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Communication. HR’s Ticket to Success



HR Professionals are awesome in many ways. We do great work, for majority of us, we do it not because it’s a job, but because it is truly what we love. Unfortunately, even the greatest HR professional can have down falls, and one might be, not being able to communicate effectively.

Learning to communicate is a key skill for HR professionals, but we sometimes forget one part of communication. Listening.

It’s Monday afternoon, you’re deep in your office, catching up on what happened over the weekend. You’ve already made your...


Building Fences




Philip Humbert reminded me of the importance of building fences. Philip sent a weekly newsletter for years. The TIPS Title for October of 2016, one of his last newsletters, was Good Fences Make Us Rich. He continually asked me a more beautiful question as if he was just across the table enjoying a cup of coffee with me.

Here was Phil's opening One Minute TIP:

"Robert Frost observed that ' good fences make good neighbors' and I would add that good boundaries make us rich, in every sense of the word. Good boundaries


Two Simple Systems for Generating Positive Energy in Others

4 principles of energy:

#1. People have energy. Lousy organizations drain it.

#2. Energy flows toward meaningful action. When people lose energy they’re doing things that aren’t fulfilling.

#3. Energy increases with clarity and forward movement. Sustained confusion drains.

#4. Leaders impact energy. Successful leaders protect, nurture, and ignite energy inside others. Foolish leaders suck the life out of people.

How to generate positive energy in others:

Energy decreases unless someone fuels it.

  • First, commit yourself to generating positive energy in your team members.
  • Second, adopt a system for generating positive energy
  • ...

My Experience with the Privilege Walk


I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and I also wish you a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!  2017 was a great year for me.  I really have enjoyed and learned so much as the Diversity & Inclusion Co-Director with the Garden State Council SHRM (GSC-SHRM).  This year, I am also the Diversity & Inclusion Director for the North Jersey-Rockland SHRM Chapter, as well as the GSC-SHRM 2018 Conference Social Media Chair.  All good things and all offer great learning experiences. 

A blog that I have wanted to write about and share was my experience facilitating the...


Using Gaming Principles to Reach Personal Goals



Every year, between Christmas and New Year’s, I become inspired to set goals for the coming year.

I am notoriously bad at goal-setting, but there is something magical and fresh about January 1st  that fills me with optimism that maybe this year will be different.

Maybe this year if I try something new I could be joining the exclusive 8 percent of people who -according to a commonly cited statistic- actually keep their New Year’s resolutions.

So what’s new in goal setting?  I found 2 things that look promising and complement...


#Nextchat RECAP: Is Your HR Career Ready to Take on 2018?

On January 3, @shrmnextchat chatted about Is Your HR Career Ready to Take on 2018 with special guests from SHRM’s HR Competencies and Professional Development teams:  Ashley Miller (@Miller843), Senior Specialist, HR Competencies, Research; Lindsay Northon (@SHRMLindsay), Specialist, HR Competencies, Research; Michelle Keefe (@keefe_mk), Specialist, Education; Elizabeth Lacey (@SHRMLiz), Manager, Educational Programs; and Julie Aten (@SHRMJulie), Manager, Training and Client Relations, Educational Programs.

If you missed this informative chat, you can see the tweets here:



Sexual Harassment and Buying Flood Insurance After the Flood




Remember that time when one your high-level managers walked into Human Resources. And that remorseful high-level manager voluntarily confessed to sexually harassing a subordinate — before the subordinate had even registered a complaint — with an apology so genuine and sincere that you got a little choked up.

Yeah, me neither.

On Saturday, the New York Times ran a story about VICE Media, a digital media and broadcasting company whose target audience consists of male millennials. The report is behind a paywall. But, according to Natasha Reda, the story includes...


The ROI of Video in the Candidate Experience



What’s the ROI of video?

While it seems like a challenging question to answer, I’ll start you off with two scenarios:

  • Your talent acquisition team partners with the marketing team and creates a beautiful, scripted ten-minute video exploring your company’s history, culture, and operations. The cost is $20,000.
  • Your talent acquisition team visits with hiring managers and shoots short video clips of them on their smartphones describing a handful of the most common jobs they hire for. We’ll assume the cost is $1,000, if we factor in everyone’s time and
  • ...

#Nextchat: Is Your HR Career Ready to Take on 2018?



It’s that time again. New year, new you. While the traditional “get back in the gym” and “save more money” resolutions are great, the beginning of a new year is an opportune time to reflect on your HR career as well. Start by identifying goals for the year ahead and designing a plan for achieving those goals and advancing further toward your ideal career state.

Speaking of traditional, like the rest of the world of work, learning and development (L&D) methods are rapidly evolving. With that, the days of simply...


Miserable Modern Workers: Why Are They So Unhappy?



Today's workers are disengaged. They lack motivation. They're bored. They're stressed. They're burned out.

Researchers at Gallup, Randstad and Mercer conducting survey after survey have come to these conclusions. In fact, these surveys seem to paint an increasingly bleak picture of life at work.

At a time when technology has arguably made the workplace more efficient than ever, laws are protecting employees better than ever, and companies are offering benefits perhaps more generous than ever, why would U.S. workers be so checked out?

"One could argue that today's employees are...