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Work Smarter with New HR Technology



Technology is supposed to help us work smarter, not harder. While many in the U.S. report working 50 to 60 hours a week, they are shunning the traditional eight-hour workday and other outdated practices that destroy work/life balance and are no longer effective in the new world of work.

When Cecile Alper Leroux of Ultimate Software spoke during a panel discussion called Women Leaders in HR Technology at the Human Resources Executive Online 20th Annual Conference & Exposition, she said that she once had a manager who expected...


#Nextchat: Coaching for First-Time Leaders



“The ultimate test of a leader is how well he/she can build leadership in others.” ~ Dave Ulrich


Coaching in the workplace – it’s not just for executives anymore.

As more young professionals enter first-time management positions, a strategic opportunity exists for organizations to provide the professional development that will prepare these new leaders for success in their new roles. One of the best ways to do this is through coaching.

According to the International Coach Federation, “professional coaching results in many benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges,...


How Employers Can Work with Tribal Schools to Increase Diversity in STEM




There are 32 fully accredited tribal colleges and universities (TCUs) in the US with over 30,000 part and full-time students. TCUs support students in the most remote and poorest areas of the country. There are 183 tribal K-12 schools in 23 states. According to the National Science Foundation, these schools - along with non-tribal colleges and universities - produce a total of about 4,000 STEM undergraduate and graduate students per year.

Despite the high demand for STEM hires, corporate recruiting looks to spend on high-leverage recruiting events. While the...


Mind Full or Mindful?



My Monday Morning Musing and Challenge...

If you can quiet your mind, you can become more present with the people you meet, you lead, you follow, and you inspire. This quiet will also focus the work that you set forth to accomplish, but today's challenge is to be more present with your audience. The power of connection has more promise when you are paying full attention.

How can you be more mindful with your teams, your families, your friends, your peers and yourself? Try to image the shoes that others...


Business Bingo - Not the Game to Win

Who has played such Bingo Games in meetings of late? No need to raise your hand, I know these games are enjoyed with some regularity around conference tables.
I am on a mission, and this week I have learned that I am not alone. I want to save some folks from this craziness of repeating words and phrases that are overused and somehow are equated with impressive. The default to this jargon undermines them as a candidate and their skills. I suggest we begin using our own voices for...

SHRM Connect: Conflicted and Clueless

SHRM Connect is an online community where SHRM members can ask questions and get answers on a variety of HR topics. It’s a great place to network with other HR professionals and share solutions.  
The conversation topics range from “HR Department of One” to Employment Law, are always insightful, and deal with some of the most pressing issues that HR professionals face in the workplace today.
While some of the conversations take on a more serious tone, others will deliver a bit of comic relief, and on Fridays, I’ll be highlighting a conversation or two in

Using Coaching to Develop First-time Leaders


Millennials will soon be the majority demographic in the workforce and are increasingly moving into leadership roles. Recent research from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Human Capital Institute (HCI), Building a Coaching Culture with Millennial Leaders, found that many individual contributors become first-time people managers between the ages of 31 and 35. As more Millennials enter management positions, they are requesting that current and potential employers invest in their leadership development to prepare them for current and future roles. A great way to do so is through coaching....


Uber and the issue of on-call time



If you have read my blog before you know I have written about the woes of Uber in the past. They are the standard bearer for the “gig” economy. However, a number of people who could not abide by the being independent contractors have sued to be considered “employees” rather than independent contractors.Numerous suits have been filed and are on-going. One such suit in Pennsylvania even is suing Uber for “on-call” pay, which the drivers claim while they car logged in to the Uber application.

The suit...


Core HR Lessons Learned in My Summer Internship


By: Lesley Simental

SHRM/CHCI Summer 2017 Scholar-Intern

“Take care of your employees, and your employees will take care of your guests.” This is one of the strongest statements that I am taking away from this summer. In a hotel/resort like The Gaylord Texan, customer satisfaction and customer service are key to success. 

I was one of four scholar-interns in the SHRM/Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) Internship Program for the summer of 2017. In this experience, I was able to work with amazing leaders who took the time to really...


Discovering One’s Passion and Potential: When Learning Is Ongoing


By: Jose Chavez SHRM/CHCI Summer 2017 Scholar-Intern

Breaking into the field of human resources post-graduation was a major challenge for me. I found myself spending countless hours submitting job applications, only to receive little success. In those few job interview opportunities that I had, employers often disregarded my candidacy. Why, you ask? It was quite simple, lack of experience. While my academic studies helped prepare me to take on opportunities in the HR world, it was simply not enough. Employers sought real-world practical experience. I knew I had to change my approach to get my foot in the door....