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The Future of Work — and How HR Can Help Get There - A #SHRM18 Interview with Michelle M. Smith



Human resources leader Michelle M. Smith reveals how HR leaders today have a rare opportunity to think more strategically.


Michelle M. Smith, CPIM, CRP, recently stepped down as a vice president at O.C. Tanner to focus on speaking and writing about the issues facing the workplace today. With more than 30 years in human resources and recruitment/recognition, as well as leading a dot-com startup and a large organization, Smith often talks to CEOs about their needs and...


A #SHRM18 Interview with Allison West, Esq.


In anticipation of #SHRM18, I had the amazing opportunity as a #SHRM18Blogger to talk with one of our most popular speakers, who has not just one, but TWO Mega sessions coming up in Chicago. Allison West, Esq., SHRM-SCP, SPHR is an attorney and HR specialist, delivering customized interactive training, conducting workplace investigations, coaching executives and managers, delivering human resources consulting and provides expert witness assistance-she is an all-around employment law and HR guru! She has been speaking at SHRM annual conferences for over ten years, sharing...


Black Ops HR: Employer Duty of Care #SHRM18



Pop quiz: Your company just expanded its oil business to West Africa, specifically Mauritania. You need to send a geologist to do testing. The area will be remote, the worker will be isolated with a very small local team and conditions will be harsh. Do you send the brilliant gay guy or the genius lady with the chronic heart condition?

Answer: I have no idea. I’ve honestly never had to think about such things. Homosexuality is punishable by death in Mauritania and much of the country is desert with very...


The HR Career Guide Answers Your Tough Career Questions

You want to succeed in life, and the Society for Human Resource Management wants the same for you. That's why we've put together The HR Career Guide: Great Answers to Tough Career Questions(SHRM, 2018): to offer work/life success formulas combining the best of my weekly "Career Q&A"columns from SHRM online.

Even though you've spent all your working life becoming excellent at what you do, you may be deficient in the areas that can ensure your ongoing economic survival in a world without job security, including:

  • How to
  • ...

Hello! My Name is… I’m Not Afraid of Networking



Wow! How did we get to the end of April so fast? And how is it that I haven’t blogged all month? I thought a perfect way to end April would be to talk a little about why networking is so important. If I’m being honest, networking takes time (and energy), it really doesn’t matter if you’re an extrovert or an introvert, it’s all about what you give to build your network. The thing is, networking is so important to your professional and personal growth. You are expanding your horizons and...


Aptitude and Attitude Isn’t Enough: Interview with Randy Pennington About Hiring for Altitude



Randy Pennington, owner of Pennington Performance Group, has been talking recently about the need to hire for “altitude,” in addition to aptitude and attitude. We interviewed him to find out more. Pennington is an expert in helping organizations build cultures focused on positive results in a world of uncertainty, relationships, and accountability. He will be a speaker at the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition, presenting a mega session titled “The Six Competencies You Need to Remain Relevant in a World of Disruption and Change.” Here we share takeaways...


#SHRM18 Vendor Spotlight: Quantum Workplace



Quantum Workplace will be one of the vendors at the #SHRM18 in Chicago, IL. They are an employee engagement software company designed for a manager-driven work culture. Quantum Workplace is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska (my new home town).  I had the opportunity to tour their new location where I conducted this interview.

Quantum Workplace is the survey engine for the “Best Places to Work” contests nationwide.

I Interviewed Natalie Hackbarth (NH), their Inbound Marketing Manager. 

GT: In an elevator pitch format, what is Quantum Workplace?

NH: Quantum Workplace is an all-in-one employee engagement software that gives managers the tools...


Behind the Scenes with SHRM's Jackie Oliver #SHRM18

I was so excited when Jackie Oliver agreed to do a Q & A with me for the SHRM18 Blog. I met Jackie when I first landed at SHRM in 2005 and we worked together for two years before I transferred to Public Affairs. Jackie is an unsung hero at SHRM. She is one of the hardest working, kindest, smartest, most dependable and most caring individuals at SHRM. She is a role model and one of the reasons SHRM continues to be a great place to work. If you see things working well on the outside, it’s because Jackie is making it...


The Rise of Agile Management



In 2001, seventeen people met to discuss alternatives to old-school, documentation driven waterfall software development processes – and what emerged was the Agile Manifesto. The Agile Manifesto outlined new values and principles for software development. As we’ve seen the move to cloud computing and global development teams, every company is now a tech company. Everything from Nordstrom to Jeep, Amazon to SoundCloud – from Walmart to Skype – from Expedia to Delta, companies have all moved to an agile development process, which has radically changed delivery cycles – and the...