ensure you capture all of the many benefits of the conference. Follow these ten tips to help you get the most out of your #SHRM17 experience.

1.  Figure out how you’re getting from the airport to your hotel. Many hotels have their own shuttles, but the timing varies, and...


#Nextchat: Should You Trash Your Policy Manual?


Policies in the workplace: You can’t live with ’em and you can’t live without ’em.

Or can you?

Some say employment policies are essential for establishing expectations and avoiding litigation. Others think that policies are rules created by people who don’t know how to manage performance.

Employment attorney Heather Bussing falls into the latter camp. 

In her blog post Why Policies Don’t Work, Bussing says, “There are two main reasons to have employment policies: to educate and to manage risk. The trouble is that policies don’t do either.” 



#SHRM17 Bloggers are “All In”- Online and IRL


SHRM is known for producing some of the most informative and engaging conferences in the world, and the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is an annual favorite for so many HR professionals. Thousands of attendees will travel to New Orleans, LA, for the conference and exposition, June 18-21.  Each of them will bring their own unique “All In” story- a time that changed their professional and personal lives.  SHRM is working hard to help share and create these All In moments! And—as always—the SHRM Blog Squad is sure to be a...


From Hello to Goodbye and Everything in Between

Author Christine V. Walters, SHRM-SCP, has it backwards when it comes to HR. That's not a criticism, though. That's the way her book is written—starting with the termination of the employment relationship and working back through the employee life cycle to the onboarding process. This unique perspective shows how things can sometimes sour at work and how HR can prevent problems before they arise.

The second edition of From Hello to Goodbye: Proactive Tips for Maintaining Positive Employee Relations (SHRM, 2017) features new research and tips for preventing...