Don't Be an Entertainer!

How are you doing as a human right now? If I were to pose that question to a group of people, I’m sure I would get a myriad of responses. Some would be genuine, and some would be polite. Some would be in-depth and raw, while others would be concise and guarded. Regardless of what the answers might be, it’s a question I think we should be asking on a more regular basis.

You see, I’m concerned. I’m concerned about my peers in HR who are plastering smiles on their faces every...


Senior Executive Lookahead: Counting Down the Top Five Issues for 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic presented historic challenges for employers—from remote work to vaccine and mask mandates to increased pressures on workers coping with upheaval in their homes and communities. Organizations across the economy were forced to adapt and reinvent themselves amid uncertainty.

With the arrival of new COVID-19 variants, continued supply chain disruptions and the ongoing Great Resignation, change will remain a constant in 2022.

At SHRM, we’re paying particular attention to five issues that should be on every human resource and business leader’s radar in the months ahead. This is the first...


Bold Leadership Through Strategic Resources | #CauseTheEffect

Bold Leadership Through Strategic Resources The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled many into involuntary leadership action over the last two years. Navigating daily regulation inconsistency while addressing changes in the work-from-home policy along with tempering the hiring and retention challenges of the Great Resignation has made Human Resources the busiest department in every organization. SHRM's Cause The Effect campaign is bringing attention to these unforeseen adjustments in the profession. Barely having time to catch one's breath is enough to keep any HR professional on the defensive. Today, I'd like to offer a few thoughts that might strengthen our long game strategy...


‘Silent’ Benefits: Not So Silent Anymore!

As a SHRM HR Knowledge Advisor, I’ve received many calls asking about how to find, attract and retain talent during this hot job market. Employers have been very creative in attracting talent—offering sign-on bonuses, remote and hybrid work arrangements, increased paid leave, and education reimbursement, to name just a few benefits. Some have considered gift cards for meals, movies, or shopping—anything to differentiate companies and attract candidates. However, one possible benefit rarely mentioned is one that could be a great differentiator: short-term disability. Often overlooked, this benefit has helped many employees get...


10 Failproof Employee Engagement Ideas

No matter your specific business, if your employees aren’t engaged, your customers won’t be either and that is going to negatively impact productivity and your bottom line. Employees who are happy and excited about the work they’re doing have an infectious energy that makes people unable to resist doing business with you. Emotions are more contagious than Covid! You can employ these employee engagement ideas to improve workplace satisfaction and increase all sorts of business metrics.

1. Get involved with employees’ projects and goals

Don’t ignore your employees after assigning projects. Instead, take a...


Be the Difference | #CauseTheEffect

Martin Luther King, Jr. Monday, is a holiday to celebrate and serve. The timing of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birth is magical as it is a reminder and a call to action early each and every New Year.  An early checkpoint and time to re-set and re-think.  Over his shortened years King had so many wise words.  He was a true #CausetheEffect guide.  So many of his quotes are worthy of a repeat, some of my favorites will be included here.  I start with a core query, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for...


The Pupa Effect | #CauseTheEffect

The butterfly effect can be described as an insect flapping its wings in one part of the world and due to the associated minute alteration in air pressure, eventually causing a monumental weather event in a location across the globe. A choice made now, an action taken, words spoken – all will alter, in unforeseen ways, outcomes that are far beyond immediate circumstances. According to this phenomenon, we can never truly know which specific actions actually have consequences. (Deaton, 2020). Some will and some won’t and we have to accept this uncertainty.

The pandemic, and how it has drastically altered...


Virtual Water Coolers For a Thriving Team Culture in Hybrid and Remote Teams

Organizations will need to pivot their team culture if they wish to survive and thrive in the world of virtual collaboration after the pandemic. The most important changes will stem from the wide-scale and permanent shift to hybrid and fully-remote modes of working.

Why Did Corporate Culture Suffer During the Pandemic?

Culture refers to the social and emotional glue that bonds employees together into a community of belonging, motivates employees, and protects against burnout. It includes the norms and practices that determine how people collaborate. It also involves the values that guide...


Unplug Already: Why Stopping Work at the End of The Workday May Make You More Productive

As we head into the New Year and a new list of resolutions, many of us will make a pact with ourselves to have a better work/life balance. That may come in the form of turning off the screen and walking away from the computer at the end of the workday. And while some may feel guilty about not always being “on,” a new Korn Ferry survey of professionals shows it could make you more productive overall.

Although more than half of survey respondents say their company should have...


Top Nine HR Goals of Small and Midsize Companies

What is your top HR goal, and how do you plan to achieve the goal in 2022?

To help you identify and achieve your HR goals in 2022, we asked HR professionals and leaders for their best insights. From recalibrating and moving forward to increasing retention, there are several goals to consider for 2022.

Here are nine HR goals and how to achieve them:

  • Recalibrate and move forward
  • Develop employee expertise
  • Prioritize employees' mental health and well-being
  • Maintain culture
  • ...