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Episode 30 - Jon & Wendy talk to Ben Eubanks



We're joined by Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst with Lighthouse Resarch & Advisory in Huntsville, AL and host of the "We're Only Human" podcast. In this mega sized episode, Ben shares his passion for our profession, how AI is really changing HR, how he gets everything done with a young family at home, and Jon tells the story of how they first met (trust us, you won't believe it).


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#Nextchat: The Recruiter’s Handbook




Many will tell you that recruiting is the most important function in an organization because it’s where potential new employees meet an entire organization for the very first time—and through one person. Recruiters and HR are tasked with creating smart strategies that will attract and win the hearts and minds of the people their organizations need to grow and thrive.

The recruiting function has changed drastically over the past 10 years due to technology and workplace and workforce trends. Employers are finding that, to remain competitive, they must increase their...


#Create: Best Job Ever!



If you follow me on social media (@ChrisOrozco72), you’ve probably seen my emotional and proud posts describing my son’s new journey as a kindergarten student. While recently attending back-to-school night, his teacher talked with parents about the learning adventure our children are beginning. I could see the passion she has about the impact she will have on her students. This is best summed up by her comment on how she feels about the...


Fact or Fiction: The ADA requires accommodating an employee to care for a relative with a disability?



That’s right folks. It’s time for another edition of “Fact or Fiction”  

Here’s the fact pattern with which we will work today.

  • You hire someone new for a full-time 8-hr/day 40-hr/week position.
  • A few weeks later, your new employee requests a part-time work schedule so that he can spend extra time caring for his daughter who is suffering from [insert name of disability].
  • Because he is a new hire, this employee is not FMLA-eligible, but his daughter definitely has a disability.
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act requires you to accommodate
  • ...

The Most Popular Entry-Level Jobs and How to Land One




The curse “may you live in interesting times” could apply to this year’s college graduating class. Unemployment is at its lowest point in decades and new technology has disrupted nearly every major industry. But the curse may actually be a blessing in disguise.

Embarking on a new career in this type of environment can be both rewarding and surprising, as new career paths open up and traditional ones take on different forms. Ideally, entry-level job seekers will seek roles that provide growth potential regardless of the changing labor market.



#Nextchat RECAP: Keeping Your Performance Strategy Simple and Human

On August 29, @shrmnextchat chatted with special guests Rosette Cataldo, vice president of performance and talent strategy at Globoforce (@CataldoRosette), and Cliff Stevenson (@clifforddarrell), principal analyst at Brandon Hall Group about Keeping Your Performance Strategy Simple and Human

If you missed this excellenet #Nextchat filled with great tips and advice, you can read all the tweets here:




HR: Always be Marketing with Katharine Mobley

Katharine Mobley is an award-winning marketer who is blazing a trail for the next generation of women in technology. With over 20 years’ experience in her field, she has witnessed drastic changes in marketing and advertising and the impact they’ve had on technology companies. She is a highly regarded marketing maven, as well as a self-proclaimed data geek and social media addict. Prior to joining First Advantage as Global CMO, she served as CMO at Crescerance and WeCareCard Mastercard®. Earlier in her career, she managed brands such as Coca-Cola,...


Episode 29 - Jon & Wendy talk to Carlos Escobar



We're joined by Carlos Escobar, Learning and Talent Management Specialist with Alamo Colleges in San Antonio, TX. We talk about his the differences of working in private business and academia, being the Director of College Relations for Texas SHRM, and Carlos blows Jon's mind with his current favorite band.



#Nextchat: Keeping Your Performance Strategy Simple and Human




The annual performance review is becoming obsolete, and employees couldn’t be happier. Organizations are now abandoning forced rankings and archaic rating scales that have traditionally been used to calculate future compensation and career advancement.

New models for performance management are changing the conversation about how organizations develop their talent. The emphasis is now on teams, peer feedback, the employee experience, transparency and trust.

One of the latest trends in performance management is a continuous conversation performance management model. However, there are other trends impacting how employee performance is developed in...


A New Chapter, A New Beginning…



Our little dude starts at his new school where his love for learning will continue to grow. A few weeks ago, he and his new classmates attended a new student camp as a way to help them all assimilate to their new environment. As I dropped him off at camp, his reaction was not what I expected. The students were divided into three groups, with a colored name tag of yellow, blue, and green. As we walked into the school, our little guy saw...