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30 Days of Gratitude #ThursdayThoughts



The calendar has turned, the challenge is on. Let us begin thirty days of gratitude.

Each day, highlight someone for whom you are grateful. Share your thanks with a story, a note, a laugh or something memorable. Take this month and let the folks in your world know that they are woven into your tapestry.

Be creative, make some new memories, share some old laughs.

To my Human Resource colleagues, who on your teams deserves your gratitude?  Who needs a reminder of their unique value to your team?  Who needs...


Would You be Better in HR if You Held a Job Outside of HR?

In the certification classes, one of the key competencies that are considered necessary for someone to be a successful human resources professional is business acumen, that knowledge of how the business really operates. This business acumen can be learned in two ways, through study or through experience.

Drucker’s advice

Peter Drucker, management guru deluxe, advises that all staff workers spend time in operational positions. He says specifically:

“Don’t ever put anyone into a staff job unless he or she has successfully held a number of operating jobs, preferably in more than one functional area.” (The Daily Drucker, pg. 362, Rules...


Live Blog Ask an Advisor Chat: California Medical Leave

Live Blog Ask an Advisor Chat: California Medical Leave

Will a jury ever find out if the EEOC concludes that a defendant-company may have discriminated?



Suppose that your former employee files a Charge of Discrimination with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. After an investigation, the EEOC concludes that there is probable cause that your company violated one or more of the federal anti-discrimination laws that the agency is tasked with enforcing.

So, your employee decides to the file a lawsuit in federal court. And, those claims get all the way to a jury.

Can the employee-plaintiff introduce evidence that the EEOC already determined that the employer-defendant probably discriminated against the plaintiff?

This question...


Don’t Overlook These Important HR Aspects of Tax Reform!





As the topic of tax reform continues to dominate the news cycle, don’t just pay attention to the hot topics like tax brackets, mortgage interest deduction and the AMT! There’s some potential changes on the horizon for employer-sponsored benefits and employers and employees alike are going to be affected.

Congress recently took steps to pave the way for tax reform by passing the FY2018 Budget Resolution. This roadmap greases the wheels for comprehensive tax reform to be taken up this fall by lawmakers. The budget also provides the necessary...


Don’t Yell at the Customer: THE ABC’S OF CUSTOMER SERVICE


A-APPRAISE the customer’s need(s).

B-BEHAVE politely and professionally.

C-CARE about the person and their concern(s). Pretend if you must.

D-DOTE on them. 

E-ENJOY the interaction as much as possible.

F-FAKE it if you must, but FLOW in friendliness.

G-GRIN! Yeah, I said it.

H-HEAR the customer. Humble yourself. Don’t assume you know.

I-INTERPRET their inquiry/observation/concern/praise/comment/etc. for what it’s intended to be.

J-JOKE. But be careful not to go too far #inappropriate

K-KNOW your job! And your coworkers’ roles! The customer sees you all the same.

L-LOOK at the person talking to you! Eye contact is necessary for making a...


Student Loan Debt: This Trillion Dollar Problem Needs Our Help, And Here’s One Way HR Can Help



My company typically hires interns, directly after graduation, from colleges all over the country. We hire technical degreed graduates, most with their Master’s degree, to work in a highly technical profession. The degree is required, and the skill sets they learn in college are the basis from which they are mentored into a licensed profession.

We all have heard anecdotally about student debt- how common it is- but I don’t often hear anyone discuss what we should do about it. Students “chose” to be assume the debt, so we are...


#Nextchat: Young Professionals and Sexual Harassment -- The New David and Goliath?



Young professionals are often stereotyped for being demanding, impatient and entitled, but one thing they cannot be labeled is afraid. In fact, they’re pretty much fearless. And this fearlessness is turning the workplace on its head and driving a lot of long-overdue change. 

Case in point: sexual harassment.

Previous generations of women often refrained from reporting incidences of workplace sexual harassment because they were afraid of retaliation. They feared that the consequences would be far worse for them than for their harassers, so they kept quiet and endured it, or...