Light Switch or Dimmer? - A Phased Approach for Return to Work


Why companies are focused on gradually increasing physical occupancy rather than a one-time approach

As COVID-19 vaccines start to be administered, does this mean the ushering of employees back to workplaces will start happening all at once? Not so fast.

While many now describe being able to see a light at the end of this long pandemic “tunnel,” it will take time to return to something normal. 

Three factors in particular affect a rapid and complete return to the office.

First, getting a majority of people vaccinated will take time....


Penny Wise, A Trillion Dollars Foolish



Theft by employees is a $16 billion1 problem in US companies. Employees steal through fraud, cheating the accounting department, or stuffing cash or product into their pockets. In response, businesses buy security cameras and motion detectors and hire security guards. They develop tracking procedures and reporting systems, and have their attorneys compose theft policies. They create scam-resistant accounting processes, install surveillance software, key card entry systems, and point-of-sale systems.

Because we can measure losses from employee theft, and because theft is such abhorrent behavior, we go all out to put...


When I Grow Up - A Workplace Where Bullying and Toxicity are Things of the Past


I spent nearly two decades working in the nonprofit sector as an HR director and VP. When I began my career, I had no idea that I would be touched so deeply by seeing others work tirelessly to improve the lives of the less fortunate. In my role, something that became important to me was that there was a sense that I was serving a greater cause by taking care of the employees who were tasked with taking care of others, thus advancing the mission and vision of the agency and...


About Being a Good Virtual Coach



1- "Leadership is a muscle you practice"

It’s okay to learn how to be a strong virtual leader because, as Simon Senek says, “leadership is a muscle you practice,” and most of the time, people are not taught how to lead. And if leadership is a gym, you can learn how to be a good coach and motivate virtual teams by tapping into everyone’s strengths and potential. 

But it must start with the leader's intention to be empathetic and show emotional intelligence.

This virtual skill for the managers is called:...


SHRM Connect: FFRCA Memos, Vacation Requests, Emergency Contacts and "You're Too Old"



When employees have questions, they go to HR.

When HR professionals have questions, they often turn to each other for guidance and advice.

SHRM Connect is an online forum where SHRM members can post questions and get answers from their peers within the SHRM community. It’s a great place to network with other HR professionals while sharing solutions and advice on a wide range of HR topics.

Jump into a discussion or watch from the sidelines. There's something for everyone.

Check out some of the latest conversations below:

A Memo on FFRCA Ending?...


How to Attract Generation Z Candidates to Your Organization



Generation Z is the newest generation to enter the workforce.

Ranging in age between 9-24 years old (born between 1997 and 2012), Gen Z is expected to make up a larger percentage of the global workforce than the Boomer generation (24 percent versus 6 percent). 

With that in mind, how can employers attract Generation Z candidates to their organization?

To answer this question, we asked human resource professionals and employers with a Gen Z workforce for their best talent attraction tips. 

Here are ten tips on attracting Gen Z candidates to...


Baby Steps: Making Progress Towards Better Workplaces and a Better World



As a talent acquisition professional, my focus and vision are to find and bring the best and brightest talent to the companies and clients I work for so everyone can reach their goals! In addition to building relationships and networking, sourcing, screening, facilitating introductions and interviews, and managing the recruiting technology, it’s also a focus of mine to consistently work with managers (and educate myself!) on how we look at and interview talent.

How can we get more creative and expand our outlook on the types of people that we...


The Hybrid Workplace and the Trust Challenge



I’ve been thinking about the concept of trust.

Being the HR enthusiast that I am, I have pondered and focused on the idea of trust and mistrust when it comes to the workplace. What makes a trusting environment, and how can feelings of trust permeate through company cultures often wrought with staunch traditions and rigidity?

What can HR do to help? The concept of trust and exchange relationships at work in their many forms needs to be on our HR radar moving forward.

There’s something to be said for trusting...


Leadership Boo Boos - Part 1: Always Right, Never Wrong



I say it's Part 1 in the title above, but I really don't know how many parts there will be to this "Boo Boo" series. Certainly more than one, although we'd like to think not too many more. I mean, gosh, how many boo-boos do we make as leaders? Well, truthfully, we've all made a few during our development as leaders and no doubt have observed many more. As leaders, we often like to ponder and share ideas on how to improve employee performance, but it's...


When I Grow Up - My Wish for the Future of Work



I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight…

Bias, inequity, toxic workplaces…these are all experiences and behaviors we’ve lived and died with for thousands of years – ever since we became “civilized” and lived in larger communities with other humans and began fighting with other “tribes” for resources of one kind or another. These are global challenges and ever-present in all cultures. The truth: these and other dehumanizing, dysfunctional, unproductive ways of being human together are not going to disappear anytime soon in our...