How to Drop Dead at the Office

Work habits of leaders tend to filter down through the troops. That is why it is important for leaders to develop a productive and positive work style. Motivated to please their boss, employees may unconsciously emulate their leader’s positive and negative work styles. Unfortunately, I have met leaders who make you think they would rather work, work, work and eventually drop dead at their desk rather than in the loving arms of their spouse or close family member.

To save your life and break the allure of the Type A Alpha work style, I have compiled a list of...


Could the CFO Get HR A Seat at the Table?

There was a lot of great conversation happening at TLNT Transform in its inaugural year. There was one conversation, however, which stood out to me as being of particular importance. In a breakout session moderated by John Hollon, Nick Araco--co-founder and CEO of The CFO Alliance--discussed a very interesting trend. In the post-recession C-suite, an increasing number of HR chiefs are now reporting directly to the CFO rather than the CEO.

While the rationale for this may be sound--aligning people processes with the company’s financial strategy is never a bad idea--it is meeting resistance from HR. The idea...



Back in the fall, We Know Next published my blog, Why HR and the CEO should be joined at the Hip. According to SHRM, the blog struck a chord within the HR community. Conventional wisdom suggests the CEO’s most valued C-suite confidant should be the CFO. I’m not arguing that. During my CEO days, I was fortunate to work with two outstanding financial executives. I’m simply pointing out that a CEO has more than one hip, and with culture finally getting its credit as a key success factor, the time has come for HR to occupy a seat at...


HR Hoarders

I have recently been on the road at conferences and client visits and I have observed a recurring theme: there are a lot of HR Hoarders out there, both physical and intellectual. Take a few minutes and look around your workspace. Do you still have binders, folders and files full of old data? Maybe you’ve modernized, and they are digitized and in the cloud. More importantly, are these just iterations of a process your company (or you) has been doing for the last few years (or decades) that sits proudly on your bookshelf as a testament to your HR...


Top Five Ways to Think Beyond Employer Branding

It's called many things: employer or employment branding, recruitment marketing, talent attraction, talent marketing, etc. It's a largely misunderstood thing that is really just about what your company looks like as a prospective employer to job seekers.

Wikipedia describes Employer Branding like this:

That sounds like messaging and image management. I got a similar feel from a nice post I read today on, Unearthing Employment Brand by Matt Lowney. In it, Matt said that, after years of wondering what all the fuss was about with employer branding,...


Baseball has a new social media policy And it may be unlawful

The National Labor Relations Board stresses that employees must be able to discuss their jobs freely.

The National Labor Relations Board, which helps administer the provisions of the National Labor Relations Act, believes that social-media policies are overly broad if they unfairly restrict employees -- union or non-union -- from engaging in protected concerted activity. In simple English, if employees can't discuss their jobs with one another, the Board has a problem.

Recently, it seems as if the Board has been on a social-media crusade. Examples of social media policy language that the Board has recently struck...



Sexism is more than illegal. It is immoral and bad business.

There is more than a little bit of sexism in the roles portrayed in Mad Men.  So why are so many of us crazy about the show, even though we deplore the sexism that is part of it?

Of course, it is a TV show and not real life. And, the characters are not only psychologically interesting but also physically attractive.

And, there is great writing and acting.   The sex doesn’t hurt, either. I hear...


#Nextchat Recap: Let's Talk Social Media @ Work

Social media is rapidly becoming an essential tool and an integral force in the workplace. Whether for human resources, sales & marketing, public relations or customer service, social media is now the megaphone for an organization’s corporate culture and employment brand.

For those companies that have embraced it, this new way of working and communicating has generated fresh opportunities, influenced new audiences, and increased productivity. It’s also created a few unforeseen fires.

On March 21, #Nextchat invited special guest Aliah Wright (@1SHRMScribe) to discuss “Let’s Talk About Social Media @ Work.”

Here are some...


HR Tools and Tech: Monster's BeKnown

Meeting the evolving needs of employers, recruiters, and the emerging workforce,, the worldwide leader in connecting job seekers to opportunities, has released BeKnown, a professional networking app for Facebook where users can create professional networks in a Monster-type environment, without ever leaving Facebook. The app allows for the sharing of company and individual professional profiles with your social network and providing recommendations on schools, employers and individuals.

A user can share specific jobs through their BeKnown networks and invite contacts from other social...


What Does Your Culture of Health Look Like?

Over the past year, I have been researching how companies are approaching wellness as we dive head first in the age of mobile. I’ve even written about it here.

We’ve heard for years that the definition to insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” and we do this with employee wellness initiatives. We want to be known as the best companies to work for and we say we are on the cutting edge in offering wellness to our employees, yet we continue doing the same thing over and over, year after...