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The SHRM Certification Lounge at #SHRM18 -- Celebrate and Enjoy Your Status!



An often overlooked area at the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is the SHRM Certification Lounge, an area to celebrate and enjoy your status as a SHRM certified professional.

The Certification Lounge is reserved exclusively for SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP attendees. It is located in the Connection Zone – Hall A – so convenient for you to grab a snack, charge your phone or connect with other SHRM-certified pros. There will be some giveaways and new swag. You can also meet with a recertification counselor to get all your SHRM...


#SHRM18 Vendor Spotlight: First Choice Background Screening


Sponsors and exhibitors help make great conferences like SHRM Annual Conference & Expo possible. Exhibit halls allow for conference attendees to explore potential vendors that may suit their business needs or a break for the extensive amout of information being received, some even come for the cool swag!

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Nicole Roedel, Executive Director for First Choice Background Screening, a vendor for this year’s SHRM Annual Conference & Expo. This will be Nicole’s first time joining and she’s super excited


Pre-Boarding and the Importance of Human Connection in the Workplace – A Q&A with #SHRM18 Speaker Cecile Alper-Leroux



As part of our coverage of the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition, each of the official bloggers is once again conducting Q&A’s with session speakers.  When I saw this speaker’s name on the list, I knew right away she was the one I wanted to feature for my Q&A.  A leader in the HR and HR technology space, Cecile Alper-Leroux is not only an intelligent, successful, innovative female leader, but she’s an amazing person as well.  And she works for Ultimate Software, a company that has continuously been...


#Nextchat: Navigating Social Culture

Sharing our lives through social media, rather than living our lives on it

Let’s be clear: Social media and the technology that drives it is not going away, and I’m not advocating that it should. Fact is, unless there’s “Zombie Apocalypse” in our near future (and if there were, we’d have bigger problems to worry about), no one is putting the social media genie back in the bottle. A 2017 report compiled by Hootsuite and “We Are Social” and published by The Next Web found that there are 3.028 billion active social media...


A Q&A with Nancie Ruder #SHRM18



I decided to reach out to Nancie Ruder because the name of her session at SHRM18 really grabbed my attention – “Unlocking Marketing Strategy to Optimize Recruitment.” I love the marketing side of recruitment and using social media and strategy to build a brand that attracts people to consider opportunities at my company. I wanted to learn more about Nancie and her consulting business! I’m looking forward to meeting her at the conference. You can find everything you need to know about Nancie’s business and how to...


My Journey to #SHRM18


Mofota Sefali is Talent Acquisition Manager - Channels, at Tiger Brands in Johannesburg Area, South Africa.  She will be an attendee of the WFPMA World Congress held in conjunction with the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition in Chicago, June 17-20th.  Here's her journey from online to in-person as one of SHRM's 2018 Blogger Team.  

About two years ago on a Wednesday evening, while scrolling Twitter, I came across a blog, where a group of people were talking about recruitment using the hashtag #Nextchat, I found the questions really interesting and I decided to respond to a few using...


Build Your Leadership Skills as an Entry-Level Employee: Interview with Cy Wakeman #SHRM18



As an entry-level employee who wants to grow professionally, you hear constantly that you must build your leadership skills. What does that even mean, and how do you know you’re building the right leadership skills? I interviewed Cy Wakeman, an international speaker on leadership and management, and President and Founder of Cy Wakeman, Inc. She has a fantastic and authentic philosophy of leadership, and I’ve shared major takeaways from our interview below, including what not to learn from your manager, how to request and handle feedback, and tips for women. ...


#SHRM18 Speaker Video: Catherine Mattice Defines Workplace Bullying and How to End It



Civility is the key to everything.

All of our HR strategies, plans, models and ideals don’t stand a chance in an environment of incivility. Incivility crushes our well intentioned values and mission statements.

An environment of incivility is a breeding ground for bullying, violence and harassment.

It doesn’t have to be that way.


Catherine Mattice, president of Civility Partners LLC and...


#SHRM18 Vendor Special – Christina Danforth and The HR Jetpack Crew



This is my very first Vendor post for #SHRM18! I am so excited about this one, Christina and The HR JetPack Crew do amazing things.

First off, if you’re not following The HR JetPack on their social media accounts and you’re in HR, especially trying to obtain a certification, you’re missing out! Check out the reasons why you should be following them and what you can expect when you visit their #SHRM18 Booth!



11 Ways to Boost Your Versatility


In no other profession is versatility more relevant than in recruiting. At the peak of their game, recruiters demonstrate mastery in 11 skills, attributes and traits. These essential competencies make recruiters one of the most versatile groups of employees in the marketplace. In my new book, The Essentials of Recruiting: Comprehensive Training for Mastering the Principles and Practices of Recruiting(Next Century, 2018), I outline each of the "Essential Eleven" qualities that versatile recruiters have in their toolboxes. I suggest that as you...