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An Alternative to Voluntary Retirement Programs



Under federal and state laws (most or all), employers can have voluntary retirement programs. Of course, there is much litigation on whether and when an employee’s decision to retire is truly voluntary.

However, even if there is no pressure placed on an employee, think about the message that the program sends and/or likely will be heard as sending: we want to get rid of mature employees. This places “age in the air” and can be used to argue age bias when an older employee later is discharged or laid off...


Role of Data in Talent Mobility

With the rise of the Internet and disruptive technologies that are now shaping and reshaping the world, big data has revolutionized the competitive world. No longer is data just for the academics and research institutions, but now sports teams, political campaigns, the government and businesses are all buying into the world of big data.

At CFGI’s 2017 Symposium, Fragomen Worldwide speakers exposed the role of big data in business immigration by sharing best practices of integrating big data in decision-making.


“Have you guys realized that when we fell in love...


Workforce Planning for 2017



Moments after stepping off the plane from New Orleans I headed into San Francisco to present at the Northern California Human Resources Association's Compensation Conference.

After a week of interacting with 10's of thousands of HR Professionals, a few questions remained:

1. Why aren't things changing at a more expedient rate?

2. What is something new we can do that will actually work?

I left SHRM17 with a mission to help organization find their Utopian Employee Experience.

... The concept was immediately applied at NCHRA's Compensation Conference. ...


#Nextchat: Advice for the Next Generation of HR



Ready or not—here they come! Graduates of the Class of 2017 are ready to enter the workforce and will be preparing to start their careers over the next several months.

Many new graduates have chosen to pursue a career in human resources, one of The Best 11 Jobs in America for 2017, and have questions about what they can expect and what it will take to achieve success in their new roles.

Tips and advice from other practicing HR professionals—at all career levels—are always helpful to ensure a smooth transition....


5 Unique Interview Questions Every Recruiter Should Ask

Interviewing to discover who will succeed in your organization is a crucial component to hiring well. Many candidates will have the skills and qualifications you are looking for, but only a few will be the right fit.
Discovering whether they are the right fit during the interview process can be difficult. You need to figure out whether a candidate has the abstract qualities that will help him or her succeed in the culture of your organization. One way to do this in the interview process is to focus on...

The Power of People – Making HR Analytics Simple and Human


Dr. Woody: What is the essence of The Power of People? Who is this book for and why did you write it?

Sheri Feinzig: We had two main audiences in mind: HR leaders and business executives. For both audiences, we wanted a book that was practical and easy to understand. For HR professionals, one of our goals was to help them realize that an analytical approach to HR is very much within their reach, and that by embracing analytics they will be able to bring exponentially...


Bringing Positivity to HR Leadership

The learning that took place at the SHRM 2017 Annual Conference & Exposition didn't end in New Orleans. By taking a look at all of the books sold at the SHRMStore during the event, we can gain some perspective on what resources HR professionals are embracing to further their careers. While our keynote, Masters Series and mega session speakers' books are perennial top sellers, each year we survey those books and other HR titles that topped the charts to see what stood out.

This year, books focused on...


#Nextchat RECAP: Summer Interns

On July 5, @shrmnextchat chatted with SHRM Summer Interns and their managers about "Summer Interns" and how students and employers can get the most out of summer internship programs.

If you missed this excellent chat filled with great ideas, you can read all the tweets here:




#Nextchat: Summer Interns


Summer internships are meant to give students the experience they will need to be successful when they enter the workplace. The best internship programs are thoughtfully planned and managed.  Employees should be given a mentor for guidance and the opportunity to work on challenging projects that will help them to develop new skills.

In the SHRM Online article How to do Internships the Right Way, Sharon Beaudry, a former HR director and currently an assistant professor of management and program director at Oregon Institute of Technology says, “Make sure you...