How To Compete in a Tight Labor Market Knowing that Compensation is King


Traditionally, pay and benefits have been top selling points when attracting job candidates. However, the last few years have altered the recruitment and retention landscape dramatically. Is pay still a major factor for workers?

Employees buckled down for months during the height of the pandemic. As soon as the world opened up, the pent-up demand for workplace change launched the Great Resignation. Today, with recession threats looming, pay and well-being-related issues (such as work-life balance...


Benefits that Employees Will Value the Most in 2023

Open enrollment—HR’s most wonderful time of the year! OK, maybe not for everyone. 

I will never forget planning my first open enrollment. Although it was 18 years ago, I can still recall the same challenges I hear from our members today, such as, “Which benefits are going to be the most affordable options to meet our employees’ needs?” 

It was never easy to strike the correct balance between a benefits package that encourages employee attraction and retention and one that doesn’t break the bank for companies....


How to Cause the Effect in HR

HR is well-positioned to create effective change within organizations. Instituting initiatives so that employees aren’t reaching a level of “need” before their employer realizes it can help avoid running the risk of too little, too late. So can doing what is right, not because it’s an obligation but because it is the right thing to do. This is my interpretation of what “causing the effect” looks like. Your interpretation may be entirely different. If you are reconditioning your thought process to take into consideration what is ahead and not...


Permanent Residency Status is Not Necessarily Permanent: Travelers Beware

The saying “nothing is permanent” not only applies to life in general, but also to things many people think are truly permanent – like lawful permanent residency status, commonly called “green card” status. Unfortunately, it often surprises some (and usually under less-than-ideal circumstances) that the permanent resident status that they thought they could never lose and worked so hard to obtain can, in fact, be lost either through their actions, or in many cases, inactions. It will likely come as a further surprise to many that a permanent resident has no unconditional right to reenter or remain in the United...


RAK Government Launches an Ambitious Initiative to Develop its Human Capital Capabilities

Today we are living in times of unprecedented disturbance in all aspects of business environment, whether it be political, social or technological. In this situation, all organizations are continually strategizing, realigning, and responding to deal with the challenges. Therefore, the need for greater capacity and strategic focus in the delivery of Human Resource strategies and processes has never been more crucial. HR is ideally positioned, through its application of a broad range of technical skills and its understanding of the business, to be an impactful leader and an influential business strategic partner in the organization.

The top management in RAK...


Sam Bankman-Fried's Double-or-Nothing Philosophy Brought Down FTX

“Let’s say there’s a game: 51%, you double the Earth out somewhere else; 49%, it all disappears. Would you play that game? And would you keep on playing that, double or nothing?” That’s what Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF),
the former CEO of FTX, was asked in a March 2022 podcast with Tyler Cowen.

The vast majority of us would not take the risk of playing that game even once. After all, it seems morally atrocious to take a 49% chance of all human civilization disappearing, for a 51% chance of doubling the value of our
civilization–essentially a coin flip.

Yet SBF...


Turning Challenges Into Opportunities in 2023

As we wish our colleagues, family and friends happy new year, many investors are saying good riddance to 2022.   Stocks and bonds were BOTH down double digits.   Thanks to an inflationary environment and Fed rate hikes, markets have given back the growth we have enjoyed over the last few years. 

An important topic for the finance industry for sure, but why am I writing this in an HR Blog? Well because your 401(k) or 403(b) Plan turns your employees into investors.   And decisions they make during periods of market volatility can have a significant impact on their professional and...


How Healthcare Organizations Can Build Solid ESG Policies

With ESG issues playing an increasingly central role in organizations across the globe and governments taking ever more firm stances on policies that reflect ESG values, companies are facing the pressure to adopt ESG measures.

The good news is that efforts to track your organization towards ESG adoption is a bet on a winning horse. With 87 percent of the next generation of leaders, today’s millennials, believing that ESG is important, those companies who adopted ESG practices over ten years ago are ahead of the curve, but those who start today...


Bridging the Skills Gap and Investing in Human Capital

Whether you work in for-profit or in nonprofit like me, your organization may be preparing for a recession. That means making difficult decisions that make the most sense for long-term business success. As costs go up, you may feel the stress of budget cuts, especially at year-end.

No matter where you are in the world, many industries are already facing challenges, including the Great Resignation, staff recruitment and retention and end-of-year hiring freezes. At times like this, you should bolster your commitment to helping your people grow. And they need to know...