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HR on Purpose at #SHRM17


SHRM17 is upon us and the energy level is building. I know that each year I attend there’s a mix of anticipation and eagerness to explore and see the conference has to offer. It’s a huge, bustling environment that can seem overwhelming. However, I’d ask you to take a different look at the Annual Conference & Exposition. Break it down into chunks and sort them out in ways that make sense for you. You could have a block for Speakers & Sessions, a block for the Vendor Exposition, a block for...


An Interview with Brett Reizen, President and CEO of TicketsatWork #SHRM17




I watched most of the 2017 NBA Finals (Go Warriors!) on my 50-inch high-definition TV while sitting on my old, comfy couch. It doesn’t get much better than that. Unless of course I had tickets to the game and could sit courtside. In my opinion, there is simply no better experience than seeing a live sporting event – listening to the roar of the audience and feeling the tangible intensity from the players and coaches.

I recently had an opportunity...


Mindfulness at #SHRM17 - An interview with Marissa Afton


If you suggest to Marissa Afton that she has beautiful red curly hair, she’s likely to give you a quizzical look. There is no denying she’s got some curls but she doesn’t consider herself a redhead.

Perhaps being a redhead is a state of mind. 

Mindfulness - that’s also a state of mind.

Ms. Afton has been practicing mindfulness since she was in college, and she’s been an advocate ever since. Her presentation, Training the Mind to Enhance Individual and Organizational Performance, is occurring on Wednesday, June...


Networking Around the World at #SHRM17

The SHRM Annual Conference is one of the best networking events in the world if you are in the Human Resources space. I do not say this tongue in cheek, as I have literally met several folks from around the world at different annual conferences over the last few years. The SHRM Social Media Team has been adding an international flavor for several years now, and will do so again this year.

Last year we met Anish Aravind and Renee Robson. Anish is from India and...


My #SHRM17 Wish List



It’s been a decade since I first attended The Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference. While there are always new buzz words and evolving trends, many of the HR related topics from 2007 are still on the #SHRM17 agenda.

If I may voice my concern:

1.       Why haven’t we mastered social performance management?

2.       Why is external recruiting more important than Leadership development?

3.       How can we determine what employee’s value most?

While the aforementioned questions may not have simple answers, allow me to pose a few challenges to SHRM17...


#AllIn at #SHRM17 and Introducing #SHRM17Selfie


#SHRM17 would be my fourth time at a SHRM National conference and my third time as part of the socialmedia squad - a chance to be amongst some really exciting action oriented human capital management folks with whom I had first met up in Orlando (2012). Those times still remain as a 'Deer-in-headlights' moments for me.

If you are from India and are planning to attend #SHRM17 - feel free to reach out to me for an inside view over DM's / comments / email. I'll be glad to share notes about why this conference is a 'must


Remaining Positive in a Sea of Negativity: A #SHRM17 Interview with Steve Gilliland

I like to think that I’m basically a good person; but then I think about what I’d do in a zombie apocalypse, and I realize I’m actually horrible and selfish. How do I know this? The first thing I’d do if I was scratched by a zombie is scratch my friends and a select few family members. I’m not going through that alone!

As it turns out, this selfish attitude of mine is pretty common—only people use it to spread negativity instead of zombie pathogens. When...


#Nextchat: FLSA Jeopardy


“I’ll take the overtime rule for $1,000, Alex.”

Wouldn’t it be great if Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) issues were only topics on a game show? If you were wrong, the value of the question would merely get deducted from your winnings. 

But you’re an employer, and if you get the FLSA wrong, it can be costly and result in a lawsuit.

The SHRM Online article Federal Judge Halts Overtime Rule outlines the FLSA drama that has...


Sage Advice for #SHRM17


This is version v9.0 of this post. As best as I can come up with this will be my ninth SHRM annual conference. In front of many of these events, I have written a post about what I have learned along the way and tried to share some of the things I have learned and share how to get the most of the event.  I am sure others have covered this, so all I can tell you is if you read something repeatedly it’s probably pretty close to the truth.



Lessons from Sheryl Sandberg on Supporting Grieving Employee


Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of Lean In, lost her husband Dave unexpectedly in 2015.  This year, she teamed up with her friend and Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Adam Grant, to write Option B.

Option A is the employee's life with the loved one.  Option B is surviving without him or her. 

Option B is based on Sheryl's loss of her husband, Dave, and her painful but inspirational journey forward. While the book is primarily about emotional resilience, it also provides valuable lessons for HR and other leaders....