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#AI in #Learning: 8 Learning Content Recommendation Signals for Personalized Experiences


AI is penetrating into every aspect of HCM, including learning and development. In many briefings with technology providers I’m hearing the same thing over and over again: we designed this experience to be like the Netflix of learning content.

That’s a nice sentiment, but Netflix is an entertainment streaming service with highly personalized experiences for users. You’re offering learning content, and it’s often not that tailored to the individual. So it’s not quite the same, for obvious reasons. However, by looking at some of the ways we recommend training, we can improve the learning...


People First, THEN Performance



You can’t get to performance without people.

Often, we seek out new leadership models, new approaches to innovation, new decision-making frameworks in organizations in hopes that we will help our people do their work smarter, faster, more effectively. Often, we do so at great expense, and at great risk.

What we tend to overlook, however, is the role people play in performance.

It’s far easier to send people to training, to have them adopt a new approach, or to change the way they do things than it is to embrace...


Tips for Applying Automation to Work

In Reinventing Jobs: A 4-Step Approach for Applying Automation to Work (Harvard Business Review Press, 2018), co-authors Ravin Jesuthasan and John Boudreau make the case that the right leadership can optimize human-automation combinations to get great results. When designed thoughtfully, these arrangements boost efficiency and performance within an organization. They also equip workers to be more creative and valuable.

To get to that point, executives need to work with HR to establish a culture that encourages the continual re-examination of every job within an organization. Business leaders should deconstruct...


New Year, New Opportunities for SHRM and CHCI Partnership


SHRM has enjoyed a strategic partnership with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) for more than a decade, helping advance the organization’s mission, leadership development and educational services programs for emerging student leaders.

Today, CHCI announced the appointment of SHRM’s Corporate Secretary and Chief of Staff Emily M. Dickens to its Advisory Council. In the new leadership role, Dickens will have opportunities to bring SHRM’s expertise and thought leadership to help advance CHCI’s mission.

Throughout 2018, Dickens has helped elevate SHRM’s thought leadership on all things work alongside SHRM’s...


#Nextchat: The Future of Artificial Intelligence for HR


Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world of work, but what does this mean for HR in practice and how can it add value?

HR professionals can stay ahead of the curve—and the competition—by understanding the ever-changing technology landscape and how AI developments fit into it.

From natural language processing that removes bias and gendered language from job descriptions to chatbots that provide a better employee experience, AI has created a variety of opportunities for the HR function. Perhaps the most practical is AI’s ability to assume the time-consuming administrative tasks that...


Recruiting in the Tight(est) of Labor Markets



The Job Market in 2019 is drastically different than the one we all became accustomed to for so many years. The unemployment rate is two percent for college graduates, and an even tighter market in the growth areas of Digital Strategy and Data.  The result is more and more companies going after a seemingly shrinking talent pool of available candidates. What is a Recruiter to do?

Develop a Relationship

Enter into the mindset that everyone is a (passive) candidate, not just anyone that responds to your job post on Indeed or Linkedin....


The Evolutionary Purpose of Teal Organizations



A few months ago, at the 2018 ATD Austin Applied Learning Summit, a panelist, Dr. Ryan Schoenbeck, asked the audience whether anyone had heard of Frederic Laloux’s research on Teal organizations. I hadn’t. He went on to make comments that positioned the world of work as so exciting that, by the end of the panel, I wanted to know: What’s a Teal organization?

As it turns out, Teal organizations are the topic of Frederic Laloux’s 2014 book, Reinventing Organizations, which is...


Successful Leaders Build Trust - An Interview with Matt Paknis


As written before on the SHRM blog, here and here, I believe trust is a critical component of successful teams and organizations. Matt Paknis has written a great new book, “Successful Leaders Aren’t Bullies” and I wanted to get his perspective on the importance of trust – in organizations, on teams, and in life.

Matt Paknis is a senior management consultant with six years of college football coaching and ten years of playing experience through five championship seasons whose focus is on lessening bullying in the workplace....


Innovate with Design Thinking




If anything I bet you are a lot like me where your world is filled with calendar appointments, tasks lists and to do list exhaustion. The endless list of tasks to accomplish and problems to solve often put us in the unenviable position of working to enact solutions that don’t necessarily represent a huge value-add. That’s why design thinking is so interesting to me (and the rest of the world) right now. Well that, and these results from a survey by Deloitte:

“Respondents at companies where HR delivers the...