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Anyone Can be a Micromanager


Recently, I received a call from a friend I hadn’t heard from in a while. Typically, when calls like this come in, I want to catch up on everything including work. The last time we talked, he had just gotten a new job in the tech industry and so I was excited to learn about his accomplishments at his job. However, the response I got wasn’t what I expected.

He went on this tirade about his teammates. He started by talking about a software they are working on and how much everyone looks forward to its release. Then, he...


Live Blog Ask an Advisor Chat: Transgender Employees in the Workforce

Live Blog Ask an Advisor Chat: Transgender Employees in the Workforce

Episode 28 - Jon & Wendy talk to Dr. Melanie Peacock



We're joined by Dr. Melanie Peacock, owner of Double M Training and Consulting as well as an Associate Professor of Human Resources at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  We talk about how she fell in love with HR, presenting at SHRM18, and laugh...a lot.  By the end of the episode, you'll see why Jon and Wendy both call Melanie their favorite Canadian.

Melanie's recommendations: (Dave Ulrich)

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Service Day at #SHRM18



In addition to attending sessions and presentations, networking, and perusing the exposition hall, conference attendees at #SHRM18 in Chicago had the opportunity to participate in the conference service project.

In partnership with the SHRM Foundation and Clean the World, SHRM attendees helped support and empower the local homeless veteran populations of Chicago. Conference attendees came together to create hygiene kits, which include items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, socks, and deodorant.

In just under 6 hours,...


#ChellesHRCollection: Let’s Talk Performance Management!


We all know the drill; an employee completes their self-appraisal. Then, their manager reviews it, writes a performance appraisal, and sends it to a higher-level manager for approval. The meeting between manager and employee takes place, both sign off on the appraisal, and now what? Let’s see, the exchange could have been worse:



The performance appraisal seems to be the focal point of the performance management process. But what if we looked at this from a different lens? Honestly, the...


How to Master Your Elevator Speech



Mastering your elevator speech is as essential as preparing your resume to perfection. Mastering this task is no rocket science but it does require you to think about what your goals are and what you are seeking out of the conversation.

What is an Elevator speech?

Elevator speech is any idea or thought that you are trying to promote or sell as an individual. It could be either an idea or your profile as an individual for a specific position that you might be interested...


Rise to The Next Challenge – The SHRM Leadership Development Forum



In all my years of going to local, state and SHRM Annual Conferences, I’ve never been to a SHRM conference that focuses solely on a specific topic or area of expertise.

That will change this October when I attend the SHRM Leadership Development Forum (#SHRMLead) in Boston Massachusetts!

From the conference website:

“The 2018 SHRM Leadership Development Forum will equip you with the skills and strategies you need to take the next step forward in your career. Attend to...


Scandals Continue Casting Spotlight on Sexual Harassment

CBS Chief Les Moonves has become the latest high-profile executive accused of harassment in the #MeToo era and surely won’t be the last. Six women have accused him of sexual harassment or misconduct from the 1980s to the 2000s. But give Late Show host Stephen Colbert credit for taking time during an opening monologue to address the controversy surrounding Moonves, the man who hired him, head on.

“Everybody believes in accountability until it’s their guy, and make no mistake Les Moonves is my guy. He stood behind this...


Episode 27 - Jon & Wendy talk to Amanda Brunson


We're joined by Amanda Brunson, HR Generalist with RW Block Consulting, Inc. in Orlando, FL.  We talk about how she figured out what she didn't want to do early in her career, being part of SHRM's YPAC group, and all of us complain about the heat.  



Amanda's recommendations: (Andy Masters) (Steve Gilliland)

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Be sure to join us the 4th Sunday of each...