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A New Year’s Resolution: Make Your One-on-Ones Count



One-on-one meetings with direct reports may seem about as inviting as a trip to the doctor. But, just as with doctor visits, a little preparation promotes engagement and a healthier rapport. Done right, I find that one-on-ones can build trust, identify issues before they become problems, and help with retention.

Here are four tips for managers and employees to improve one-on-one meetings:

1. Prepare an agenda – An agenda provides structure so you...


How to Fix Declining Global Productivity



Synopsis: Read how Jim Clifton, Chairman & CEO of Gallup, believes you as a business leader can fix U.S. GDP growth and productivity by changing your culture to one that maximizes employee potential. And then join us virtually at SHRM Live tomorrow, Friday February 1st, to ask your questions and hear more!

While the world's workplace has been going through extraordinary historical change, the practice of management has been stuck in time for more than 30 years.
The practice of management has fallen behind how people work and live...


Stalking and the Workplace



This year something that had once been an academic exercise became a reality. Myself and a few other managers in our building were asked to come to a conference room and we did not know why. A very senior manager in another department gave us a “heads up” that one of her employees, a medical trainee, was being stalked and threatened. This behavior was also exhibited towards another one of her employees.

On leaving the meeting, I went back to talk to my team to let them know I needed...


#Nextchat RECAP: #SHRMLive – State of the Workplace

On January 30 @shrmnextchat chatted with HR professionals from around the country - and world - about the State of the Workplace in advance of SHRM's virtual #SHRMLive - State of the Workplace conference event on February 1. 

If you missed this excellent #Nextchat, you can read all the tweets here or below:




Counting Down to SHRM’s 2019 “State of the Workplace”



SHRM Live is just TWO days away! 

Our theme this year is the “State of the Workplace,” and—taking place just days before the President’s State of the Union Address—legislative policies affecting America’s workplaces will be squarely on the table. SHRM already has a seat at the table, and we’re bringing more diverse voices into the discussion to amplify HR’s strategic role in workplaces across the globe. 

This is SHRM’s third year of hosting this unique, interactive event that brings HR and business thought leaders together with a virtual...


#Create: Don't Be Disruptive. Be Decent.


You may have heard of a recent incident in Washington D.C., where a Native American elder participating in the Indigenous Peoples March was surrounded and cruelly taunted by a group of teenagers. Reading this story both broke my heart and frightened me; that such racism still exists in our society is unjust and wrong.

To be sure, the impact of racism and bigotry has been felt by human beings of many backgrounds. Some for the color of their skin, some for the people they love, and some for simply being different. Bigotry is not confined to any one group;...


Two New Audio Products from SHRM: "All Things Work" Podcast and "SHRM HR Tips" on Alexa


All Things Work

The All Things Work podcast is hosted by SHRM’s VP of Editorial, Tony Lee and features interviews with advanced HR professionals. We’ll also cover trends and stories about the workplace in general.

Subscribe to this program on:





SHRM HR Tips, now on Amazon Alexa Devices

 SHRM will now be providing HR tips and a preview of featured Webcasts as an Alexa Audio News Briefing. The audio briefing is...


Micro-Internships – a Powerful Tool for Talent Acquisition



Companies of all sizes face massive challenges related to early-career professionals. Companies burn millions on campus recruiting competing at the same schools, see diversity metrics that are unacceptable (with “solutions” often causing more harm than good), and complain that Career Launchers aren’t job ready. The impact is that companies are have more open positions than ever before, and then face 55 percent attrition of those new hires who are made.

However, the issue is not a shortage of talent. In fact, the nonprofit Strada Institute reported that over 43 percent...


Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Part 3 With Dr. Helen Turnbull


Welcome to our special series on Diversity and Inclusion.  It isn’t my area of expertise, but obviously a very important topic in the world of business culture.  I gathered 6 experts to close out 2018 to share their perspectives.  This is part 3.

Dr. Turnbull is a world recognized thought leader in global inclusion and diversity. Her Ph.D. dissertation research was on stereotype threat, assimilation and internalized oppression across cultures. She is the author of three online psychometric assessment tools on unconscious bias and inclusion. In addition to her Ph.D. she has two Masters degrees, one in organizational behavior...


#Nextchat: SHRM Live – State of the Workplace


Is your organization finding the talent it needs to fill skills gaps?  Are you finding that it’s becoming increasingly necessary to develop the skills of your current workers or look for candidates in nontraditional labor pools?  The shortage of candidates with the right skills has forced employers to modify their talent acquisition and training strategies in order to find new skilled talent, and to reskill and upskill workers who are already on board.  

On January 27, SHRM launched the Getting Talent Back to Work Pledge, an initiative that...