Turnover Contagion: Are Your Employees Vulnerable?



Employee retention is top-of-mind for any organization looking to stay competitive in today’s market. Despite swaths of technological advances, in our knowledge-based, global economy an organization’s key assets are still its employees. Considering this, substantial amounts of research have been published about potential predictors and causes of employee turnover. Most of this research can be classified into two categories: individual-level explanations (e.g., job satisfaction, person-job fit, etc.) or external and organizational-level explanations (e.g., unemployment rates, job demand, etc.). However, only having these two types of explanations ignores team-level and the...


Powering Organizational Success Through Culture



As digitalization and the accompanying democratization of work disrupt traditional business models, organizations are adopting more agile, tech-enabled ways of working. Today, employers are deconstructing jobs and dispersing work around the globe to be completed by diverse pools of talent ranging from free agents to alliance partners to full-time employees.

As organizations and their HR leaders strive to navigate this emerging ecosystem of work, culture is taking center stage. The “job” is no longer the dominant construct connecting workers within organizations. Increasingly, organizational culture is the strongest bond that binds...


#Nextchat: Boosting Candidate Attraction




Changing the way that you interact with candidates in your selection process is crucial to your organization’s future success. Rob Shepard, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist


When was the last time you applied for a job at your own company? If you’ve ever participated in this type of exercise, it was probably an eye-opening experience that enabled you to identify areas for improvement if not a total redesign. And for candidates, applying for the job is only the first step.

Smart employers are paying greater attention to the candidate selection...


A Reminder from SHRM’s Exchange Visitors to Dance in the Rain


We all get caught up in our daily lives and the “grind.” Even if you love what you do as much as I do, you may sometimes stop for a moment, and think “What am I doing?” I had one of these moments two weeks ago, and the reminder about what I’m doing and why it matters came in the form of 26 exchange visitors from India and the Philippines.

To provide some context: I work on SHRM’s Exchange Visitor Program. As a Department of State-designated sponsor organization, SHRM helps bring exchange visitors to the United...


Mr. Roboto



For the past few years, the topic of the future of work has continued to stir enthusiasm, fear and opinion within the business community.  Most times, when the future of work is discussed, visions of Rosie dance in our heads.  You know, Rosie from The Jetsons.  We envision AI (artificial intelligence) handling our problems and making our work lives much more freed up and bearable.  Rosie seemed to do that on screen.  She had an arm appear with all sorts of tools – vacuums, brooms, hands to cook, wash dishes,...


Vote to Bring SHRM’s Thought Leadership to the SXSW Stage!


Today’s biggest societal issues are also workplace issues. As the voice of all things work, we have an opportunity to bring SHRM’s thought leadership to one of the most unique and influential events in the world: the 2020 South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Austin, TX, March 16-22.

President & CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., SHRM-SCP, has been nominated to be a presenter at the premier global event for music, film, design, technology and business innovation. SXSW presenters are selected using a crowdsourced voting system, enabling anyone to register,...


Creating High-Performance Teams



Every organization needs its teams to deliver a high level of performance to succeed in today’s business environment. Author Omar L. Harris offers clear guidance on how to hire for, support, and guide high-performance teams. 

What are some tips to hiring employees to fit into high-performing teams? 

My top tip for hiring employees to fit into high-performing teams is to understand the key mix of attributes that the high-performing team members possess. Look beyond IQ and pedigree and focus on more attitudinal attributes such as work ethic, passion, solution-orientation, and...


4 Areas of Focus to Boost Your Candidate Attraction Efforts




Changing the way that you interact with candidates in your selection process is crucial to your organization’s future success.

Talent shortages are growing around the world. The global unemployment rate has dropped to 5 percent, the lowest level in a decade according to the latest ILO World Employment and Social Outlook, and the current unemployment rate in the United States is near a 50-year low. While this is great news for workers, it is challenging for employers....