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Managing Talent in a Scaling Organization


Your organization is growing at a fast clip. Where you used to have a small team of entrepreneurs (founders) who quickly made broad-reaching decisions and contributions, you now have an increasingly more specialized talent pool bringing unique expertise to bear. One of the trials HR leaders of scaling organization’s face is enabling the evolution of the organization’s structure and leadership to deliver the growth and profitability desired while lessening the associated pains and inevitable complexity. Founders in particular experience “scaling pain” well before HR and the C-suite are able...

Demands on New Managers and How HR Can Help - Part 5



Making a manager: The people behind the success stories

As a new manager, I often wondered about my own managers’ mentors and inspiration.

From my current vantage point, I can attest that successful managers view every interaction as an opportunity to learn and define who they want to be as a boss. As Mozilla CMO, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff suggests, “Be open to learning from and adapting your management style through listening to everyone you work with (not just your direct managers or executives).”

I would add that it’s not just work interactions,...


#Nextchat: Using HR Competencies to Drive Organizational Success




by Mariam Ganiyu, Joe Jones and Ashley Miller and Lindsay Northon

In today’s world, organizations must do more than create a great product or service to stay afloat. Having a well-thought-out strategy and a skilled workforce is vital to sustainability. As Kelly Aiken, a Boston-based workforce development leader, mentioned in the SHRM Online article Health Care Organizations Invest in the Front Line to Help the Bottom Line, “If organizations are serious about being able to...


How to Live a Worklife Fulfilled

Are you fulfilled? Do you know your life's mission and where you want to end up? Fulfilled! Critical Choices: Work, Home, Life (Secant Publishing, 2016) by William A. Schiemann offers readers tools to help them keep on course and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Fulfillment is defined in the book as "a critical quality that is evident when individuals are conscientiously living in accordance with a plan that brings out the best in themselves." Fulfillment also involves having values that align with those of friends, family, co-workers...


Interviewing is Not One-Sided



As a job-seeker, making it to the interview stage for a potential career opportunity is serious business.  This is your opportunity to feel out the company, the hiring manager, and the role in a more intimate fashion. 

The interview will either get you even more excited about the opportunity, or it could give you further clarity on whether or not it's an opportunity or a company you will be successful or happy working for in the future.

As a recruiter, I take the interviewing process seriously - all the way down...


New Year’s Meditation Challenge


Stressed out at work? 

According to the SHRM Online article, Work Related Stress on Employees' Health, 40 percent of workers report their jobs as very or extremely stressful. 

While that statistic isn’t so shocking, the article also reports that employers spend over $300 billion annually for healthcare and missed workdays as a result of workplace stress.

Meditation might be the answer.

I consulted with organizational psychologist Michael “Dr. Woody” Woodward, Ph.D. and Pandit Dasa, The Urban Monk about ways that HR practitioners can help employees be more mindful and less...



In 2017, HR is expected to adapt to keep up with the changing business environment and evolving employee expectations.
Labor market improvements and skills shortages have combined to create a very competitive talent marketplace. Sourcing talent is now as much about how organizations represent themselves to the world as it does about digging deeper to find new pockets of talent. Not only is sourcing talent a real and relevant problem for HR, but according to a 2015 SHRM survey of non-HR executives,...

Swinging for Singles in the New Year

As we start the New Year, many of us have made resolutions for personal growth in the professional space. After a few days off and the excitement of the promise of a new beginning, many of us set bodacious goals for ourselves.  When we do so, we set ourselves up for failure.
To be clear, I am not talking about business goals.  We need to stretch ourselves and often are stretched by the business needs beyond our own stretching.  I am talking about how we handle ourselves in...