#SHRM21 Session: Candidates as Consumers: How to Optimize Your Recruiting Efforts to Attract Ideal Talent

In this interview, Thad Price, CEO of Talroo, discusses how to optimize your recruiting efforts to attract ideal talent by treating candidates as consumers. 

Hi Thad, for those of us who are not familiar with your work, can you please introduce yourself? 

I’ve spent my entire career in talent acquisition technology, and I genuinely believe there is no industry that plays a more integral role in the economy. Happiness, productivity, and ultimately, economic growth is driven by innovators, builders, educators, and essential workers. It’s been my goal to leverage data to...


#SHRM21 Recommendations for SHRM Students

It’s no lie that attending the 2021 SHRM Annual Conference and Expo for the first time can be overwhelming, but can you imagine what it’s like being a student at a SHRM Annual Conference and Expo for the first time? This was a reality for me back in 2015, but I was lucky to be attending with a group of my classmates; not all first-time attendees and/or students have that same opportunity. A few weeks before we left for the conference, our instructor met with us to give us some tips...


How to Make the Most of the Virtual Experience at #SHRM21

While I certainly would prefer being in person at the 2021 SHRM Annual Conference and Expo, it’s just not possible for me this year. I’ll be sad I don’t get the chance to jump off the Stratosphere again, however, what an amazing opportunity virtual attendance provides. I can experience the conference in a whole different way!

We can agree that of the most significant drawbacks of virtual conferences is the lack of natural social situations. You aren’t in rooms with other attendees, shaking hands with speakers, sharing drinks with colleagues, or catching up over dinner out on the town (especially...


How Leader Intervention Shapes Workplace Culture and Drives Inclusion

In this interview, Elizabeth Bille, SVP, Workplace Culture at EVERFI, and Jesse Raney Bridges, Deputy Director of Global DEI Learning & Development at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 
discuss how leader intervention shapes workplace culture and drives inclusion.

Hi Elizabeth and Jesse, for those of us who are not familiar with your work, can you please introduce yourself?

Jesse: Hi! I am a global diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategist and currently lead DEI learning and development at a global foundation. In this capacity, I shape the foundation-wide learning agenda...


#SHRM21 Interview with Marissa Afton: Turn Off Worry, Turn On Resilience

In this interview, Marissa Afton, Partner & Head of Global Accounts at Potential Project, discusses how to turn off worry and turn on resilience. 

Hi Marissa, for those of us who are not familiar with your work, can you please introduce yourself?

Hello. I am privileged to serve as Partner & Head of Global Accounts at Potential Project. We are a global firm that creates a more human world of work, by helping leaders and teams to understand and manage their minds. We have partnered with over 500 organizations such as Cisco,...


Part 2: The Future of Hybrid Work Will Be About Talent Retention and Knowledge Management

The employee attrition phenomenon and its new fear of the “great resignation” might soothe the change resistance at some point. And the trigger could come from our ability to expand the talent pool geographically to new states nationwide or new countries. For most companies, there’s no turning back after this, do it for one new hire, and you have to change your policies and culture forever. But new talents will make the difference and nurture a competitive advantage in the long run.

On the other hand, if you favor local recruiting or...


#SHRM21 - Speaker Interview: Greg Schwem, Is It OK to Laugh?

I had the great pleasure of connecting through a Zoom with Greg Schwem, Business Humor Speaker, to talk about his session: Is It OK to Laugh? Understanding How Stifling Humor Can Also Stifle Workplace Productivity. 

As I was perusing the speakers and sessions, I was immediately attracted to the topic of humor in the workplace. (Seems appropriate, considering I am the HR Shenanigator....) I immediately added his session to my calendar, and I reached out to see about an interview. I offered up an email Q&A,


#SHRM21 Speaker Spotlight - The Steve Browne Interrogation

If you work in human resources, are a SHRM member, or have attended a national or state SHRM event, there is a good chance that you will fall squarely into one of two categories:

1. You know Steve Browne.

2. You WILL know Steve Browne.

For those of you in the latter category, Steve Browne is the Chief People Officer with LaRosa’s, Inc. (a multi-state pizzeria chain in SW Ohio and SE Indiana), SHRM Board Member, former SHRM MAC Member, SHRM Foundation Leadership Circle Member, is active on the speaking circuit, facilitates a monthly HR Roundtable in Cincinnati, OH, manages...


Tips for Virtual Networking During #SHRM21

The SHRM Annual Conference and Expo is back! The last time I attended the conference was in 2019—which feels like such a long time ago—and that’s because it got canceled in 2020. So, I’m excited and looking forward to my third annual conference. Have you been seeing my countdown on Twitter? Lol.

Next week, from September 9th through the 12th, SHRM will be holding its 2021 Annual Conference and Exposition (SHRM21) in Las Vegas with the theme, “Now More Than Ever.” As we know, a lot has changed...


#SHRM21 Interview with John Mazzone: International Hiring and Cost Control That Will Make Your CFO Happy

In this interview, John Mazzone, VP of Finance at Globalization Partners, discusses international hiring and cost control that will make your CFO happy.

Hi John, for those of us who are not familiar with your work, can you please introduce yourself?

I am the Vice President of Finance at Globalization Partners. My career started as a crew chief on B1 Bombers in the U.S. Airforce’s Strategic Air Command. After completing my graduate studies, I spent over 20 years in technical accounting and operational finance. As an auditor for both PwC...