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@Dawnhburke #SHRM18 Spotify Playlist



Someone challenged me to create a #SHRM18 conference playlist.  Since I love music, and listen to lots of it – I said sure thing.

So, here is my playlist.  Songs can be attributed to HR functions, summer songs,  songs you’ll wanna play as you walk 4 miles across the conference center through 18K people (GOT Theme!), songs to get you through your morning hangover (Save a Prayer !), songs to help you get up at 8am for the keynote, songs about Chicago, songs by Chicago artists, songs about...


Four Awesome Habits of Connectors #SHRM18


Connecting the dots brings new meaning and great value. Value that far supersedes what the dots by themselves bring. When applied to people, there are lessons to learn about these ‘connectors’. These are people who have the knack for building relationships and connections that go beyond natural boundaries. They are so much in demand.  Be it the employee who has relationships (or just plain knows a lot of people) across organisations or the friend who will connect you with someone to solve a problem.

Mark Granovetter‘s most referenced paper in Social Sciences, “The Strength...


#SHRM18 Speakers to Meet – Dr. Melanie Peacock

SHRM18 is coming, we are less than 100 days from boarding our planes or getting in our cars to travel to Chicago and embarking on a new year of networking and learning from the speakers and vendors during the conference.

Being an SHRM18 Blogger (YAY!) I’ve been given the opportunity to interview a few speakers and vendors of choice and this person was my first speaker of choice. We’ve been connected on Twitter for a few months now and she has truly been a continuous motivation for me with learning in HR and finishing up my degree. She cheers...


Sessions and Vendors and Fun, Oh My #SHRM18



As a first-time attendee of the SHRM National Conference and newbie on the Blog Squad, I must admit that I was a little taken aback when I heard that there were over 15,000 people involved.  If you are a first-time attendee, you might be intimated by this.  Don’t be.  Here are some useful ideas to make your experience much easier.

Make sure you have comfortable shoes.  McCormick Place is HUGE.  It is like a little city.  For those wearing...


7 Ways to Have an Amazing #SHRM18 Experience



The SHRM Annual Conference is right around the corner!

This will be my seventh consecutive SHRM Annual Conference (#SHRM18), and over the years I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some of the best and brightest in our field. I’ve also learned a thing or two about how to make the most of it.

Here are my recommendations for having an AMAZING #SHRM18 experience:

Follow the SHRM Bloggers:

If you want to get the scoop on the who, what, when, where and why of the SHRM Annual Conference as it’s happening, these...


Advice for First Time Attendees #SHRM18



As a SHRM blogger, I had the opportunity to attend the 2017 SHRM conference that took place in New Orleans. It was my first time attending the conference and was by far the most amazing conference I had ever been to. As many of you are attending the upcoming 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition for the first time, I decided to share a few tips for first time attendees.

  1. Wear Comfortable Shoes:

You will be walking a lot; therefore, wearing comfortable shoes is necessary.

  1. Network; Network & Network:
  2. ...

A #SHRM18 Interview with SHRM Vice President, Government Affairs, Mike Aitken



I have been in the game so long that I often choose to hear speakers and don’t really give topics much consideration, because I know who is good and who delivers the goods. 

One of the things I have always enjoyed doing at the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is getting plugged into what is going on in the field of Human Resources. Then I like to return to my office and share with my colleagues what is...


Performance and Engagement and Puppies, Oh My! Visit HighGround at the #SHRM18 Expo



The 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is right around the corner and one of the most exciting parts of the confernece is the Exposition Hall and all of the workplace and workforce solutions that will be on display for HR. 

One vendor that I am most excited about seeing is HighGround. HighGround is an agile performance management and employee engagement software that changes the way employees develop, recognize and reward one another and participate in surveys. Everything is done in real-time so you get immediate insight and...


Show Them the Money Info: Help Young Workers Make Better Financial Decisions #SHRM18



Attention employers: According to surveys, a financial wellness program is the number one additional benefit employees want. Not many employees feel financially confident and they crave guidance. You know who’s especially in the dark? Young employees.

That’s the word from Pamela Chan, a researcher with Prosperity Now, a nonprofit working to build financial literacy in economically disadvantaged communities. “I got into this area in law school,” she says. “I was working at a poverty law center focusing...


#SHRM18 – Q & A Session with Randy Anderson, Co-Founder of E3 Professional Trainers


If there’s two topics HR professionals handle on a near daily basis, and ones that I consider necessities of the role; it’s having good communications skills, and successfully managing a performance review program.

Because of this, I was excited to have a little Q&A Session with Randy Anderson, co-founder of E3 Professional Trainers and speaker at the upcoming 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition in Chicago which you can enjoy here.

Randy is going to have a full agenda, as he has 3 different sessions he’ll be presenting!  Be sure...