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The Value Proposition of Work: SHRM’s View on Compensation Equity


Today is Equal Pay Day, and SHRM has an important new public policy statement on compensation equity, the result of months of work by HR professionals led by SHRM.

There is a value proposition to work: Job candidates want to be hired at a great workplace, and employers want to hire great job candidates. Each wants to understand the benefits provided by the other. Compensation, of course, is a big part of this value proposition for both.

In our statement, we address the value proposition of...


A #SHRM18 Interview with Lori Kleiman Part 2: Demystify the HR Department of One


HR doesn't have to be mysterious in small business. Leaders know how important compliance and employee management is but who has the time? The typical small business person is doing all they can to keep customers coming in the door and profits on the bottom line. This session will walk those who are doing HR on your own and will show you what you need to know to meet the needs of the organization – and keep your sanity!  This session will give #HRDOO's the answer you need


#Nextchat: Advice for New HR Professionals



Starting a new career can be an exhilarating experience, regardless of the field or industry, but starting a new career in HR—one of the 9 Best Jobs in America for 2018—is one of the most challenging, exciting and rewarding new job experiences you will ever have.  

Whether you’re graduating with a degree in HR, being promoted from an administrative role into HR, or transitioning into HR from another profession, tips and advice from other practicing HR professionals at all career levels are always helpful to ensure a smooth and successful...


Networking Hacks for Introverts at #SHRM18


As a member of the #SHRM18Blogger squad, I promised the good folks over at SHRM that I would write a post offering advice about the event.

Inevitably, I took my own twist on things…

Conferences can be a difficult place for introverts. Between the big crowds, the constant noise and the pressure of interacting with a ton of strangers – there’s more than enough to create a panic attack pressure cooker that’s just waiting to explode. But conferences have a lot to offer, introvert or not, so we...


How to Build a High Performing Global Workforce: A Q&A Charles Jennings #SHRM18



Charles Jennings is a co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute and is widely renowned as one of the premier experts on building and implementing 70:20:10 and organizational performance strategies.

For those who have heard the ‘70:20:10 model’ referenced, it’s a learning model that describes the optimal sources of learning to be 70% on the job, 20% from interactions with others an 10% from formal education/events – a well understood core component of many learning and...


What's New for the SHRM Store at #SHRM18?



There are a few things I look forward to at the SHRM Annual Conference.  Besides the great content and the ability to network with old and new friends, probably the thing I look forward to is the SHRM Store.  Full disclosure, I am a bookoholic…..I never fail to bring home a number of new books, many that were written by speakers I hear, some by friends in the HR world, and a few that look incredibly interesting.  I have been a volunteer for many years in the SHRM store,...


A #SHRM18 Interview with Lori Kleiman Part 1 - Control the Chaos



As a HR department of one, you are saddled with administrative tasks but have the desire to participate at a more strategic level. The executive team expects CHRO depth of knowledge and employees want answers to their questions now. Finance wants benefit bills yesterday and Operations needs new candidates. How do you navigate to meet the needs of all your internal customers and still get your job done? Learn tips from a former sole practitioner and consultant to small businesses. This #SHRM18 session with Lori Kleiman will help...


A #SHRM18 Podcast with CareerArc


CareerArc is a leading provider of social recruiting and outplacement solutions.  As a current customer, I really appreciate their platforms, training opportunities, and customer service. 

I had the opportunity to speak with Yair Riemer, Career Arc's Chief Media Officer, about the company's upcoming offerings, recent awards they've received, and what first time attendees should do to prepare for the conference from a vendor's perspective. 

Be sure to stop by booth #1932 at the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition to speak with a CareerArc representative, if you're unable to attend...


3 Tips for Managing a Compliant Reduction in Force


Ask any business leader and they’ll tell you that a reduction in force, or a RIF, is one of the hardest activities to carry out. Often times good employees are hit by these decisions through no fault of their own, and the resulting morale issues can doubly affect the workplace in a negative way. That said, there are times when a RIF is an essential part of business continuity and operations. Today we’re going to explore some of the key things to know about RIFs.

What is a RIF?

stay compliant rif checklist...


Thinking of Bringing Your Dog to Work? Start Slowly



Q: A group of co-workers and I are trying to convince our boss to have a policy allowing us to bring our dogs to work. As the owner, she already brings her very mellow dog to work every day. While she loves dogs in general, she’s reluctant to let us bring ours because she’s worried about liability and that it would create too many distractions. What can we do as employees to help her see that the benefits outweigh her concerns?

A: I would start by taking it slow. This...