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Using HR Competencies to Turn Knowledge into Action

Human resources professionals need to be committed to lifelong learning. Our profession is constantly changing because business is always changing. But, knowledge isn’t enough. We should be able to turn knowledge into action. It isn’t enough to know or recite a theory, we must be able to apply it.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently added an interactive book to their competency model website featuring stories from HR pros who are using the model to advance their organizations and careers. It’s titled, “Real World HR: Bringing the SHRM Competency Model to Life” and I’m honored to...


The Way Forward on Migration – February 14, 2017



“The definition of mobility is changing as it includes people moving to where the jobs are (migration) as well as jobs moving to where the people live (outsourcing, shared service centers, among others) and more and more tasks are moving (via digital intermediation) to people everywhere…These specific situations have arisen in the past, but the trend is growing and increasing in complexity…It will be important to reflect on the adequacy of existing tools provided by both national and international private law to anticipate future challenges…”  IOE Brief, ...


Wide Awake !!

During my time at Ohio University, I fell hard for a new band (at the time) called U2. After I heard their music, I couldn’t get enough of them. We had two record (yes, record) stores in Athens at the time, and I made sure to make regular trips to both of them to pick up anything U2 had put out.

I found an EP on vinyl that the band issued called Wide Awake in America which contained only four songs. That didn’t matter to me because it had a live version of my favorite song, Bad. Every Friday afternoon, I...


#Nextchat: 2017 #SHRMTalent —Talent Today and Tomorrow



The HR profession is known for its catchphrases, and the expression “war for talent” is a phrase that is certain to produce a lively debate.

Whether you think the war is over or is only getting more intense, one thing is clear: It’s critical that talent managers are informed about the latest trends to remain competitive.

Knowledge about the latest developments in social recruiting, technology, onboarding, compliance, engagement strategies and analytics is critical to the continual evolution and survival of any organization’s talent management program.

On April 24-26 some...


How to Help Employees Mind Their Manners in an Online World

Today's organization operates in a world of 24/7 connectivity, social media and streaming video, where any message can travel farther and faster than ever before—and quickly trend online. Likewise, millions of employees are increasingly being asked to integrate mobile devices and Internet-based apps into their daily routines. But what rules of modern etiquette should be observed when using high-tech tools to conduct business or social networks to communicate? Until now, answers have been hard to come by. Happily, Netiquette Essentials: New Rules for Minding Your Manners in a...


Growing Pains


Businesses usually become clients in one of two stages. Either they are in startup or the very early phase of just beginning to hire employees beyond the founder or they have just experienced a jump in headcount rapidly and are experiencing some growing pains. Inevitably, the leaders of the organization tell me how unique their situation is and wonder if I might be able to help them put, what I call, people structure, in place.
When this happens, I start with the good news first. “You are...

The Dilemma of Bias in Leadership

I’ve recently been conducting research related to bias in interviewing and hiring and in doing so uncovered some excellent and surprising information on how to build a greater awareness of ones bias in the hiring process.  This research has also unintentionally helped me develop a more acute awareness of the role of bias and its influence not only in hiring but also beyond.

On a personal level, it’s become clear to me -- in fact painfully so -- that though I thought myself to be an open-minded person, I...


8 Guard Rails for a Happy Valentine’s Day in your Workplace


There were times when I cautioned HR to keep a firewall between Valentine’s Day and the workplace.  The reason for the caution is the initial purpose of Valentine’s Day. 
We all know that the initial purpose of Valentine’s Day was for individuals to express their love to those whom they love in a non-platonic way.  I was tempted to say romantic, but I once had a manager deny there was any romantic relationship because “it was only sex.”
Over time, however, the meaning of Valentine’s Day has...

4 Basic Elements of Successful People Analytics

You come to a fork in the road. The sign indicates 100 travelers have taken the left fork and 14 have fallen to their death; it also shows that 50 travelers have taken the right fork and 8 have fallen to their death. Which road do you take?
Welcome to the world of HR analytics.
The answer to this "which path" puzzle is one you probably won’t learn in a statistics class, and it demonstrates something HR leaders need to know: the road to analytics success...