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SHRM Out Loud: Members Raise Their Voices in Washington



Last month, almost 750 SHRM members joined us in Washington D.C. for SHRM’s 39th Employment Law and Legislation Conference. It was an especially exciting time to be in the nation’s capital, with volatile health care negotiations and a Supreme Court nomination underway. We could feel the energy and immediacy in every session. There is so much at stake right now, with changes coming at a pace we’ve never experienced.

Not surprisingly, we had an overwhelming response to our Advocacy Day, with over a third of attendees joining us on Capitol Hill...


#Nextchat: Top Recruiting Trends for 2017 and Beyond



Smart talent acquisition strategies are the key to organizational stability and growth, and several trends are reshaping how organizations now find talent.

Whether you’re a full-time recruiter or an HR department of one, the survival of your talent acquisition strategy will depend on your ability to implement the trends that have completely changed the hiring landscape. 

Candidates have more options than ever before, and their expectations have changed. Are you responding by simplifying the application process, increasing transparency, and creating a more personalized, positive experience for job seekers?

SHRM’s upcoming ...


“Ms. Stiles Goes to Washington”

I’ll be the first to admit that politics kind of intimidats me, regardless of working for a small municipality on the Aleutian Island Chain of Alaska.  There was something about Advocacy Day during SHRM’s Employment Law & Legislative Conference that intrigued me, and maybe slightly terrified me, but never one to back down from a challenge, I signed up.
All the emails! All the information! All the…Boot Camp! Boot Camp? What was I getting myself into? I’m just a small town Western...

5 Digital and Data Trends to Watch in HR



Is HR Data Even More Valuable To A Business Than Its Financial Data?

We’re in the era of big data HR, with recruiting, hiring and performance evaluations increasingly driven by data. But just how valuable is that data to companies? Bernard Marr speculates that HR data could be even more important to companies in the long run than financial data — because the more data you build up on your employees and their interactions with each other and the company, the more you know about how your business is really...


#SHRM17 Tips for Expecting Moms



I’m SO excited to for the upcoming national SHRM conference coming up this year in New Orleans! The last national conference I attended was in 2015 in Las Vegas … and I  was about 6 months pregnant. I knew that the conference experience would be “different” but I wasn’t sure how and, honestly, I didn’t have anyone to ask or know where to look for information.
While I know that this post won’t appeal to the masses (although there are some good tips in here for many attendees),

Building an Ethical Culture



Bring in the lawyers, it's time to talk ethics. The third stop in our exploration of the SHRM Competency model lands us on Ethical Practice. This area of focus is a Human Resource strong point... which is why everyone hates HR.

You know what's better than affording severance pay to former employees? Congratulating them on another successful year!

Sound impossible?

Maybe you've been spending too much time with your hand on the Employee Handbook... (?)

Stop Protecting Entitlement

The term...


Think Time: The Indispensable Habit of Successful Entrepreneurs

The cornerstone of the American dream is and always has been hard work. Deeply ingrained in our psyche is the belief that if you push hard enough you’ll eventually get there if for no other reason than the sheer force of your effort. One of the many factors that separates successful entrepreneurs is their innate grasp of the fact that the American dream requires a lot more than just hard work, it’s also about smart work.
Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work...

#Nextchat RECAP: Entering the Workforce - Ready or Not

On March 29, @shrmnextchat chatted with SHRM Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC) members Jillian Caswell and Jessica Gofforth on Entering the Workforce - Ready or Not.

In case you missed this informative chat, you can read the tweets here:




Perpetually Vacant No-More: Strategies for Hiring Hard-to-Fill Roles


Indeed recently compiled a list of the best jobs of 2017, based on number of job postings, salary and growth opportunity.  What we found is that technical roles continue to be in high demand -  seven of the top ten jobs are software engineers and developers, with positions in management, healthcare and engineering rounding out the top 25 list.

Many of the technical roles are offering six-figure salaries and an ever-increasing number of job postings. Some of the highest paying positions ranked in the top ten include full stack developers (#1),...


2017 SHRM Talent Management Conference & Exposition Quotables


Nearly 50 human resource and recruiting experts will offer presentations on a wide range of talent acquisition and recruiting topics at the 2017 Talent Management Conference & Exposition April 24-26 in Chicago.

Some of the concurrent session speakers shared quotes that highlight the focus of their presentations.

Monday, April 24


“Hidden biases shape our world views and can profoundly affect how welcoming and open a workplace is to different people and ideas. These unconscious predispositions color the decisions we make by changing the way we...