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The Work-Life Balance Myth; Managing Life in an Always-On World

Sometimes learning how to juggle life and work is a difficult task. In fact, some debate if it can ever really be achieved.

Our workplaces can be stressful these days as Management and Employees carry the load of layoffs and greater responsibilities are placed on those left to make it happen. It’s taking its toll on our work culture.

Add technology in the mix, where upper Management is now expecting us to take our work load home with us and be on call 24/7 in responding to emails, phone calls, Skype calls and such, and it’s understandable...


SHRM Workflex Conference - After Thoughts

This week I had the honor of attending SHRM’s Workflex Conference as a member of the press team. Here is what the workflex conference is all about taken right from the website.

The 2012 Workflex Conference is an innovative conference that offers solutions for HR professionals and other business leaders who are actively engaged in building and implementing effective and flexible workplace strategies.

Attendees of this conference either have or are interested in creating flexible work environments that help employees better balance their home and work life. These individuals work for companies who want to be able...


172 resources to up employment flexibility in your workplace

  1. Yoga
  2. Bikram Yoga
  3. That other kind of yoga
  4. ummmm......

I have three kids three and under. Like I have time on the weekend to come up with 172 anythings...let alone something requiring a scintilla of creativity, save channeling my inner Andy Warhol at the children's museum yesterday -- 4 likes on Facebook for the uncensored version, yo.

So, instead, check out this Workplace Flexibility Kit from the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy. It purports to provide 172 resources (case studies, fact and tip sheets, issue briefs, reports, articles,...


#NEXTCHAT RECAP: Crazy Momma Working Tips from SHRM #Workflex12

On October 24, SHRM @weknownext chatted with several working moms and dads about how they juggle work and family. A few employers (and a former CEO) even jumped into the chat and offered their views on the importance of providing a supportive environment and plenty of workplace flexibility. In case you missed it, here are all the great tweets from the chat:





It's Just Dough !!

Have you ever made a comment thinking it was innocuous, but it really had damaging effects?
Let me help you out with this.  Your comment usually starts with: “It’s just....”  You don’t mean this to be harmful, but you don’t see how your position is calling the situation simple or “below you.”
I’ve heard people say, “What’s so hard about what you do?  I mean, it’s just HR !!”  Needless to say, I didn’t feel too good about how that person viewed me or the work that I did.  You see, this post...


#NextChat: Crazy Working Momma Tips from #Workflex12

Every day, millions of working moms live by routines.  The alarm rings.  You wake the kids, feed them, make lunches, rush them to daycare or school, and then maybe hit the coffee shop on the way to the office. 

Later it’s shopping, errands, dinner, homework … and then 12 hours later – Rinse.  Repeat. 

For most working moms, the constant merry-go-round is a source of great stress that can result in discouragement, bouts of anxiety, and even physical illness.  When mom’s burned out, everyone suffers.  

Many working moms attempt to maintain a perfect balance every day, but...


How To Impress A Hiring Manager

If you follow this blog, you know I work for NPR. As you might expect, I get to work with some smart people. Mensa smart. After 18 months at NPR I’ve grown accustomed to the intelligence in the building; but am also reminded of thoughtful, caring and compassionate employees we have quite often.
One of these colleagues is Matt Thompson, our Director of Digital Initiatives (and Mischief). Yes, that is his real title. Yes, he is cool enough to carry it. Matt wears many hats at...

Trying to Please Everyone: The Challenge of the Multigenerational Workforce

As new college graduates continue to inundate the job market and economic concerns have caused older employees to stay in the workforce longer, today’s companies often have employees representing four distinct generations. With more than 50 years separating some employees, managing these multigenerational teams can be incredibly challenging.

Complicating matters is that each generation has its own motivations and strengths they can bring to the table. And they are often contradictory to what you might think. Sure, your youngest workers might be just trying to get their feet wet, but many of today’s leading innovators are under...


#NEXTCHAT RECAP: How to Break Through the Glass Ceiling Without Getting Cut

On October 17, We Know Next chatted with Jonathan Segal (@Jonathan_HR_Law) about "How to Break through the Glass Ceiling Without Getting Cut ."

Does the glass ceiling really still exist in the 21st century and how can women ensure that their talents and skills are recognized in the workplace?

The hour was filled with enlightening and encouraging tweets, but Jonathan concluded the chat with some of the best, final words of wisdom: "As men, we cannot leave the burden of shattering the glass ceiling to women. We all lose if...


These might be the next HR roles you need to fill (or perform)

It has become kind of edgy or possibly trendy, (my guess the first three times a new idea is pitched it is edgy, after that it becomes something else, and trendy was the only term I could think of in less than five seconds), to talk about Human Resources in the future in diametrically different contexts that the traditional ones most of us are familiar with. Think about how many times you've read about 'HR is the new PR' or 'HR (and more likely recruiting), is really Sales and Marketing', and even takes that advocate HR as the organization's...