A supervisor has a romantic interest in a subordinate colleague.  What can go wrong?  Let me count the ways!

  • Scenario 1.  Supervisor asks the subordinate for a date.  Subordinate says, "No."  Supervisor asks again.  Problem:  "No" means no.
  • Scenario 2.  Supervisor asks the subordinate for a date.  Subordinate says, “I’m busy.”  Supervisor hears, “ask me another time,” so the supervisor asks again.  Problem: Subordinate meant “I’d rather die a public and  painful death."
  • Scenario 3.  Supervisor asks the subordinate for a date.  Subordinate says, "No."  Supervisor does not ask again.  However, supervisor subsequently takes adverse
  • ...

#NEXTCHAT RECAP: What Does Work Ethic Look Like?

On October 31, SHRM We Know Next chatted with Sharlyn Lauby and Eric Chester about "What Does Work Ethic Look Like?"

Is it 90% perspiration and 10% Red Bull?  Does it depend on how your parents raised you and does it look different according to your generation?  What if you have a solid work ethic, but you're in a toxic workplace environment?  Regardless of how Nextchatters defined work ethic, they agreed that a positive attitude and a solid work ethic are connected, and that great employees possess both.

In case you missed it, here are all the great tweets from the...


Engaging and Developing a Multi-Generational Workforce - Multi-Gen Summit 2012

The Talent Management Alliance held its first Multi-Gen Summit in mid-October in Atlanta to discuss workplace challenges being creating by a changing workforce. Baby Boomers are retiring; Gen Y and Millenials are entering the workforce with new skills and at a pace slower than boomers are leaving, the GenX leadership style and “sandwich managers”, as well as the unique aspects of a multigenerational workforce.

 “Age considers; youth ventures”- Rabindranath Tagore

It’s clear that our world is changing at a pace more rapid than ever. Radical advances in technology, global political shifts, worldwide socio-demographic changes and...


The "Gray New World" is Changing Human Resources

It’s no surprise that, as a nation, we’re getting older. What is surprising is how quickly. The U.S. National Institute on Aging, says the population of people between ages 75-85 is 17 million. They predict that number will be 30 million by 2050.

Contrast those numbers with the UN estimates that the percentage of children will drop. Today, half of Latin America is under fifteen years old. By 2050, half will be over 40 years old.

So the trend is fewer kids and more old people.

This is the premise of Ted C. Fishman’s...


$$$ reasons to have a second-language anti-harassment policy

When an employer is faced with a sexual-harassment lawsuit, one of its best defenses is that the company took reasonable care (e.g., policy, training) to prevent sexual harassment (and then addressed complaints in a manner that is reasonably designed to end the sexual harassment)

In EEOC v. Spud Seller (opinion here), the employer had an anti-harassment policy that detailed what constitutes sexual harassment and how to report it. Further, it specifically advised employees that, "You can feel state that your complaint will receive immediate attention and if the facts support your complaint, the offender will be disciplined."



3 Steps to Upgrade HRs Role in Enterprise 2.0

Over the last few years, social and mobile technologies have proven to be powerful tools for sourcing and recruiting talent. More recently, we’re beginning to see consumer tech--social, in particular--being leveraged in other HR functions. While research shows these next generation tools have the potential to improve communication and collaboration across the enterprise, business leaders are left with one question: “Who takes ownership of these tools?”

Call me crazy, but... why not HR? By teaming with IT, and driving the adoption of these next generation tools, HR could upgrade its role in Enterprise 2.0. There’s just one problem:...


#NextChat: What Does Work Ethic Look Like?

Back in 1964, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart coined the expression “I know it when I see it” to describe his threshold test for pornography. I was reminded of the phrase recently (not in a conversation about porn) but in a discussion about work ethic. When asked to define work ethic, the person said, “I don’t know if I can describe it but I know it when I see it.”

Work ethic is an important subject. Companies want to hire people with a good work ethic. I’ve never seen an employment ad indicating the company requires a mediocre...


The Work-Life Balance Myth; Managing Life in an Always-On World

Sometimes learning how to juggle life and work is a difficult task. In fact, some debate if it can ever really be achieved.

Our workplaces can be stressful these days as Management and Employees carry the load of layoffs and greater responsibilities are placed on those left to make it happen. It’s taking its toll on our work culture.

Add technology in the mix, where upper Management is now expecting us to take our work load home with us and be on call 24/7 in responding to emails, phone calls, Skype calls and such, and it’s understandable...


SHRM Workflex Conference - After Thoughts

This week I had the honor of attending SHRM’s Workflex Conference as a member of the press team. Here is what the workflex conference is all about taken right from the website.

The 2012 Workflex Conference is an innovative conference that offers solutions for HR professionals and other business leaders who are actively engaged in building and implementing effective and flexible workplace strategies.

Attendees of this conference either have or are interested in creating flexible work environments that help employees better balance their home and work life. These individuals work for companies who want to be able...


172 resources to up employment flexibility in your workplace

  1. Yoga
  2. Bikram Yoga
  3. That other kind of yoga
  4. ummmm......

I have three kids three and under. Like I have time on the weekend to come up with 172 anythings...let alone something requiring a scintilla of creativity, save channeling my inner Andy Warhol at the children's museum yesterday -- 4 likes on Facebook for the uncensored version, yo.

So, instead, check out this Workplace Flexibility Kit from the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy. It purports to provide 172 resources (case studies, fact and tip sheets, issue briefs,...