What Is Your 3-Minute Interview Monologue?



Right now, with high unemployment and seemingly endless competition for jobs, nailing your interview is critical! Almost every failed interview can be traced back to the first three minutes. Experts will tell you the first ten seconds, but these are the same experts who have never interviewed or haven’t interviewed in the past twenty years. The reality is a little longer, but not much.

An interview doesn’t really start until you’re asked to open your mouth. And, not the small talk crap that you do while people get settled and wait for...


How to Crush Behavioral Interview Questions. Every. Single. Time.


Do you want to know the step-by-step process on how to successfully answer behavioral interview questions? 

In this valuable video, Self Made Millennial Madeline Mann will show you everything you need to know including how to create a "Story Toolbox" in advance of your interview. 


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Corporate Alumni Programs for The New Normal



If you are like most people in today’s labor market, it’s unlikely that you are currently working at your first company. Like a lot of my friends and colleagues, my curriculum vitae lists a number of former employers. If you represent an organization and don’t expect to have future interactions with departing employees, you wouldn’t be alone. Yet, we’re discovering now that maintaining lifelong relationships after employment ends has significant benefits for both employers and departing employees.

The traditional end of the employment relationship is often characterized by an (at...


Repairing & Rebuilding Company Culture in a Remote Work Environment




As remote work was suddenly thrust upon organizations just a few months ago, businesses at large scrambled to find online tools to keep their workflow, and their culture, moving along. For many, this sudden shift to a more remote work environment highlighted culture issues and challenges that may have been hidden or not seen as important in the real-world office. Issues with culture can reveal itself in many ways, from how well employees get along and support each other, to how they take care of customers, and...


How HR Professionals Can Help Build a More Inclusive Workplace



Over the years, many organizations have been notoriously apolitical. But this is changing. A couple years ago, I went to a conference where CEOs were talking about employee activism. Multiple CEOs admitted that they’ve previously felt it was important to remain neutral when it came to politics and social injustice. However, they were changing their stance because their employees were demanding it. Employees wanted to know that the companies they work for were going to support what’s just and right in...


Remembering the 19th Amendment: Moving Towards an Inclusive, Equitable Workplace for All



This year, the SHRM External Affairs team was intentional in leveraging our workplace equity policy pillar to commemorate the 19th Amendment Centennial, which granted women the right to vote in the U.S. We partnered with the Women2Women Tour to host events that captured the opinions of women on key policy issues like healthcare and pay equity. We also joined the United Nations’ Women Empower Women initiative to share insightful research and best practices on gender equity, workplace flexibility, and leave. This month, we launched a digital campaign...


Adopt an "If ... Then" Approach to Focus on Positive Action

One of my favorite activities around the house is to mow my lawn. I mean it. I enjoy it because it takes between 2 to 3 hours to do it. I’m a bit old fashioned in that I walk to mow. It’s incredible excercise which allows me to let my thoughts wander and have a good think.

As I was dripping with sweat this weekend taking my weekly lawn mowing jaunt, I was piecing together something that has been troubling me lately with how people are choosing to interact in person, online and through the media. More and more it...


COVID-19, COLA and Compensation




A cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is an increase in wages, salaries or benefits, usually based on an objective measure that estimates how much additional money a typical person or household needs to maintain their standard of living. With the current situation being that many companies will have a remote workforce through 2021, COLA has been top of mind for HR leaders recently.

Why COLA Matters Now We’re All Working From Home

Businesses in the US are not required to provide their workers with COLAs; however, most do in order to...


Live Blog Ask an Advisor Chat: Inclement Weather & Natural Disaster Preparednes


To Get Through Back-To-School Season, Parents Should Get Comfortable Being Imperfect




Being a single mother and working full-time as a Principal in consulting has never been an easy balancing act. “Agility” is a term we use in consulting traditionally related to pivoting to client needs and market demands. Now, agility means toggling what feels like never-ending work, cooking, cleaning, fixing, tech help, errands, activity-directing, and tutoring — all while maintaining sanity and physical health.

No parent is perfect. Now is...