Finding Qualified Diverse Talent is NOT Your Issue



During 2020, I’ve spoken to a lot of leaders who are concerned with their diversity recruiting. Every single one of them will say something like, “Tim, we just can’t find the ‘qualified’ diverse talent we need!” Sound familiar? Feel familiar?

I’m not a diversity recruiting strategy expert. I leave that to my friend, Torin Ellis. I do think I’ve got a bit of knowledge when it comes to overall recruiting, though.

When I break down the response I get from most leaders, regarding diversity recruitment I usually have one cringe, and...


5 Common Performance Review Biases That Managers Need to Overcome


One of the most challenging aspects in the performance review process is overcoming biases. A bias is defined as “a prejudice in favor of or against someone or something”. While all biases aren’t negative, biases can have a negative impact on employee performance. Employees expect their performance reviews to be fair and free of biases.

Many different kinds of bias can show up during the performance appraisal process. Here are five common ones:

  1. Contrast bias occurs when a manager compares an employee’s performance to other employees instead of the company performance
  2. ...

Piece Rates, the FLSA, and the Best Music Videos of the 80s



No, I haven’t been drinking.

But, perhaps starting to show my age a bit — just a bit — I had one of those “angry man yells at cloud” moments recently as I lamented about how MTV doesn’t make music videos like they used to.

Do they even make music videos anymore?

Take, for example, "Falling to Pieces" by Faith No More.  Whoever conceptualized this masterpiece should be in the music video hall of fame or institutionalized. Either way, it rescued the band from one-hit-wonder status.

It also provides a nice segue into today’s...


SHRM is Working to Bring About Brighter Days

As we close out a year of challenge, change, perseverance and resiliency, SHRM is working to provide HR professionals leadership and support to bring about brighter days—ones we know will come. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work with elected officials in Washington and around the country to address issues that will bring about better workplaces for a better world. 




Why Clarity Matters in Leadership


Your responsibility is to become a leader who is a visionary. Turning smart ideas into action requires a sound strategy and transparent, data-rich decision-making coupled with resolute authenticity. It comes down to your clarity. You must command it. Bringing joy to your work helps as well.

Leadership Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Am I confident with my current state at work? Do I even know where I want to take my future?
  2. Am I able to clearly articulate a coherent strategy, communicating why and when goals need to be accomplished?
  3. Do I
  4. ...

SHRM Connect: Breastfeeding on Zoom Calls... What Would You Do?



When employees have questions, they go to HR.

When HR professionals have questions, they often turn to each other for guidance and advice.

SHRM Connect is an online forum where SHRM members can post questions and get answers from their peers within the SHRM community. It’s a great place to network with other HR professionals while sharing solutions and advice on a wide range of HR topics.

Jump into a discussion or watch from the sidelines. There's something for everyone.

Check out some of the latest conversations below:

WWYD? - Breastfeeding on...


Want Greater Success? Do Less of This


You’re not as interesting as you think.

If you’re long-winded, the people around you wish you were short-winded.

Talk less. Succeed more.

5 Reasons people talk too much:

  1. Thinking. Extroverts think while they talk. (If you want your team to think, make space for them to talk.)
  2. Silence drives you crazy. It only takes 4 seconds for silence to feel awkward.
  3. You have power or position.
  4. Insecurity.
  5. To convince people you’re right.

7 Dangers of talking too much:

  1. Lost credibility. You earn respect with your ears and lose it with your
  2. ...

Dancing with Diversity: From Inclusion Illusion to Authentic Belonging



We’ve heard this so many times: diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance. BUT – what if you don’t dance?

I am not talking about your performance at work. Alas, doing your job well - or even exceptionally well - does not guarantee inclusion. I am talking about the allegorical dance, the social aspects of organizational functioning that add up to the ultimate outcome of inclusion – the sense of belonging. It adds up to the tangible outcomes of retention, promotion, raises. "Dancing" could...


Got Gratitude?



The calendar has turned, the challenge is on. Let us begin a season of gratitude.

Each day, highlight someone for whom you are grateful. Share your thanks with a story, a note, a laugh or something memorable. Take this month and let the folks in your world know that they are woven into your tapestry.

Be creative, make some new memories, share some old laughs.

To my Human Resources colleagues: who on your teams deserves your gratitude?  Who needs a reminder of their unique value to your team?  Who needs a good laugh...


2020 SHRM VLBM - Socially Distant…Virtually Connected!


Over the years, I have shared with my human resources colleagues that my favorite annual SHRM event is the SHRM Volunteer Leaders’ Business Meeting (VLBM). While it doesn’t have the sheer grandeur and breathtaking excitement of a SHRM Annual Conference, SHRM VLBM brings together the most engaged, active, and enthusiastic volunteer leaders from across the country. The attendee numbers for SHRM VLBM are typically not as high as with some other events but this is usually made up for by the energy of the attendees.

As recently as this fall, we...