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Holiday Party Tips You May Not Have Heard Before



It’s holiday time and the company party is looming over HR like Marley’s ghost. The newsletters and Internet are stuffed like stockings full of the same old advice on how to avoid a holiday party catastrophe. Here are some new takes on the Auld Lang Syne of party pointers:
Invite Spouses and Kids: Nothing derails a hoped-for ride on the office love train like the presence of the wife or husband and kids, even someone else’s. Think of those overactive and underage party guests as unintentional chaperones. The family...

Should HR Plan the Holiday Party?



I have had this argument for close to two decades. I even had a lengthily discussion a few years ago with a former CEO who stated that HR should embrace these types of activities.

Well based on my last comment you know that I am not in favor, however let’s have a good discussion on the topic…

Yes, it is Holiday party season for the next nine weeks. Many, if not all of you reading this, will get pulled in to this discussion at your organization. So, who owns the...


Accommodating Epilepsy in the Workplace



Not much is scarier than the idea of finding an employee in medical distress. It is important that we do as much as we can to prepare for accommodation when employees present with medical needs but also be aware of potential medical emergencies.

Epilepsy is a seizure disorder that manifests with the very rapid firing of neurons. The seizures may occur in one area of the brain or involve the entire brain. With an estimated thirty-nine million cases of active epilepsy as of 2015, the likelihood of having an employee...


#Nextchat: Diversity and Talent Acquisition



Two words that are often inadvertently confused are “diversity” and “inclusion.” 

A great way to remember the difference is this: If diversity is being asked to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance.  

If you’re an employer looking to create a diversity and inclusion (D&I) program, the next logical question might be: “If we’re having a party, who’s handling the invitations?”

Enter HR. The invitation is part of your talent acquisition strategy to attract more diverse candidates.

The SHRM 2017 Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition in...


Facebook Is Becoming LinkedIn Is Becoming Facebook



Earlier this week Facebook previewed a new feature that allows users to privately share resumes, or in their parlance, work histories. Also this week, LinkedIn began rolling out video ads targeting its own LinkedIn Audience Network.

But that’s just this week – this whole year has been marked by Facebook and LinkedIn biting each other’s signature styles and encroaching on each other’s territories. To grow, LinkedIn wants a more robust social and sensory experience. To maintain relevancy, Facebook wants to be essential to every part of your life, and in...


Why HR Should Pay Attention to the Tax Bill



Yesterday, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady introduced H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. I have to admit, it took me a little while to get through the 429-page bill—and, boy, are these some items to report! Here are the five most important HR provisions you need to know about in the legislation:

  1. Through the work of SHRM and the SHRM-led Coalition to Protect Retirement, the bill did not contain provisions that would have capped or lowered the amount that employees can contribute to
  2. ...

SHRM Connect: The Company President Does Not Like Flex Time

SHRM Connect is an online community where SHRM members can ask questions and get answers on a variety of HR topics. It’s a great place to network with other HR professionals and share solutions.  
The conversation topics range from “HR Department of One” to Employment Law, are always insightful, and deal with some of the most pressing issues that HR professionals face in the workplace today.
While some of the conversations take on a more serious tone, others will deliver a bit of comic relief, and on Fridays, I’ll be highlighting a conversation or two in hopes...


Solving the Workplace Equation #Workflex


New Workflex legislation a big step in the right direction

By Lisa Horn, Director, Congressional Affairs


Nearly everyone in the workforce today is familiar with the challenges of meeting our work and family obligations. Moms and dads struggle to take care of sick children – or just pick them up from daycare – while meeting the next project deadline. Experienced professionals balance company budgets while arranging for long-term care for their aging parents. These are just two routine examples.

Meanwhile, thanks to technology and innovation across the economy, the...


Everyone Wins with Workflex Legislation


Today, U.S. Rep. Mimi Walters (R-Calif.) introduced the Workflex in the 21st Century Act (H.R. 4219). This bill was developed in partnership with SHRM and with the input of many HR professionals who will design workplace flexibility and paid leave guidelines for today’s workforce, as well as expand their access to all employees in the U.S.

SHRM is committed to supporting the modern workplace, where employers, employees and their families need more varied work options and paid leave to meet their unique needs. We call this workplace...


30 Days of Gratitude #ThursdayThoughts



The calendar has turned, the challenge is on. Let us begin thirty days of gratitude.

Each day, highlight someone for whom you are grateful. Share your thanks with a story, a note, a laugh or something memorable. Take this month and let the folks in your world know that they are woven into your tapestry.

Be creative, make some new memories, share some old laughs.

To my Human Resource colleagues, who on your teams deserves your gratitude?  Who needs a reminder of their unique value to your team?  Who needs...