How a Job Offer Slipped Through My Fingers: My #1 Regret


The impressions we leave on employers in job interviews really matter. Beyond being qualified, the attitude and impression you convey can be just as important.

Here's a story of how I had a job offer revoked, why I think it happened, and what I learned from it.

The impressions we leave on employers in job interviews really matter. Beyond being qualified, the attitude and impression you convey can be just as important.
Here's a story of how I had a job offer revoked, why I think it happened, and what I...


4 Ways Executives Can Attract Top Talent


When asking college seniors where they want to work, their first responses might be Apple or Nike or Disney. The same might apply amongst any cohort you ask to list a company they want to work for, but it’s not because they have the best employer brand. All brands started unknown and had to build a reputation, a pattern of success in their industry, and a positive experience for users. All companies no matter their size, go through a version of this with hopes of winning more customers and earning more...


Be the Reason - Embrace Opportunities for Kindness


Can you feel the change in the air? Spring is upon us and that’s exciting. With the change in seasons, there’s a renewed hope with everything budding and breaking through the ground. I can’t help but sense the energy around me lifting. I hope you sense it as well.

The question is, what will you do with it? Will you embrace the influx of newness or will you look past it? Instead of embracing the bright colors emerging everywhere, you keep your head down and remain focused on what you think...


Trauma-Informed Workplace: Kindness Works Better



Just when we think that there is a light at the end of the long, long tunnel of health, economic, political and social crises… more terrible news hit us, intensifying group-level and individual-level stress.

And prolonged, compounded stress can tax our ability to cope and lead to behaviors that only make the situation worse.

Uncertainty and fatigue can impact the way we treat each other at work - anger, blame, and other negative emotions can show up in irate e-mails, poor collaboration, information hoarding, and reduced quality of work.



4 Reasons Why HR Departments Should Work with Recruitment Specialists




Do it or delegate? It’s an age-old dilemma regarding recruitment. Should the Human Resource department handle the process? Sure, there are advantages and disadvantages – but do the pros outweigh the cons? From posting vacancies to screening resumes and conducting interviews, the hiring process could become convoluted rather quickly. It could result in taking up too much of HR’s time, energy, and budget. Which leads to another question: is it better for HR departments to team up with recruitment specialists? 

Here are four reasons why we think so.

  • Save Time

In between handling...


5 Key Tips for Attracting and Retaining Talent During a Pandemic #COVID19



Your budget may have taken a hit, you may have had to change course, but you can—and should—still hire top talent. The business world is still finding its footing as the pandemic continues to impact everyone’s lives. If you’re a leader who has had to cut budgets, scale back, and shift course you know, first hand, how fast everything keeps changing. What hasn’t changed is that you still need to hire and retain top talent to make your business a success.

How can you recruit the best when you’re not...


Words Matter: 7 Ways to Get a Grip on Your Tongue


Doing the right thing doesn’t erase saying something stupid.

“Watch your thoughts. They become words. Watch your words. They become deeds…” Frank Outlaw, late president of Bi-Lo

Words are hinges between thought and action.

Accountable for:

Stupid words return with misery on a leash.

You learn to be accountable for your words when the things that come out of your mouth come back and bite you on the butt.

You have a problem with the words you say to yourself and others if you’re constantly battling misery.

Action matters. But foolish words...


Got Any Bright Ideas?


Do you feel pressure to come up with new ideas?

Things change so quickly these days, it seems we need new ideas and fresh thinking just to survive. We need to understand how our customers are changing. Will they still need us a year from now? What should we do to our products, distribution, or marketing to adapt to these new trends? Are they even trends?

Come on, people! We need ideas! Out with them!

It’s incredibly difficult to lock yourself in your office and...


Thriving at Work While Autistic, Introverted, Shy, and Otherwise Different: Part 1

Crafting the Calling: Job Matching and Job Crafting 

I was 14, and it was job craft or die.

The term job crafting – redefining and re-imagining your job as an employee, including job tasks as well as relationships and our mindsets – would not be invented for many years, and my “differences” would not be labeled for decades (though I was clearly introverted, shy, and otherwise different). But if I were to live to become a professor of organizational psychology, I had to invent job crafting for myself.

Labor education in...


Can Everyone be the Best Employer to Work For?


I have yet to see an organization come out with a brand that says,

“Hey, we’re Super Average, but come work here anyway!” 

For the most part, every organization spouts off about being the best place to work. Statistically, that just can’t be true. Everyone can’t be the best, right?

I think for the most part it’s just lazy recruitment marketing. You are either the best, or you’re something less and no one would ever go to their c-suite and say, “Yeah, so we’re going with “We are almost the best...