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An Interview with #SHRM18 Speaker Joey Price



Joey Price does it all.  He's an entrepreneur, CEO of Jumpstart:HR, blogger, podcaster, and coffee connoisseur.  And he also knows a little bit about leadership.  It's that topic that he'll be speaking on at the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition -- #SHRM18 -- in Chicago.  The title of his session is "EmployME Engagement: How to Drive Employee Engagement in a Society That's All About Me."  I was fortunate enough to catch up with Joey to get a glimpse into this session.

KE: What got you interested in this topic in...


#Nextchat RECAP: Forget Flu Season. It’s the ‘Incivility Bug’ That’s Wiping Out Your Workforce!


On March 28, @shrmnextchat chatted with Christine Porath (@porathc), an associate professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and author of Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace, about Forget Flu Season. It’s the ‘Incivility Bug’ That’s Wiping Out Your Workforce!

if you missed this excellent chat on creating a culture of civility in your workplace, you can read all the tweets here:



Listening the correct way: An Interview with Paul Endress for #SHRM18


Everyone in HR understands the importance of listening. We read about it all the time. We are trained in the value of active listening when interviewing or interacting with employees. However, I learned in a conversation with Paul Endress that active listening is not enough. To be very good listeners we need to be engaging in “reflective listening.”

Paul Endress

Paul Endress is a creator. He has founded nine companies, some successful and some not. During that career of creation, Paul also learned the importance of communication....


#SHRM18: The New Golden Rule, Speaker Q&A with Jennifer Lee


SHRM’s annual conference is around the corner and I couldn’t be happier about attending and blogging for and about the event. I attended last year for the first time and I was in for quite the treat. While I was exploring the list of sessions available, I selected topics of interest to me and my career focus which lead me to The Art of the Executive Presence:...


WFPMA President Peter Wilson - Welcomes HR Leaders to the 2018 World Congress at #SHRM18


WFPMA President Peter Wilson - Welcomes HR to the 2018 World Congress at the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition.

The World Congress is a biennial gathering of the member associations of the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA). Founded in 1976 to aid the development and improve the effectiveness of professional people management all over the world, WFPMA is a global network of professionals in people management with members from more than 90 national human resource associations representing over 600,000 people management professionals. The World Congress enables HR professionals to build a global community of peers, to discuss...


#SHRM18 Speaker Spotlight: A One-on-One interview with Jonathan Segal



Jonathan Segal is a Partner at Duane Morris, LLP. He has been cited as a national authority on employment issues in The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, to name just 3. Jonathan’s many accomplishments are listed on the SHRM18 Conference page.

As an HR professional, I’ve always attended various employment workshops. Jonathan is one of the lawyers I followed on Social Media and I often retweet him or share his articles on LinkedIn. When we were assigned to pick a speaker to interview, I knew I...


A Q&A With Cancer and Careers #SHRM18



When SHRM shared the speaker and vendor list that would be attending #SHRM18, I was so excited! I couldn’t believe how many awesome people there were to reach out to and connect with. Instead of selecting an HR service provider that I was familiar with, I decided to go through the list and pick vendors I had never heard of. I really wanted to focus my time on an organization that was of personal interest to me, and that could be a resource to my...


#SHRM18 First Time Attendee? Sessions, Sessions Everywhere!

Welcome back to the SHRM18 First Time Attendee Series, this time around I want to talk with you about the different sessions of SHRM18. Before my first conference last year, I was confused as to what I could and could not attend (I have the biggest fear of walking into a room and not belonging, but that’s another story). SHRM National Conference has a few different session types on the SHRM Annual Conference Site.

Image result for pictures of chicago

So, I’m going to try to break it down, even more, to help you see...


#Nextchat: Forget Flu Season. It’s the ‘Incivility Bug’ That’s Wiping Out Your Workforce!


Preview of this week’s #Nextchat with special guest Christine Porath

Almost all of us have experienced “that boss.” You know, the one who yells, belittles, bullies and publicly lambasts others under the guise that this “demanding” leadership style is simply his or her way of producing results. Many organizations may have historically condoned these toxic leaders, given their “get things done” capabilities. But we know now that uncivil employees, bosses or otherwise, are hurting more than feelings—they are hurting the company’s bottom line. Nevertheless, all signs seem to indicate that this “incivility bug” is spreading, even though it’s bad...


New Algorithm Orientation – Welcome to a New Era of Human vs. Machine Worker



In the 1960’s, Rosie the robot, model XB-500, served George Jetson and his family in a futuristic world that looks like the world today. While we know that Rosie was hired from U-Rent-a-Maid, we don’t know whether she replaced a human employee for the Jetson family. But here we are in 2018, the future has arrived with the Roomba robot vacuum commonplace in many households.

As we move forward in the 21st century, this crazy pseudo sci-fi scenario becomes more and more commonplace. Bank tellers and travel agents...