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The HR Ice Cream Truck

The Society for Human Resource Management created their competency model with the intention of solving today's most pressing people issues. This year, our blog squad is tasked with exploring the SHRM Competency Wheel. You'll get a variety of viewpoints that translate how these competencies serve workforce development.
As you survey the 9 behavioral traits of the competency model, you may question their relevance to Employee Engagement. You may also wonder how rigid competency should be in modeling workforce...

What Do the Visa Rule Changes Mean?


On January 18, 2017, USCIS published a new ruling designed to clarify DHS policies and “enable US employers to retain high-skilled workers.” An initial goal of the ruling is to codify DHS regulations with longstanding DHS policies and practices with the aim of improving employee portability and enhancing the employers’ ability to hire and retain employees during the immigration process. The rule adds some much needed fixes such as adding grace periods after termination and the ability to change employers during the green card process. Here are a few highlights of...


How To Communicate…Four Dummies

In all team environments, good communication is fundamental and great communication is critical to excellence.  I have found through observation that there are basically four actions necessary for optimal communication.  At the risk of sounding contrived, disingenuous, and plain ol’ corny, I put the main points in an alliteration. They are simply:


To be an excellent communicator, we must acknowledge that getting our point across is only a part of the process.  In fact, getting our point across is not CO-mmunicating.  It is more...


#Nextchat: What’s Next for Paid Leave?



Paid leave continues to be a hot topic in the workplace as HR professionals evolve their organizations’ benefits offerings to keep up with trends, comply with federal and state policies, and attract and retain the best talent. 
Several states have introduced bills, or have already passed laws, mandating paid leave. For example, employers in California have spent the past year revising their policies to accommodate the mandatory paid-sick-leave laws that were passed in 2015. Others like Washington are looking to fix dormant laws that were never implemented due to...

Leading with Presence

Some people seem to have a magnetic quality that attracts others. These charismatic individuals command attention and guide with grace and ease.

While most people believe presence is the birthright of a fortunate few, leadership coach Kristi Hedges disagrees. Through her coaching practice, The Hedges Co., she teaches others how to cultivate a personal presence in an authentic way.

Hedges first noticed how presence influenced others when she was a child watching how her petite grandmother could attract people and make things happen by speaking to everyone with dignity and...


Oh, it’s on! Class-Action Waivers to be First Supreme Court Employment Law Heavyweight Battle of 2017


Picture a nerdier version of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, where persuasive legal briefs and sharp oral advocacy are like rear naked chokes and “ground and pound.”

The fight card.

[Cue music]

In the red corner, we have the Federal Arbitration Act. Among other things, the FAA allows an employer and employee to agree that all employment-related claims between them will be arbitrated (as opposed to heard in court, with a jury). These arbitration agreements often include a provision prohibiting employees from pursuing class or collective actions, such as one might see in...


Join SHRM and CFGI on Twitter for the Presidential Inauguration

Inauguration Day is right around the corner and SHRM and our affiliate, the Council for Global Immigration will be there!  SHRM has participated in the last three election cycles, and we’ll be covering the Presidential Inauguration this week. 
During the inauguration, the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, will deliver his inaugural address, outlining his intentions and initiatives, and key HR topics will likely be included. 
SHRM and CFGI will partner with Real Clear Politics for an Inauguration Watch Event along the parade route in...

FICA, Earnings: What Your Employees Need to Know

A secure, comfortable retirement is every worker's dream.  Nowadays workers are living longer, healthier lives. Your employees can expect to spend more time in retirement than their parents and grandparents. It is important that their earnings are posted correctly on their Social Security record, as it will affect their benefits when they retire.

By law, employers must withhold Social Security taxes from a worker’s paycheck. While usually referred to on an employee’s pay statement as “Social Security taxes,” sometimes the deduction is labeled as “FICA,” which stands for Federal Insurance Contributions Act,...


Strategic Talent Investment

Limited dollars for talent development? High expectations for measurable impact? More requests and expressed needs than resources available? These are just some of the challenges facing HR today. The solution: make strategic talent investments that directly link to the business strategy.
Successful organizations have business strategies that define their winning aspiration, where they will play, how they will win and the capabilities and systems they need to have in place to execute.i From my experience, the volatile marketplace has challenged leaders to craft sustainable, competitive strategies and for those...

4 Must-Dos for Interviewers in a Climate Where Top Candidates Hold More Power Than Ever

The blogosphere is wrought full of great content on interview prep, but there is a heavy bias (understandably I suppose) to preparing the interviewee. What about the interviewer?
In an environment where rapid movement and high attrition is becoming the norm, where expertise is a commodity and employees can quickly ramp on new skills in hours, top candidates hold the power over employers; even in competitive fields.
It is crucial employers use interviews in the most effective way possible to fill their talent pipelines with candidates who will...