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SHRM Connect: An I-9 Audit ... at the Airport?

SHRM Connect is an online community where SHRM members can ask questions and get answers on a variety of HR topics. It’s a great place to network with other HR professionals and share solutions.  
The conversation topics range from “HR Department of One” to Employment Law, are always insightful, and deal with some of the most pressing issues that HR professionals face in the workplace today.
While some of the conversations take on a more serious tone, others will deliver a bit of comic relief, and on Fridays, I’ll be highlighting a conversation or two in hopes...

How to Inspire and Energize Your Workforce Every Day


What does it take to inspire others? In The Inspiration Code: How the Best Leaders Energize People Every Day (Amacom, 2017), Kristi Hedges, a leadership communications expert and author who coaches CEOs and senior executives, draws from in-depth research to highlight the tools and practices used by inspirational leaders. Her guide provides a targeted approach to igniting inspiration, relying on a framework informed by hundreds of interviews, survey data and communications studies.
With a methodology Hedges calls "The Inspiration Path," the book takes complex...

Ask-HR – What is it?


I call it A Standard Knowledge-base for Human Resources; ASK-HR. For those who are new here, I have four+ years of experience (international & US) working with this centralized HR function and I have never looked back.
BUT…what exactly is it?
ASK-HR is a centralized HR service desk for all your HR related needs. Consider it an FAQ system that answers most of your generic questions. ASK-HR’s primary purpose is to bring all employees and their questions to one point of contact – the centralized HR service desk....

6 Simple Ways to Improve Open Enrollment

It’s that time of year again. There’s a crispness in the air combined with an energy that is simultaneously exciting and scary. As the shadows cast longer and the kids head back to school, HR professionals face their own early-fall ritual: open enrollment.
If you’re like many of your colleagues, you confront this annual exercise with a mixture of enthusiasm and dread. It’s a busy time that is undeniably stressful and exhausting. Yet it also gives HR an opportunity to make vital contributions to the business and to help...

Hiring Discrimination Isn’t Getting Better

According to a new study there has been little to no progress in reducing racial hiring discrimination since 1989. Researchers from Northwestern University, Harvard, and the Institute for Social Research in Norway looked studies on resume and interview discrimination in the past 28 years, looking for trends in the data. And boy did they find one – little to no progress.
The researchers analyzed studies on resume discrimination – where resumes with randomized ethnic names are submitted – and interview discrimination – where candidates with identical credentials but...

2 Questions Every Manager Must Ask



I spoke at the Wisconsin SHRM conference, last week. My topic was “What Oprah Taught Me About Great HR,” and we discussed areas of trust, onboarding, and engagement. This is the second time I’ve presented this content and there still needs to me some work, but I learned some more things to improve the presentation. 

On the topic of engagement, because it’s an HR conference and you have to talk about employee engagement, I offered the only 2 questions each manager needs to ask, and act on, to keep their...


95 Million Reasons to Conduct An I-9 Self Audit…Very Carefully



In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) began auditing the I-9 practices of Asplundh Tree Experts Co.  Last month, the Company pled guilty in Pennsylvania federal court to a charge of knowingly employing immigrants without authorization to work in the U.S.  The fine: a record $95 million.

In response, more and more employers are considering self-audits before DHS comes knocking at their doors.   While employers are well-advised to conduct an I-9 self-audit, there are legal minefields that need to be navigated or the self-audit may increase the employer’s potential...


Work Smarter with New HR Technology



Technology is supposed to help us work smarter, not harder. While many in the U.S. report working 50 to 60 hours a week, they are shunning the traditional eight-hour workday and other outdated practices that destroy work/life balance and are no longer effective in the new world of work.

When Cecile Alper Leroux of Ultimate Software spoke during a panel discussion called Women Leaders in HR Technology at the Human Resources Executive Online 20th Annual Conference & Exposition, she said that she once had a manager who expected...