Building Cross-Cultural Relationships Through Simple But Impactful Actions

Each New Year’s Eve I particularly enjoy watching the live broadcasts of celebrations as the clock strikes midnight in each time zone around the world.  Even though not all countries or cultures celebrate New Year’s on the same day or in the same way, seeing these celebrations is a reminder to me of how much we do have in common across cultures.  We look forward to a new year with hope for health and happiness.  We enjoy the camaraderie of our friends and family.  We also like a good celebration.  So often in global leadership we focus on difference,...


Job Market: What's Ahead for 2013?

A year ago, many conversations about labor market growth came with a caveat: “It will depend on the election.”

While that contest has been settled, not much has changed for job seekers. As it was in early 2012, uneven economic conditions are still what weigh most on the U.S. labor market engine. Nonfarm payrolls grew at about the same monthly rate in 2012 as they did in 2011, and, currently, there is no hard evidence that jobs will be created at a quicker rate in 2013.

In addition, there’s this little fiscal mess in the U.S. government’s...


Engaging Employees Through Social Technology at Marsh

Employee engagement is a challenge—especially when you're an international company with 28,000+ employees. When Marsh, a leader in insurance broking and risk management, faced low scores in career growth and development, executive leadership knew something needed to be done.

Leading this initiative wasBen Brooks, SVP and Global Director, Enterprise Communications and Colleague Engagement, and Laurie Ledford, Chief Human Resources Officer of parent company Marsh & McLennan Companies. Faced with a complex set of challenges—from sequestered resources to a lack of community—they decided to go all in on social.

The result, Marsh University (MU), was a bold move in the traditionally...


'For the Win': How Gamification Can Transform Your Business

In their new book, 'For the Win': How Gamification Can Transform Your Business, Kevin Werbach and Dan Hunter take a closer look at games and work.  Next Official Blogger blogger Ross Smith got a few minutes with author Kevin Werbach for a few questions:

What is your background?

I'm a Professor of Legal Studies at Wharton, the business school of the University of Pennsylvania, but my focus has always been on how technology changes the world we live in.  After getting my law degree, I was in charge of Internet policy at the Federal Communications Commission during...


Christian employee + Ramadan bagel party = Hostile work environment?

Mo bagels, mo problems.

Let's take you back to August, 2010. David Ross, the plaintiff, attended a meeting of the Colorado Department of Transportation's Staff Bridge Unit Leaders, where the annual employee appreciation luncheon was discussed. During the meeting, another employee noted that the luncheon was scheduled during the observance of Ramadan and requested that the luncheon be rescheduled so that one of his subordinate employees, Ali Harajli, an observant Muslim, could attend. An alternative date was proposed and approved by Mr. Ross's supervisor.

The next month, in an effort to include co-workers and promote cultural diversity...


HR in 2013: What We Can Expect

One of the most exciting things about working in HR is that the field is always changing, constantly bringing about new trends and technologies to our daily operations. While this means that we must always be on our toes and be committed to learning new things on a regular basis, each new development that we embrace will help to make our jobs easier and bring greater efficiency to the entire HR function. 

Just like every year before it, 2013 is bound to deliver some major changes to HR. There are a number of trends that have gained steam...


10 Skills Every Leader Should Develop In 2013

Last year, I took a break from my traditional predictions post. And to be honest, I missed it. Not that I was really good at predicting the future or anything . . . but I enjoyed spending time thinking about what the future of work might look like.

So I wanted to do that exercise again. What does 2013 have in store for us? But instead of talking about possible future events, I thought it might be fun to share the skills we as leaders will need in order to deal with them. Regardless of your role and...


#Nextchat RECAP: Winning the Talent War with #Workflex

On December 19, SHRM We Know Next chatted with SHRM's Lisa Horn (@SHRMLobbystLisa), Cassidy Neal (@WhenWorkWorks) and Families and Work Institute (@FWINews) about "Winning the Talent War with Workflex."

In case you missed it, here are all the great tweets from the chat...




Employment Predictions for 2013 from the Guy Who Predicted a Bull Market in 2009

The last time I made a prediction was in 2009.  I predicted the market would soar and I moved most of my bonds to stocks.  Yes, I will be working until I am 102 years of age.  So when it comes to my own personal finances, my predictions are not very good.

I hope they are a little better in terms of knowing what comes next in the employment world.  So here are my predictions:

  1. NLRA:  The NLRB will issue new rules relative to elections that will result in quicker elections. Shorter campaign periods clearly give unions
  2. ...

The Human Capital Advantage

Without leadership, a business enterprise will eventually fail. Survival is possible without a strategy, but seldom over the long haul. Great strategy with lousy execution isn’t worth the piece of paper it is written on. The consequence of these proclamations is rather obvious; get it right, bring it all together and you have the commercial magic every enterprise seeks.

The glue that binds leadership, strategy, and execution is people – quality individuals at the board level, in the executive suite, in the general office, on the factory floor, and out there in the field, the domain of the...