How Long Does Your Employee Have to File an EEOC Charge of Discrimination?



Actually, it depends.  

Here’s how it works for non-federal-sector employees:

An employee must file a charge of discrimination with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission within 180 calendar days from the day the discrimination took place.

However, if your business operates in a state or locality that has a fair employment practices agency that enforces a law that prohibits employment discrimination on the same basis, that 180-day deadline is extended to 300 days.

There are a few exceptions, of course.



Hamburgers, Sushi and the Young at Heart




When I used to eat meat, my favorite food was a hamburger (with French fries). I don’t think I would have been as enthusiastic if I had to order chopped cow.

I had dinner with someone eating sushi. I asked them if they would enjoy it as much if they had ordered raw fish. I owe them a dinner.

We use euphemisms appropriately to help us accept with what we otherwise would struggle. Shift away from food. Think of—or perhaps not—the alternative to “rest in peace.”

And, that brings me to older workers. Older...


How Personal Brands Can Help You Learn About Prospective Employees


Traditionally viewed as a marketing tactic for companies and products, brands have moved into career planning and job searches. Many jobseekers now consciously develop and enhance their “personal brand,” or the unique combination of skills, experience and personality that defines an individual.

As branding takes on increased importance for job seekers and prospective employers alike, a better understanding of the concept may help. Personal brands encompass but go beyond accomplishments and skill sets, in an effort to give prospective employers a glimpse into what makes a job candidate tick and what...


#Nextchat: Can We Do That?! Recruitment, Selection and Hiring Tips and Traps



No one knows better than you—the employer—your jobs and the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to do them.

There are several hurdles, however, that can hinder the process of finding the right talent to fill those jobs.

The SHRM Online article Study: Most Job Seekers Abandon Online Job Applications identifies a myriad of problems with current application systems, including inaccurate job descriptions and long applications that hinder hiring efforts.    

State and local laws restricting what information about candidates employers can obtain, when...


Episode 72 - Jon & Wendy talk to Callie Zipple


We're joined by Callie Zipple, Field Services Director for SHRM and host of the "Honest HR" podcast (our 3rd crossover show!).  We talk about her transition from practitioner to working for SHRM, dealing with negative feedback, and non traditional wedding dance songs (Callie and Wendy bonded over this).

Callie's recommendation:


How to reach Callie:




Building Cultures for the Future


Daniel Jacobs is a believer in the power of storytelling. As Co-Founder and CEO of Avanoo, a company focused on culture change, Jacobs has learned how to harness technology as a driver of engagement and employee experience. He will be speaking at the HR People + Strategy Strategic HR Forum, October 27-29 in Boston, on “Using Stories to Ignite Culture and Drive Clarity in the Midst of Disruption” at 11:45 am on Monday, October 28.

HRPS: How does storytelling and technology mix in the workplace?

Daniel: The power of storytelling...


Human Resources: Six Skills to Develop for Future Success

HR professionals spend a lot of time advising the organizations on the things needed for success. They include having an award-winning candidate experience, positive employee experiences, an attractive company culture, and the list goes on. One of the prerequisites of developing a world-class organization is having a human resources department that can partner with the business to make it happen. Let’s face it, a mediocre HR team may or may not have the bandwidth to build a best place to work.

But that doesn’t mean HR pros are...


It’s All About . . .

...the people!!

I, along with about 20,000 others, just finished attending SHRM19. It was a full, adventurous and exhausting conference. This isn’t new. Any HR conference of this scale is hard to wrap your hands around because there are so many options available for you to choose.

The common denominator in this sea of movement though is people. Whether it’s the thousands of folks passing by each other throughout the conference venue, or the people sitting next to you listening to a Smart Stage talk or full presentation. People are near...


Your Pets: July 4th and the Workplace



If you want to avoid excessive absenteeism on July 8, read this:

Fireworks on July 4 terrorize animals.

Every year, pets (particularly, but not only, dogs) left outside run away. Some are killed by cars. Others end up in shelters with uncertain fates.

Please keep your pets inside during fireworks. Consider putting in a room with shades closed, soft music, favorite food, etc.

Note: even if you bring your dog or other pet with you to fireworks and he or she does not run away, he or she likely will be terrorized....