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Use Your Brain #SHRM17


I’ve had the opportunity to go to a lot of different conferences, and I see a lot of keynote speakers who are considered experts in their fields. They are successful because enough people think enough of what they’re saying makes sense and support it. They’re also successful because they are engaging speakers who connect with their audience and make everything sound brilliant.

The thing is…you’re not required to agree 100% with what these speakers are saying. Some of them cite research. Some of them share what they’ve done that worked. Some...


Time for the Smart Stage to Take Center Stage at #SHRM17

Steve Browne, Jennifer Payne, Jason Lauritsen, Trish McFarlane, and a host of others. Names those in the Talent and on-line space are more then familiar with. Doing 18-minute Twitter sized presentations. Minimal slides and time, however maximum impact.
It’s time for SHRM to move the small and friendly venue to a broader audience. One attendee spent the entire day at the stage with the knowledge that she could listen to 3 times the speakers into the same amount of time. The Smart stage time has come into...

Kat Cole on Executive Impact: Business Leaders Focus on the Whole Bun, Not Just a Slice

On June 18, Kat Cole (Group President, FOCUS Brands – the company behind the Cinnabon brand) spoke to a crowd of over 18,000 HR Business Leaders at the 2017 Annual SHRM Conference in New Orleans, La. There were many takeaways – “never forget where you came from but don’t let it solely define you” was a crowd pleaser – but her big takeaway was the difference between Business Partners and Business Leaders.

Business Partners focus on the business from their point of view; Business Leaders focus on the holistic picture of the...


Day Two Down at #SHRM17… What’s My Name Again?


Well, I won’t say everyone didn’t warn me against jam-packing my schedule as a newbie to Conference and to the Blogger’s team. For that matter, I even told a room of SHRM Young Professionals to avoid potential pitfalls of overcrowding their schedule and not leaving enough time to enjoy the city, the HR pros around you, and room to breathe. Now that I’ve had time to come up for air, reflect on the second day, and try to remember my own first name, I truly understand the misstep in not heeding...


#Nextchat: A #SHRM17 Wrap-Up


The SHRM 2017 Annual Conference & Exposition will wrap up around noon on June 21, and thousands of HR professionals will head home with new ideas and solutions to improve their workforce and workplace. 

This year’s theme was “All In,” and there was no better place than #SHRM17 for HR professionals to learn about all the latest trends and innovations.

From inspiring general session speakers and Smart Stage sessions, to the more than 1,000 exposition hall vendors, there was something for everyone at this year’s conference.

Did you attend the conference or follow all...


5 Ways Conferences Can Teach Us How Organizations Behave


Conferences are our own tribal gatherings, held in giant convention centers in fun cities like Las Vegas and New Orleans —  21st-century village squares. Aside from scrambling to catch every event we can and slyly peeking at each other’s badges, we listen to storytellers and reconnect with our shared sense of purpose.  We also eat too much, hardly go outside, and hit the hay at 2 am. Why sleep when we’re in a dreamworld of star keynote speakers and mind-blowing new tools?

What we’re doing at these massive events is a...


YPAC? Gesundheit! The #SHRM17 Voices Behind the Mysterious Acronym


As a first-time conference attendee, #SHRM17 blogger, and representing the SHRM Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC), I have spent a solid portion of this year’s conference with many different hats – an engaged attendee, an event planner, a den mother (no one should walk alone on Bourbon Street!), and a source of support for my fellow YPAC cohorts. While these responsibilities have left me stretched a little thin, you might be wondering what keeps going - besides COPIUS amounts of caffeine and Blogger Lounge goodies? The reason why, for me, comes in...


Paid Time Off and Flexible Work for the 21st Century #SHRM17


At the SHRM Annual Conference there is a lot going on.  You can see most of it right in front of you. The sessions, the exhibit hall, the SHRM Store and the like.  But what you may not know, because you don’t see it is this. Pretty much every day the SHRM Government Affair’s team is working to represent our collective business interest in Washington D.C.

SHRM has a staff of 12 people in the government  affairs department who work with Congress and many of the federal agencies (and even in...


It’s Time!

It’s the time of year that some of my colleagues affectionately call HR Christmas.

This year, over 16,000 HR professionals are descending on New Orleans for the SHRM Annual Conference. This event brings folks from around the world together to learn, network, and yes, party, each year.

While I’ve only been in town for about 18 hours, I’ve connected with old friends at an intimate dinner for 17 with good food, met several first time attendees to share advice, and found a delightful place to stay and refresh as my introverted...


Why Are You Keeping Your Team Off Social Media?

How often do we hear that HR doesn’t get a seat at the table, or that they aren’t seen as adding value at an executive level?

Whilst this argument was a lot more prevalent a few years ago, the topic of conversation is still around today. As I’m sitting in the SHRM17 pre-conference session about Social Solutions for HR, Sue-Ellen Watts provoked the thought that perhaps HR isn’t being invited because they aren’t bringing anything new.

As HR professionals, we focus a lot on engaging our staff, but if we want...