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SHRM European Global Forums Launched March 2018  


As the lead for SHRM’s Global Operations Team in the development of our European market presence, I had the distinct pleasure of heading a four- country tour of key European cities where SHRM volunteers launched local Global Forums. SHRM Global Forums provide a dynamic atmosphere where local HR professionals and SHRM member participate in education opportunities, and engage in networking and best practice sharing. Forums allow SHRM’s more than 10,000 members outside the US to actively participate with their local HR...


Nextchat Podcast #2 with Stacey Hanke- Communicating with Influence


Our #Nextchat special guest this week is author, executive coach, and SHRM18 speaker- Stacey Hanke.  Today's topic is “Communicating with Influence.”  Stacey discusses the importance of seeing yourself through the eyes and ears of your listeners, and how we can build credibility and trust through both their verbal and nonverbal communication skills.  For more on this and each week's #Nextchat visit




#Nextchat RECAP: Leadership Redefined - Communicating with Influence #SHRM18


On April 4, @shrmnextchat chatted with #SHRM18 speaker Stacey Hanke (@StaceyHankeInc) about Leadership Redefined - Communicating with Influence.  

In case you missed this excellent chat filled with amazing tips for being a better communicator, you can read all the tweets here:






The Importance of a Handwritten Thank You



A major piece of advice given to most people searching for a job is to make contact post-interview. Getting in touch with interviewers after a meeting can be beneficial in several different ways. The more exposure that an applicant has to an employer allows the candidate to stay at the forefront of the hirer’s mind. The exchange after the interview shows the employer that the candidate is dedicated and still very much interested in working for the company. This communication can come in many forms including phone calls, emails, and...


#SHRM18 Speaker Gary Kushner: The Changing Nature of Work and the Worker: Five Global Trends Impacting HR Strategy


There’s no question that companies around the globe employ, engage and retain employees around the globe! The 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition offers a great deal of sessions on a variety of concentrations including Global & Cultural Effectiveness.

When reviewing this year’s session line up, I always try to pick unique sessions that will contribute to my personal & professional development as well what will contribute to the work that I do. When it’s all said and done, I’ve selected sessions that are going to contribute...


An Interview with #SHRM18 Speaker Mary Ila Ward


As a SHRM18 blogger, I was excited for the opportunity to interview Mary Ila Ward. I first heard Mary speak at the SHRM Diversity and Inclusion Conference in San Francisco last October. Her session was ‘Hiring for Fit and Diversity’. This year at the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition, Mary is talking about How to Get The Best Bang for Your Buck: Are Your HR Programs Bringing in ROI? We sometimes hear a narrative that pits HR’s need to focus on employees against...


New to HR? Confidence vs. Arrogance



Believing in yourself and your skills is important in any career field. You want to be the very best at the job you’re doing at all times. As an HR Newbie, there will be a lot of challenges while you’re learning the job, the workforce, the company, and upgrading your skills.

Walking into a new workplace and knowing nothing can be daunting, especially for an overachiever. You must understand and acknowledge how you come off towards others, and yes, in our profession, that is extremely important. An HR professional saying,...


#SHRM18 First Time Attendee? Be Nice



You’d think this is something I wouldn’t need to write about, but unfortunately, I do. I’ve said it many times that SHRM18 will be big and the McCormick Place is even bigger! With that comes the need to have volunteers to help us find our way.

The SHRM17 Volunteers helped me so much while I was there, but especially the first day. After driving around trying to figure out where to park on New Orleans streets, I finally got inside of the SHRM17 conference venue and immediately started panicking even...


Behind the Scenes at #SHRM18: Part 3 with Andrew Morton


For my last edition of Behind the Scenes at #SHRM18, I caught up with Andrew Morton, director of social engagement at SHRM.

Andrew, tell us who you are and what you do. I used to think that my title, director of social engagement, was a bit silly, but, honestly, “engagement” is what I do. Social media goes beyond technology and platforms. It’s about creating content and relationships, and, honestly, engagement is key to both of those things. So, in short, I foster relationships between SHRM and...


#Nextchat Podcast: Curing the Incivility Bug

SHRM’s #Nextchat is one of the most engaging workplace-focused chats on twitter- bringing together HR professionals from across the world for an hour of networking, learning and sharing on topics that truly effect our workplace.  Now, each week our #Nextchat Podcast series continues that conversation with our special guests. 

Podcast 1- “Curing the Incivility Bug”- In this week’s podcast we are joined by special guest author, Associate Professor at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, and SHRM Annual Conference 2018 speaker- Christine Porath.  Beyond the moral implications of promoting a civil workplace, there’s a clear business case for civility. Performance,...