5 Ways to Uncover Your Strengths—and Why They’re Worth Knowing



When figuring out your ideal career path and searching for a job, you need all the advantages you can get, starting with the strengths you already possess. I call these your “strengths and superpowers,” and they’re the key to finding a job where you’ll thrive.

After all, if you’re good with people but bad with numbers, you’ll likely be miserable working a job in accounting. But know your strengths, and you can find a career to match.

Knowing yourself sounds simple enough, but often external input is helpful. So, where...


How Do You Recognize Leadership Ability?


When looking to promote internal candidates for management positions, how do you recognize and determine leadership ability? For me, it is in the day to day movements of the candidate. How they navigate throughout their day and how they behave is the biggest factor.

First, I pay attention to their level of energy. How do they accept work assignments? Is it with gusto and an internal drive to succeed? Are they almost always willing to take on new and exciting (or not so exciting) projects? When given a new task, are...


3 Areas that HR Pros Should Never Take for Granted



It’s true what they say — a company is only as good as its people. It is successful because of the hard work of the employees. It is respected because the people that are in its ranks command respect. If the company wants to last long, then it really should invest in its people.

Human resource management is here to take care of the heart of every organization. The people that work for HR make sure that the company’s workforce is well taken care of in every way possible. HR professionals...


Five Compelling Reasons to Attend A Virtual Conference



Conferences and events have been crucial to my sense-making of change over the years. I have been attending them as a speaker, delegate, blogger and sponsor! If you are looking for some reasons to attend a virtual conference, here is my experience soaked five.  

Having attended several virtual events over the last few years, I can tell you that well-designed virtual conference events bring a ton of value. Of course, I do not get the sights, smells, sounds of an ‘in real life’ conference in a virtual one. But...


Creating a Powerful Workplace Culture: Key Takeaways from Former Netflix CTO, Patty McCord



When SHRM canceled the 2020 Annual SHRM Conference due to the pandemic, I felt I had missed out on what would have been another fantastic opportunity to learn and interact with HR professionals from around the world.

However, when SHRM announced its brand-new digital series called Tune in Tuesdays, you can imagine how excited I felt about it. I saw this as an excellent way to encourage virtual learning and interactions among HR professionals.

As SHRM describes it, "Tune in Tuesday" is a digital series of interactive episodes that...


Why Warmth Matters in Leadership



Managers and leaders who deliver authority without warmth often tend to devolve into authoritarianism, expecting high performance of employees or teams for no other reason than it has been demanded of them. Effective leaders are authoritative, not authoritarian. With the latter, teams perform their best out of fear of punishment; in the former, people perform their best out of a desire to contribute to the success of something they care about, whether it’s an individual project or task or an entire company mission. 

Showing Vulnerability

You get that kind of performance...