Vacations, Travel Quarantines and COVID-19: High Risk States


When the pandemic first hit hard in the United States—a lifetime ago, early March—we focused on travel from China, then South Korea, then Italy and so on. Our focus was on the quarantine of employees who had engaged in international travel.

International travel is now a beautiful part of what feels like ancient history and among our hopes for the future. But it is not a material issue now relative to COVID‑19 transmission in the United States.

Indeed, now there are restrictions in other countries when it comes to travelers from the U.S. But it goes further...


Finally Reopening? Legal Guidance a Must for Small-Business Owners



After a more than three-month forced hiatus, small businesses are more than ready to open their doors. But for many of them, getting back to business brings a host of legal vulnerabilities and concerns they may have never faced and may not be prepared to handle on their own.

Even before the global health crisis turned the economy on its side, the demand for external legal advice had grown exponentially. The latest SHRM survey of small-business owners revealed 7 out of 10 have sought external legal help, and 86 percent...


Untangle the Knots !!



I don’t know what the weather has been like where you are, but it’s been extremely hot and humid where I live. It’s the kind of humidity that feels like you’re constantly swimming through thick steam. Even though it’s so moist and sticky, life continues and chores need to be tended to around the house.

I live in the suburbs and am fortunate to have a half-acre lot with very mature trees. Our house seems to be an animal sanctuary because we have birds of every sort, squirrels, rabbits, and deer....


Stop Doing Stuff That Doesn't Matter - A "Tune in Tuesday" Recap



I tuned in Tuesday for the launch of the “Tune In Tuesday” series for a session featuring Johnny C Taylor Jr. and Patty McCord, Former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix. This format was great - an interactive live session in which participants could engage and connect with fellow HR pros in the live chat window during the presenters’ conversation.  

Patty addressed many topics in the hour including many entertaining sports analogies. She discussed the importance of practicing crucial...


Be the HR that People Don’t Think About - A Tune In Tuesday Reflection



I love attending conferences because not only are they a place to learn, but they are an amazing place to network with your peers from all over the world. As disappointed as I was that we weren’t able to meet in San Diego this year, I was excited when SHRM announced their new digital series call Tune In Tuesdays; a monthly interactive webinar series that takes learning and connecting to the next level.

The first Tune In Tuesday episode occurred on Tuesday, July 14...


SHRM Tune in Tuesdays and the Workplace Culture that Helps Teams Win


Although I’m sad I couldn’t see 20,000 of my HR friends in San Diego this year, I’m so glad SHRM is hosting Tune in Tuesdays once a month.

I love seeing live virtual sessions and engaging with fellow HR pros in the chat. The first session today was featuring Johnny C Taylor and Patty McCord, Former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix. This was my first time seeing Patty speak and she was very engaging and full of passion.

My top two takeaways from the discussion were:

1) Especially now during...


Organizational Culture: It Needs to Help Employees Through the Hard Times



As human resources professionals, we know the importance of creating a positive candidate experience so people will come to work for our companies. And we understand that creating a positive employee experience will result in increased employee engagement, higher productivity, and reduced turnover.  We also understand that we must work on all of them. We can’t sacrifice the employee experience for a better candidate experience. Because if we do, it will create a disconnect that ultimately leads to disengagement and turnover.

But as we’re talking about experiences, let’s be real....


Overload Harms Workers and Productivity



The way we work is not sustainable. Sherwin knows this well. He has 20 years of experience as a skilled information technology (IT) professional and is one of the many professionals and managers we interviewed in a Fortune 500 company we’ll call TOMO.

Sherwin estimates he works about 70 hours per week. He starts work with calls at 5 a.m., pauses to get his kids ready and off to school, works a full day, prepares dinner and supervises their homework, and then routinely works, at home, until midnight. The long...


How to Help Your Idea Grenadiers and Silent Wounded Better Contribute



If you’re like many leaders with whom we’ve shared our new book Courageous Cultures, you’re mentally indexing your team and wondering if they’re capable of micro-innovations, problem-solving, and advocating for your customer. You want them to contribute, but they’re reluctant or clumsy.

You might be thinking about the “idea grenadiers” who present countless ideas, none of them quite relevant to your business. Or maybe you worry about the people who seem to have a “tell me what to do” attitude. Can they make it in a Courageous Culture?

Some leaders look...


12 Skills All People Managers Need To Have


The term team management gets thrown around a lot in professional settings. And while these are necessary for high levels of performance, it’s important to address what comprises team management skills.   

A great source of knowledge on this topic comes from individuals who skillfully manage people on a regular basis.

Below, twelve business leaders answer “What knowledge, skills, or abilities are needed to be an effective - and great - people manager?”

Their answers will help you become the best manager you can be.

They Do...