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An Interview with #SHRM18 Blogger Tony Zamora


While in Chicago for the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition site visit I had an opportunity to sit down and talk to blogger, podcaster, U.S. Navy Veteran, and HR Director Tony Zamora.  Here’s our discussion on what it’s like to be a SHRM18blogger, practicing HR and what’s the best pizza in his home town.  




Boring Little Miracles



The success of an organization is often borne on the backs of people performing boring little miracles.

Boring little miracles don’t make headlines. They, perhaps purposely so, fly under the radar, disguised as everyday tasks performed under pressure or work that doesn’t feel like much to the person performing it. People performing boring little miracles get the job done and then pack up and go home like it was no big deal.

But it IS a big deal.

Boring little miracles add up over time. They are the compounding interest...


I Went “All In” for #SHRM17 and Now I’m Expanding My World for #SHRM18.


I’ve been in HR for decades, but I’ve been truly active on Social Media for less than two years. SHRM18 will only be my second annual conference.

My first SHRM Annual Conference was in 2017 and the theme was “All In." I took that theme to heart from the time I signed up for the conference. While attending, I wrote on a sticky note declaring my commitment to the HR profession and to myself about being “all in.” So did many of the other attendees, and you can see the result below.



SHRM18 Speaker and Author Alexandra Levit Talks Tech Skills Gap


This week we are so excited to be in Chicago- home of the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition.  And while it’s February- we are gearing up for SHRM18 and giving you a behind the scenes look at what makes SHRM’s Annual Conference and Exposition the event that it is.  Today, it was great sitting down with speaker and author Alex Levit.  Her session  The Tech Skills Gap is More Complicated Than You Thought, But Closing It is in Your Reach is part of an incredible line-up for SHRM18.  Oh, she also gives some great tips of what...


Reboot Your New Year’s Resolutions to Get Healthy: Workflex Wellness Programs Can Help Achieve Your Goals



We all know making New Year’s resolutions to make healthier lifestyle choices is easy, but sticking to those goals is more difficult. In fact, by February last year, only 58 percent had maintained their resolutions, and only 8 percent typically achieve their goals by year’s end, according to research conducted by Statistic Brain.

Setting short-term goals and participating in activities that deliver immediate results can help people achieve long-term success for improving health, fitness, nutrition stress management and well-being, (Woolley, K., & Fishbach, A. (2016 Study).

Some ...


#Nextchat: Preparing Women for the Future of Leadership


Rapid advancements in technology and unprecedented demographic transitions continue to radically change the global workplace. The unremitting pace of change is affecting not only how, when and where work gets done, but is also creating the need for a total reskilling of the workforce. What will it take to find success in the new world of work?

Becky Frankiewicz, president of ManpowerGroup North America, said, in a recent interview for CNBC, that there's a "growing divide between the haves and have-nots of skills, where skills are truly the new currency.”


Levelling the Playing Field: How Women Can Win in the Skills Revolution   




In some ways women have made great strides in the workplace with workforce participation growing steadily over the last 20 years, yet representation of women in senior leadership roles is relatively stagnant.1 Today more than ever, organizations are rightly under the spotlight for their approach to gender parity. Now is the time for less conversation and more action to make equal access to meaningful work and leadership positions a reality.  

Each day we see firsthand technology’s impact on jobs. Most employers tell us this will be good news for workers, provided they have the right skills. Digitization and automation are happening at an unprecedented pace and we can’t predict...


How to Accommodate ‘Gender-Nonbinary’ Individuals—Neither Men nor Women



The number of people identifying as "gender-nonbinary"—meaning, as neither male nor female—is on the rise, shifting the diversity conversation and raising new compliance challenges. California and New York City have specific protections that prohibit discrimination against gender-nonbinary individuals. Laws in other jurisdictions are less clear, as is the issue of how to handle certain workforce reporting responsibilities. The EEO-1 Report that private employers must file, for example, requires a male or female designation for each employee.

Just how many gender-nonbinary people are in the United States is uncertain. A...


#SHRM18 Here We Come!


Blogging has always had my curiosity and I’ve wanted to get started for a while. Until I had met @HRJazzy while attending #SHRM17, it was only a fantasy, a dream, an idea. Well that dream came true with the help of fellow #SHRM18Blogger, Jazmine Wilkes.

This is only one little gem that has come out of attending the nation’s largest HR conference, better known as the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition. Before, during and after attending last year’s conference expanded my world in ways I never thought possible, which is what makes...


Civility in the Workplace -- Do Nice People Finish Last or Best?


Do you lift people up or hold them down?

Based on research, Christine Porath shares the costs of incivility and how civility pays. She explains how incivility is a bug—it’s contagious and we become carriers of it just by being around it. Christine reveals the true power of civility and how our little actions matter.



You can see Christine Porath present at #SHRM18!  Her session Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace is on Tuesday June 18 at 2:15...