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Just Another Manic Thursday: #SHRM17 After Action Report



Ever have a Thursday feel oddly like a Monday?

For me, and probably some other #SHRM17 attendees getting their feet back under them post-conference, getting settled back in definitely makes for a Monday mood. Before leaving for my first SHRM Annual Conference, my department’s manager requested that I simply come back with something that I could share with the team.

Even as I write this, it’s difficult to narrow down the exhaustive library of knowledge downloaded to my brain over the course of four days to one singular, standout takeaway...


Things I Loved About #SHRM17—A Non-HR Professional’s Viewpoint



I’m not an HR professional, I’m a business owner. But I’ve worked with HR solution providers for 20-plus years on the marketing side, so I’ve attended the SHRM Annual Conference many times. And from my viewpoint, SHRM17 was perhaps my favorite yet, for a variety of reasons. Here are some things I loved about this year’s event in New Orleans.

1. The number of and diversity of attendees. SHRM17 attracted more than 15,400 people (second most in history) from all over the world. No other U.S. HR event attracts as many international attendees. The popularity of the event...


Put Down the Planner: Serendipitous Connections at #SHRM17



As the final day of a whirlwind known as #SHRM17 begins to wind down, I’ve spent some time reflecting on my recent experiences and comparing it to the carefully crafted and curated encounter I had spent hours planning prior to my departure. Anyone with a classic Type A friend can confirm for you that we are not able to easily enjoy events, especially if we’ve committed ourselves to some sort of responsibilities, without a master action plan. Flying by the seat of our pants is just not an option!



#Nextchat RECAP: A #SHRM17 Wrap-Up

On June 21, @shrmnextchat conducted a #SHRM17 Wrap-Up #Nextchat with #SHRM17 attendees and those #NotAtSHRM17 about what they learned, who they met, and how the overall experience contributed to their personal and professional growth.

If you missed this super-fun and informative chat, you can see all the tweets here: 




Top 5 Trends from the Expo Hall at #SHRM17



The doors to SHRM17’s Exhibit Hall have officially closed and as with every SHRM conference, I spent some time chatting with vendors and walking up and down those long walk ways to talk to as many of them as I could. Back in the day, I used to do a post every year about all the cool swag I picked up at the conference — but I stopped when I realized, I was inadvertently encouraging people to rush the hall to get all the sway that they could hold instead of...


6 Employee Benefit Trends in 2017 #SHRM17

In this war for talent, it's more than just employee perks that can drive candidate conversions and retention. Companies are growing and shifting their benefit offerings. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) along with increased health care costs, inflation, and the tightening job market, are driving these changes and trends as companies look for differentiation strategies.

This week during the SHRM Annual Conference, SHRM released the 2017 Employee Benefits Report. While the report is lengthy in excess of 32 pages, the report provides in-depth insights for HR professionals—who are looking at changing, updating...


The One Person in The Organization Responsible for Employee Happiness #SHRM17

Okay, I’ve found my most favourite theme of any conference I’ve ever been to. I’ve heard it before but it’s never resonated as strong as it has in the sessions I’ve been to the last two days.

HR are not responsible for an individual’s happiness and engagement. A manager or leader is not responsible for an individual’s happiness.

It is up to the individual to make a choice.

Make a choice to indulge their ego. Make a choice to engage in BWM (bitching, whinging, moaning). Get up in the morning and make...


All the Way IN! #SHRM17

This SHRM Annual conference is enlightening and invigorating in the most unique and unexpected way this year.  New Orleans feels like a home away from home with pleasant, helpful and cordial people to the countless living room like bars with talented musicians and artists.  
This city and conference have infused energy, positivity and a sense of family in the HR community that is palatable.  Attendees are here to improve themselves and make a difference in their lives.  This SHRM Annual Conference is impacting the whole person, not just the employee or the HR Manager.  SHRM has...

TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017 Live From #SHRM17 - Day Three



The rain has come to New Orleans and it may be possible to hold #SHRM18 before the end of the week with the amount of HR rock stars who may be stranded in the airport... :(

Day 3 had a very direct theme: Performance Management (and the need to improve upon the process)

Here's What We Know:
1. Annual Reviews are too infrequent
2. Rating by Number does not motivate
3. Suggestions for Behavior Change will drive better performance
4. We need a system to streamline the process in a simple, lightweight fashion
5. This problem is still not solved


Dispatches From #SHRM17 – Day 2 – The Expo Floor and A Conversation with Matt Straz, CEO & Founder of Namely

Day two of the annual conference is intense. You’ve got people rushing to make it to their favorite session, the popular sessions have overflows and to a newbie, that’s overwhelming. Or you could think about it in these terms:  since we’re in Louisiana, the gumbo pot has been mixed and slowly starting to boil.

The second day is the mad rush for everyone, and it’s my favorite time to wander the exhibitor hall. It’s more fun to stand on the periphery of the massive booths watching the attendees and listening...