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A #SHRM18 Interview with Chien Ping Tham


Last October I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Singapore. Despite the 13-hour flight, I landed excited and refreshed to experience a world that seemed so different from my own here in North America. From food to friendly gestures, I did a ton of research to begin to understand appropriate business and social customs in a new country. I spent hours speaking to people who had visited or lived there to discover the cultural nuances and of course, their favorite restaurants. The last thing I wanted was to appear ignorant...


#SHRM18 Speaker Spotlight Mark Fogel, Founder/CPO



Mark Fogel is a former CHRO and currently consults, teaches MBA courses, and blogs for SHRM, and He has been a regular speaking at SHRM national conferences on a variety of topics for more than a decade.

Here’s a sneak peek into his background, his thoughts on the gig economy, and talent acquisition, well as his upcoming topics at #SHRM18, and thoughts about courage in HR.

GT: What made you decide to start your own company, Human Capital 3.0? What does the 3.0 signify?

MF: When I was...


Accommodating Autism in the Workplace



Autism affects nearly 1 in 68 school aged children in the US (CDC, 2016). With this high prevalence of autism in our population, it is not unlikely that a manager will be faced with an applicant or employee with autism. Just as likely is the possibility that you already have an employee that is the parent of an autistic child. 

As a manager, or human resources professional, we care. We know that the most successful leaders are the ones that let their employees know that they care. We believe in people. If we didn’t, we could never develop...


Is Global HR Still Relevant? A #SHRM18 Q&A With Brad Boyson

Brad Boyson is the Executive Director of SHRM’s Dubai office and has an impressive career history including the Mitsubishi Corporation, Royal Caribbean International and Hamptons/Emaar. In short? Brad is global HR.

Brad is a self-confessed deep diver… eight months after being introduced to triathlons and hearing that the gold standard for the sport is the Ironman, he completed his first one in Hawaii. This “jump-and-backfill” approach to learning has stretched him careerwise as well, during the 1990s, he was fascinated by the Japanese way of doing business, so Brad...


#Nextchat: Leadership Redefined -- Communicating with Influence #SHRM18



Do you believe that titles and years of experience determine a person’s influence in the workplace? If you do, you’re not alone. However, #SHRM18 Mega Session speaker and author Stacey Hanke disagrees and will tell why in her upcoming SHRM18 Mega Session, “Influence Redefined: Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be.” 

This session will give you the opportunity to take a closer look at how your listeners perceive you, rather than what you believe to be true, and whether or not your listeners perceive you as knowledgeable and trustworthy....


The Emotionally Intelligent Interviewer: A Smarter Questioning Strategy



Emotional intelligence (EI) is typically described as someone's ability to read other people's signals and respond appropriately to them, as well as recognize and understand their own emotions so they can influence the emotions of others. What better opportunity is there to demonstrate EI than during the interviewing and candidate selection process?

So many interviewers jump way too early into a question-and-answer interviewing format without allowing candidates to discuss their specific interest in the role or organization, their shorter- and longer-term career ambitions, or their current status in the job-search...


Member Spotlight: Jennifer Gunter

Manager, Total Rewards, National Council on Compensation Insurance 


Jennifer Gunter, SHRM-CP, studied public administration as an undergraduate with the intention of becoming a U.S. ambassador. She did become an ambassador—but for human resources.

An internship sparked her interest in HR, showing her the pivotal role the discipline can play in helping an organization achieve its goals. As a result, she went on to earn her master’s degree in human resource management.

A self-described “HR enthusiast,” Gunter is particularly passionate about assisting others who are seeking to...


11 Ways to Build Stronger Teams


In today's typical company, up to 80 percent of employees' days are spent working in teams. The benefits can be enormous: higher-quality and faster problem-solving; a diversity of knowledge and experience that leads to better customer service; and speedier responses, due to fewer layers of bureaucracy. Unfortunately, those benefits aren't often realized, write the authors of The Best Team Wins: The New Science of High Performance (Simon & Schuster, 2018).

"The problem is the teams we find are nowhere near as effective as they could be, and...


Chicago Blues at #SHRM18



One of the most talked about parts of the annual SHRM Conference experience, good or bad, is the Tuesday night entertainment.  While this year’s headliner has not been announced yet, I would like to encourage you to check out the music that calls Chicago home, the blues.  Chicago has been key in blues music (which has influenced rock, folk, jazz, R&B heavily in the last half century) and has a number of places where you can experience that genre live every night of the week.

The first place I would...


An Interview with #SHRM18 Speaker Barbara Glanz


Barbara Glanz is an author and motivational speaker, with an emphasis on building strong workplaces in our workplace.  She is also a 21-year veteran of SHRM conferences.  Barbara is also the author 12 books, including The Simple Truths of Service: Inspired by Johnny the Bagger, which she co-wrote with Ken Blanchard.  

This year, she is delivering 2 presentations at the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition: "Simple Truths of Recognition: Low-Cost or No-Cost Ideas to Keep Employees Engaged", and "Spreading Contagious Enthusiasm - Creating a...