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#Nextchat: Is there Still a Place for Bold, Top-Down Leadership?

In a recent New York Times article “Tough Guys Rule for a Reason,” Alan Goldman argues that “Aggressive, bold, top-down leadership directly associated with the male animal may be under attack but it is still quite effective,” and that “despite current attempts at demonizing old school male behavior, it continues to rule.”

Under Steve Jobs' leadership, Apple became the most valuable corporation on the face of the earth. This colossal achievement helped establish Jobs as the greatest CEO of our time. Was Steve Jobs also the greatest leader of our time? He certainly had a broad following...


5 Questions to Guide Global Succession Plans

Assigning someone to a global role who is unprepared or disinterested in it can have long-term effects on both the individual and the company.  From an individual standpoint, the manager and his or her family will struggle.  In our research with more than 17,000 managers and leaders around the world, we have heard countless first-hand accounts of how these struggles have led to unhappiness, stress, and conflict in the workplace.  This is because people who are not prepared to engage with new people and new environments demonstrate this very quickly through their words, body language, and expressions.  Local employees...


Maximizing Your SHRM Annual Conference Experience

A few weeks from now you will grab your favorite travel accessories in preparation for the 65th annual Society of Human Resource Management Annual Conference. I’m sure you are bursting with excitement to get to Chicago to learn, network, and build your strategic toolbox. By the time you return from the Windy City many of you will be recertified or adding a letter to your post name credentials. Whether it’s your first SHRM conference experience or your 65th, maximizing your time is essential. So on behalf of the #SHRM13 social media team; allow me to be the first to welcome...


Recognize Right!

"My model for business is the Beatles. They were four guys who kept each other's kind of negative tendencies in check. They balanced each other, and the total was greater than the sum of the parts. That's how I see business: Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people." – Steve Jobs

When it comes to recognizing employees an either/or scenario is often presented: “Should we recognize only our top performers, or should we recognize all of our employees?” The answer is both…and more.

Workforce dynamics are evolving with whiplash intensity....


A New Spin on Succession Planning

Succession planning has typically been a very politicized process – decisions about who should be advanced are often kept in the board room, where managers discuss in private the merits of their various employees. Behind closed doors, they often use subjective methods and play favorites. Yet, to be most effective, succession plans should be derived from objective data to ensure that the most qualified employees – those than show the greatest skills and aptitude to take on a leadership role – are advanced.

For succession planning to be most successful, the process needs to leave private conference rooms and move...


Jason Collins: Who Will Come Out Next?

Jason Collins has become the first male professional athlete from a major professional sport to acknowledge, publicly, that he is gay.  That he is the first, and it is 2013, speaks volumes of the apparent homophobia in professional sports.

But Collins' coming out is not an isolated event.  It is part of a trend in which LGBT employees are increasingly open in their workplaces about who they are.

The salvo of recent states that recognize same sex marriages has accelerated the trend.  Discussions of this public policy issue has led to workplace disclosures of what otherwise might have been private....


Great CEOs Roll with the Punches

Every day we see or read about superb acts of leadership. The ones that occupy an indelible place in our minds are often characterized by unexpected high-pressure, traumatic conditions and courageous acts taken within a very limited amount of time – a cabbie delivering a baby, a mayor calming a city after one of the worst terrorist attack in the history of mankind, a pilot making the call to land a powerless 65 ton piece of steel on a river in the middle of a major metropolis, a primary school teacher protecting her class from a gun-wielding madman. With the...