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Changing the Change Rules at Google


At Google, change is constant. But how we managed and messaged change wasn’t always working. So we developed a simple framework to rethink reorgs and it starts by asking “Do we even need this change?”

There is no single way that Google manages internal change, like a reorganization. But we’ve been piloting a new approach that has been used in different parts of the company, impacting thousands of Googlers.

Research shows that over two-thirds of organizational change efforts fail to deliver on their intended goals. We studied some of the classic change management models, but to be most effective,...


Episode 23: Jon & Wendy Talk to Our International #SHRM18 Blogger Pals -- Part 2

It's the second part of our conversations with several of the international SHRM18 Bloggers. We spoke with Mofota Sefali (Pan-African as she describes herself), Anish Aravind from India, and Renee Robson from New Zealand, living in Australia! 




Thank You for Stepping With Us at #SHRM18!



The SHRM Foundation would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the #SHRM18 attendees who participated in the 3rd Annual Step Challenge, powered by Fitbit Health Solutions.

As a result of your efforts, we were able to achieve the following at #SHRM18:

  • More than 1,000 conference attendees participated in the Step Challenge.
  • Nearly $30,000 was raised to support the mission of the SHRM Foundation.
  • Collectively, Step Challenge participants walked over 20,000 miles!

We’d also like to give a...


Connecting for 70 Years - and Growing Stronger... #SHRM18



June of 2018 had been a hectic month for me. Let me attempt to list the things I got to touch in June to set the context for this post:

  1. My special times inside Kerala's IT SME Life...journeys via contributions to SME entrepreneurs. I had two retainer clients, one each in Kochi and Kozhikode who kept me clued in to the SME's journey. 
  2. Nipah scare in Kerala made some of my past clients reach out for help - to ensure they
  3. ...

#SHRM18: Impressions from a First-Time Attendee


I need to extend my sincere appreciation to Mary Kaylor & Andrew Morton from SHRM for the invitation to be part of the Blogger team and the opportunity to attend SHRM 18 National Conference & Expo. Their passion and dedication to the profession is evident in all they do to support and strengthen the HR community.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to meet many of the #SHRM18Bloggers in person - after many months of tweeting, exchanging insights and having on-line conversations – the occasion to meet in person really deepened these relationships! ...


6 Ways to Accelerate your Diversity & Inclusion Efforts




I consistently see organizations with unnecessary barriers slowing their D&I efforts down or blocking them altogether. Want to move forward? Here are six opportunities to consider. I will unpack each of these further in following posts:

Clarify your foundational language and logic. This is the dead horse that I will apparently continue beating for the rest of my days. You lack a common language, and it makes everything more difficult. Everyone using the words...


Landing the Job




Once I realized that HR was the right place for me, it was time to explore how to make a successful career change. I found networking to be extremely important because it gave me a better idea of what’s out there. Some people mistake networking as looking for people to give you a job. For me, the benefits of networking lie in the variety of perspectives I was able...


Introducing HONEST HR: A Podcast from SHRM Spilling HR Truths



It’s HERE! I feel like the dad in A Christmas Story when he gets his leg lamp…

A little backstory for you:  I started listening to podcasts when my commute to work tripled.  I was driving an hour each way for a new job and my supervisor asked me if I was going to be ok with the drive.  I said “yes” but they must have seen a little hesitation because I started getting a bunch...


#SHRM18 Vendor Spotlight: Ultimate Software


I had the privilege of attending #SHRM18 as a member of the #SHRM18Bloggers Team in Chicago, IL. One of the vendors I wanted to highlight was Ultimate Software. They sponsored the June 20 #SHRM18 #Nextchat and the #NextChat Reception that was held at the conference. I am already aware of how they support the #HR profession and the HR Tech industry, so I wanted to dig in into their product offering. I got the honor of getting my questions answered by Adam Rogers (Twitter: @adamr), Chief Technology Officer, Ultimate Software.