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Are Gender Issues in the Workplace Still Maddening?

Last night was, according to @DonDraper_NY, the “beginning of the end.”  And, what a beginning it was.
Don remains on paid leave.  He visits Megan in California and then returns home to NY.
In his absence from the workplace, much of the focus was on Peggy and Joan.  Both worked incredibly hard on client retention and satisfaction but each was marginalized in ways that too many women still are today.
Joan fought hard to rescue a small but important account, Butler Footware. But instead of being thanked by the account executive, Ken Cosgrove, he told her...

Why HR Needs to Advocate for Change


The world is constantly bombarded with the emergence of new tools and technologies that change the way we live and work. And while many of these innovations can bring new efficiencies to the workplace, implementing these solutions can present a number of challenges. In addition to gaining executive buy-in and company-wide adoption, another key aspect is ensuring that any new technology acquisition complies with both the company’s legal processes and the larger local and federal regulations.

One of the biggest challenges is that company policies are often slow to keep up with the technology. And at today’s speed of...


It’s April 15: Today Is Tax Day!

Hopefully you had the opportunity to submit your taxes and are in the group of folks who are eagerly awaiting (or have received) a refund! Preparing your taxes can be tricky, and whether you utilize a professional to file or you go it alone, understanding the tax code can be intimidating at times.

What could make this process even more confusing is the fact that Congress has been discussing the concept of overall tax reform, and it could affect YOU!  Specifically, Congress could change the tax treatment of your retirement account(s).  If this sounds familiar, you may remember our ...


#Nextchat: Who's Responsible for Workplace Wellness?

If you’re an HR professional, you’ve probably been tasked in the past few years with creating a workplace wellness program–or ramping up the one that’s already in place. Consulting with health and wellness experts, and with other HR professionals to understand what they’re doing at their organizations, was likely a first step in the planning process.

While some praise workplace wellness programs for the positive influence on employees’ health habits, others feel they can cause mental and physical harm to employees who struggle with embarrassing weigh-ins, invasive...


A Daily Mantra !!

This past week we celebrated a Team Member’s 30th anniversary !!  This is a rarity in any organization these days.  She truly is beloved.  When we sent out the notice that we were going to recognize her, many people, including several Executives and Senior Leaders, cleared their schedules to make sure they were present.
Our recognition program is very personalized.  We meet our Team Members during their shift and at their location. We finally learned that recognition needs to be focused on the employee and not the HR program or benevolence of the company !!  This simple shift...

Manufacturing Industry Cries, 'Come Back, Rosie!'

When she was a high school sophomore in Chicago, Antoinette Leatherberry was recruited for an industry “early identification program” sponsored by a local college.

She spent an entire summer and a subsequent year of Saturdays tinkering with computers and learning about forms of engineering before going on to earn a manufacturing engineering degree at Boston University. Leatherberry, now a principal at Deloitte Consulting, admits there aren’t enough success stories like hers.

“Many women still feel a sense of isolation in this field,” Leatherberry told attendees of a March 18, 2014, panel discussion sponsored by


HR Feels the Pain of Regulatory Pressure

Have you complained lately of headaches? Dizziness? Migraines?  Pain the neck? Pain in the ---?  It could be due in part to the whirlwind of regulatory activity adding pressure to your already congested business pathways.  
Prescription?  Take a deep breath. Then join me as we walk through a few highlights and try to create some semblance of order in this actual or perceived chaos. Proceeding in alphabetical order by topic...ready?
Background Checks - On March 10th the U.S. EEOC and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published their first joint guidance on employers' use of background information....

The analytics takeover won't always be pretty

Seems like it has been some time since I dropped a solid 8 Man Rotation contribution here on the blog, so to remedy that, please first take a look at this recent piece on, 'Fears that stats trump hoops acumen', a look at the tensions that are building inside NBA front offices and among team executives.
In case you didn't click over and read the piece, the gist is this: With the increased importance and weight that a new generation of NBA team owners...