Mitigating Campaign Season Stress in Your Workforce



As a CHRO, I recognize the importance of giving employees the flexibility to participate in the upcoming election, whether it’s going to vote or giving time off to volunteer. Election seasons can be stressful, and this year, it likely will add additional tension to an already volatile time period. While being faced with a recession, pandemic and social unrest, leaders should be aware of employees feeling isolated, especially as many employees are working remotely, and becoming disengaged.

Below are several ways to support employee mental health and mitigate stress during the upcoming election.   

One way LaSalle Network supports employees during...


What is the Most Important Component of a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Plan? Access! (IDEA)



For years Diversity and Inclusion Departments have been trying to be included in driving business solutions and, in my opinion, to no avail. Diversity and Inclusion strategic plans are futile because they are not built on a foundation of equity and on an understanding that the most critical issue is Access. If you read the trailblazing research by Tina Q. Tan (2019), you can only believe in the full concept of IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access).

According to this groundbreaking research, Tan (2019) states, "Access/Accessibility refers to equitable access to everyone...


How to Stop Hiring Lousy Managers


Every company has outstanding managers. These are the people who lead happy, productive teams, who easily motivate others and inspire innovation. They wear leadership like a comfortable sweater.

If you take a moment, you can probably name a few of these excellent managers in your organization.

And that’s the problem. There are only a few, and they are so rare, you can easily remember their names.

Study[1] after study[2] point to managers as the most influential factors in employee satisfaction and engagement. Managers have the power to inspire excellence or to...


2020: The Year of HR


Today, September 26, is Human Resource Professional Day, when our profession is recognized for its positive impact on work, workers and workplaces around the world.

But I would assert that in 2020, one day isn’t nearly enough! This has been the year of the HR professional.

From the moment the true impact of the coronavirus pandemic became clear, HR leaders stepped up to become workplace “first responders.” SHRM’s own research shows that a striking 87 percent of HR professionals report their work has been especially crucial to their employer since the...


Why I'm Pursuing a Career in HR #HRProfessionalsDay

HR Professionals Day is September 26, 2020; it recognizes and celebrates HR professionals around the world for their contributions to organizational success. 

Many will be sharing stories about their careers in HR and what they enjoy most.

We also wanted to hear from SHRM's student members, so we asked, "Why are you pursuing a career in HR?" 

Check out their inspiring answers below.

Amanda Nelson - University of Texas at San Antonio (Student Chapter President)

I am pursing a career in HR because growing up in a military family, I had to learn how...


How I Passed SHRM-CP (During the COVID-19 Pandemic)



It was around February 2019 that I started doing research on the SHRM certifications and I listed the approximate costs in one of my many notebooks for my thoughts. With mounting costs, especially with the inclusion of any prep course (face-to-face or virtually), I did a quick Google search to see what others recommended as the best path to passing the exam. I’m a fan of “how to” articles generally, but I soon realized that only one person wrote such...


Removing Barriers of Entry - Inclusive Job Postings will Attract Diverse Talent


Too often, I’ve heard job seekers talk about obstacles that prevent them from applying for jobs with a company they’re genuinely interested in because they don’t feel like that company’s job postings speak to them. As HR professionals we struggle with candidate connection, but less-than-inclusive job postings might just be the reason it’s so difficult. Companies have a diversity problem – not just racial diversity but also for other minority groups including women, veterans, and people with disabilities. 

I spend a lot of time working with both candidates and recruiters who...


Online Meetings that Don’t Suck Your Soul



After months of online meetings, video conferences, Zoom, and Teams meetings, you’ve mastered the basics:

  • You’ve got light in front of you (not behind you) so we can see you.
  • You look into the camera to connect with your team.
  • You’ve got a list of everyone attending and you call in each person to take part.
  • You found a decent microphone so your team can hear you and you don’t have to yell.
  • You invite the least number of people to make the best decisions.
  • At the beginning of the
  • ...

3 Things to Help You Shape Your New Virtual Leadership Style



A few years ago, when I was a manager in a large company, I found myself in the middle of the debate between the VP of HR and other executives in the company about an employee request to work from home. It sounded like science fiction, and a strongly opinionated debate developed culminating in the stance that it was a question of trust. For this reason, some people would deserve this opportunity, whereas others wouldn’t. No decisions were made, resulting in the frozen status quo. 

Looking back and reflecting on...


HBCUs Fuel America’s Workforces with Unique Talent



Welcome to HBCU Week, when we celebrate America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities and their contributions to our communities, companies and society.

It has been my life’s work to unleash talent—in all its forms, from wherever it originates—and I am passionate about the unique role of minority-serving institutions in fueling our workforces with uniquely prepared graduates. Every year, over 300,000 students turn to these institutions for their education and to prepare them for their careers.

For the past two-and-a-half years, I have proudly served as Chair of the President’s Board...