#NEXTCHAT: Compare the Candidates at the #2012DNC

Raising awareness about the human resource profession is one of SHRM’s most important missions, and the 2012 Presidential election provides an attentive audience of policy makers and business leaders with whom we wish to communicate.

On August 26, SHRM introduced a new, 30-second TV commercial on CNN, Headline News and CNN Airport News. The commercial focuses on leadership and highlights HR’s ability to “get the most out of business by getting the best out of people.”

SHRM is also the sponsor of "National Journal’s“Compare the Candidates” policy forum events at the Republican and...


ABR: Always Be Recruiting. How to Build a Pipeline of Talented Intern Candidates

Most of you know Alec Baldwin’s famous speech in Glengarry Glen Ross where he shares the golden rule of sales: “ABC: Always Be Closing.” Even more so than sales, recruiting is a job where you need to always be on. If you’re not constantly building a pipeline of candidates and promoting your brand, chances are that the top candidates you want to hire will slip through the cracks.

In the past, this has been very tough to accomplish in college recruiting. With the constant churn of new...


5 Considerations For a Mobile Device Policy

According to mobiThinking, cellular subscriptions worldwide are at 6 billion. Yes, that’s billion. Companies are making significant revenue from mobile devices: Google $2.5 billion last year. eBay expects customers to buy/sell $8 billion this year and PayPal expects to see $7 billion in mobile payments.

When that much money is changing hands over mobile devices, marketing departments take notice. And human resources needs to realize that attempts to ban mobile device usage in the workplace could be met with a whole lot of resistance. And perhaps for good reason. So maybe it’s time to consider drafting...


HR Tools and Tech: HR At Your Fingertips

HR At Your Fingertips is an essential mobile app for any HR professional who is consistently on the go. Isn’t everyone these days? This app contains a glossary of HR terms, Federal laws and a guide on how to create an employee handbook, allowing quick and easy access to information from your pocket.

Managing human resources can be a complicated and essential task for small business owners and corporate HR professionals; one that often requires on-the-spot access to company policies, terms and employment laws. To help you address...


Taking Complex Global HR Issues and Communicating Them Simply to Your Stakeholders

There is no shortage of complexity in global business, and surely the senior leaders and managers in your organization do not have time to learn about every complex business issue in detail.  If you, yourself, are a senior leader or manager, you may be nodding your head here.  Leaders and managers might be interested and eager to know more about a topic, such as how the organization’s Muslim truck drivers will be able to observe daily prayers on an operations timeline, but they may not have the luxury of time to learn about every detail.  So you need to...


Executive Book Club: August 2012

Making Telework Work: Leading People and Leveraging Technology for High-Impact Results

Technology and teleworkers are all around us and are increasing every day. The most progressive organizations and those that want to secure a competitive advantage have unlocked the power of teleworking, and now your company can too!

While IT infrastructure, software and hardware may set the stage for telework, Making Telework Work lays out in simple, direct terms what leaders need to know to integrate technology, manage knowledge workers and teleworkers and drive competitive advantage...


Why Your Company Needs a Mobile Technology Policy

Being a person who loves my iPhone and iPad, articles about mobile trends usually catch my eye.  This one from Portfolio discusses how important mobile and wireless services are to businesses.  Check out these stats (they’re from last year and still pretty amazing):

59% of small businesses say wireless technology is essential to their business

33% of small business owners check their mobile device before brushing their teeth

I’m not sure dentists are real happy to hear that last one.  But here’s another one that will capture your attention:

Mobile-fluent firms earn $10.8 million...


#NEXTCHAT Recap: Is HR Technology Really Making Our Jobs Easier?

On August 15, SHRM We Know Next invited special guest Steve Boese to chat about the topic:  "Is HR Technology Really Making Our Jobs Easier?"

The informative conversation was directed at helping human resource professionals understand and make sense of the rapidly changing HR technology scene -- a daunting challenge for many HR pros who have a thousand other issues on their plate. 

The chat addressed questions like "What are some ways HR can realize the expected benefits of technology investments?" and "How can the HR professional become better educated on the current HR technology market?"...


Summer's Gold Medal HR Reads

 The SHRMStore has award-winning and popular HR titles. Here are the ones that performed at their peak this summer! 

 Gold Medal SHRM Read:

The Essential Guide to Workplace InvestigationsThis invaluable resource provides all the plain-language forms, sample policies, checklists and sample documentation that managers, supervisors, business owners and HR professionals need to conduct a successful investigation, step-by-step, that will stand up in court. Get the facts on:

  • Deciding whether to investigate
  • Choosing an investigator.
  • Interviewing and gathering evidence.
  • Evaluating the evidence.
  • ...

Part II - Rewarding Positive Deviance

In Part I, “Be Yourself – Everyone Else Is Taken” - we stressed the importance of embracing your uniqueness on your path to success.

As we experience 21st century demographic and technical transformations in the workplace, one important adjustment that leaders can make is to acknowledge and reward positive deviance – both formally and informally. 

In a community, the collective actions of each member define the culture of the group. Well, almost. There are usually a few outliers – those who stick out, swim upstream, and tend to succeed against the odds. They are the positive deviants....