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Connecting Business with the College Community, the Next Step in HR Education



Many of you know I am passionate about preparing our next generation of HR practitioners for the workforce of tomorrow. I have been teaching graduate, and occasionally undergraduate HR courses, in the business school at a major university on Long Island for close to a decade. It is hard to integrate my classes with local businesses when the courses are primarily at 6 or 8pm at night. I am sure many if not most graduate HR programs face a similar challenge.

I try to bring practitioners in to speak, host...


Advice to Women Who Want to Earn Equal Pay



The gender pay gap was back in the news and the topic came up among some friends.  The discussion started with the generally agreed upon statistic that “women make 78 ¢ents on the dollar as men”, but I had to quickly explain my more nuanced take on that misleading number.

Many people assume that because I’m in HR (and female)  that I automatically agree that women are victims of systematic discrimination.  But, not necessarily.

Don’t get me wrong.  Gender discrimination is real.  But I think it accounts for only 5% of...


#Nextchat: The Frictionless Workforce Experience



“The ‘experience economy’ is not a new phrase — countless articles have been written over the past several years with varying points of view on what this means in the 21st century. This concept is less defined when it comes to the workforce, and more progressive HR and IT leaders are realizing that they must consider the end-to-end ‘candidate to employee to retiree’ experience. It’s no longer just a product, a feature or a service. Because we are surrounded by experiences each day in our personal lives, the workforce has demanded a vastly different...


National Work and Family Month Prompts HR Experts To Help Employees Achieve Work-Life Fit



Balancing work and family responsibilities has become increasingly difficult in the modern workplace, as advanced technology, economic concerns and societal pressures make it hard for people to keep job and home separate. October was designated as National Work and Family Month by the U.S. Senate in 2003. This month is a good time for HR professionals to reflect and consider innovation with programs to help reconcile work-life issues.

A project of SHRM called When Work Works (WWW) promotes the creation of effective and flexible workplaces; WWW’s annual awards recognize groundbreaking ideas...


Leadership Starts and Ends with the 3 “Bility’s”


Thoughts before heading to the SHRM Leadership Development Forum

Over the course of my 21-year military career I had the incredible honor of serving with so many amazing young women and men, from all walks of life.  During my time as a Platoon Leader, Commander, and ROTC instructor I was charged with what we commonly referred to as the “health, welfare and development” of hundreds of women and men.  What I quickly learned- through mistakes and times of success- in combat and here at home- was that was that leadership...


SHRM Connect: He Doesn't Like Working with Women

SHRM Connect is an online community where SHRM members can ask questions and get answers on a variety of HR topics. It’s a great place to network with other HR professionals and share solutions.  

The conversation topics range from “HR Department of One” to Employment Law, are always insightful, and deal with some of the most pressing issues that HR professionals face in the workplace today.

While some of the conversations take on a more serious tone, others will deliver a bit of comic relief, and on Fridays, I’ll be highlighting a conversation or two in hopes that you’ll...

How to Recon Your Way into Your Next Role


If I can sum up the top three things learned in the military, it would be: attention to detail is essential, recon and preparedness is everything, and chow hall food builds character. 

Questionable food aside, the first two are important and life lasting skills which will help you find and excel at your next job.

The first step is to find exactly what career you are looking for. Use those recon skills to search, search, and search some more for the industry which makes you happy.  Don’t get tied up into...


What’s in Your HR Toolbox? 3 Policies You Need to Update



Strong employment policies are crucial to any organization and should be updated regularly. Changing regulations, new case law and technology advances can quickly result in outdated, inefficient or non-compliant policies. Here are three policies that I recommend you review in light of recent events:

1.  Electronic Communications Policies

Advanced technologies make companies vulnerable to attacks on their electronic networks. The latest scheme involves Ransomware – malicious software that infects a computer and restricts users’ access to it until a ransom is paid. In most cases, the software is introduced...