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Summer Camp and the Workplace


We dropped my oldest daughter off at a YMCA overnight camp for the week, this past Sunday. This is the second year she attended and, this time around, my anxiety levels are a little lower and I'm getting a little more sleep than last year. Not by much, but it's better. Even writing this post makes me a little anxious.

For the week, we only have one-way communication. We can send her emails, but she can't reply. The camp prints and delivers the emails to the campers everyday at noon. Each...


HR, It’s Time to Get an Attitude


Attitude is not about being aggressive or obnoxious. It is about being competent, taking a stand when you have the information and the facts, and not backing down. It sounds relatively simple, but it is difficult for HR practitioners when you have people all day long pressing you to move their agenda instead of doing what is best for your business and your people.

Other functions including Finance, Operations, and Technology have been doing this for yrs. standing up with data and facts to support their cause....


How to Create a Bully-Proof Workplace

More than 1 in 4 Americans deal with an on-the-job bully. While there are no general civility or anti-bullying laws in place at the federal or state levels, companies that want to vanquish bullying in the workplace can adopt their own guidelines or codes of conduct. That begins by enforcing a policy statement asserting that all people, regardless of race, gender, background, belief system or position in the company, will be treated with respect, dignity and civility. In addition, the policy should state that any type of...

#Nextchat RECAP: A Care Plan for Talent Acquisition

On July 26, @shrmnextchat chatted with the director of talent acquisition for Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, Carol McDaniel about A Care Plan for Talent Acquisition.

In case you missed this informative chat filled with innovative ideas for a talent acquisition strategy, you can read all the tweets here:





Go Ahead, Write That “I Quit” Letter, But Don’t Send


Q:  I’ve been unhappy at work for some time now. At home, I find myself rehashing conversations that upset me that day or preparing for counter arguments  that may come up next.  I even fantasize about what I would say -if I could- in a resignation speech. I know that realistically I can’t quit right now but I’m having a hard time coping from day to day.  What can I do while I’m stuck?

A:  You’re describing a high degree of mental distress.

Note that you don’t mention specific work problems,...


Brexit and the Future of UK Immigration


Days after another shock election result in the United Kingdom, CFGI 2017 Symposium attendees were eager to hear from George Koureas and Axel Boysen of Fragomen Worldwide on the election’s impact. During their presentation titled “The UK and EU: A Proactive Approach to Brexit and Immigration Changes,” Koureas and Boysen discussed the state of immigration in Europe and the UK and offered recommendations on how HR professionals can navigate the uncertainty.

The presentation shed light on immigration policy changes in the UK, which predate the Brexit...


The Crushing Realization That So Many Bosses are Truly Bad


When I was in university I worked part time as an HR assistant and recruiter at a large grocery retail chain. Thanks to the grocery store price wars consumers have been benefitting from off and on over the last decade, we saw a lot of turnover at every level of the company. New execs would come in every so often, sometimes annually – sometimes even more often – and every one of them wanted to take the company in a “new direction.”

Suffice it say that in those five or so...


Multi-Dimensional Leadership Competencies


The ability to reinvent work options that allow both business and employees to thrive is what sets exemplary organizations apart. One such employer is Goodway Group, a When Work Works Award winning organization that has implemented effective and flexible work as a business strategy to address the changing economy, changing technology, changing community infrastructure, and changing employee demographics. Leaders at Goodway Group believe in sharing their best practices and expertise with other business leaders. Continue reading below to see how Goodway’s COO, Jay Freidman, approaches multi-dimensional leadership competencies. 

Multi-dimensional Leadership Competencies

By Jay Freidman, Chief Operating...


#Nextchat: A Care Plan for Talent Acquisition



When it comes to recruiting the best people, employers are now handling their talent acquisition strategies – and their prospective candidates - with the best care possible.

Gone are the days of “spray and pray” job posting and candy-coated career fairs in hopes of finding a few good candidates.

To attract new hires in today’s values-conscious world, an organization must first be able to communicate its mission, and as the director of recruiting at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital (ACH), Carol McDaniel knows this all too well. When you’re...


Your Social Security Benefits Can Follow You Across the World


Social Security is with you through life’s journey, even if that journey takes you far, far away. Over half a million American citizens live outside the United States and receive some kind of Social Security benefit, including retired and disabled workers, as well as spouses, widows, widowers, and children.

You can help your employees get ready for a retirement outside the United States by making sure they’re informed. Your employees may need to know what the rules are for family benefits when they move abroad and how employment after retirement may...