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The New SHRM Foundation

For the last 50 years, the SHRM Foundation has funded two major initiatives: academic research on effective and efficient HR practices, and scholarships for HR professionals and students. Over that 50 year span the SHRM Foundation has impacted the lives of thousands of HR professionals and students by providing research-based HR solutions and scholarships—but it was time for a change.

Difficult inclusion challenges impact the workforce and the workplace, and the SHRM Foundation is dedicated to helping HR professionals meet those challenges and achieve success. To meet this goal, the SHRM Foundation listened, learned and worked to shift our strategy...


The Way Forward on Migration – January 30, 2017


Early in my legal career, I volunteered with the ACLU to help teach elementary students about how laws work.  An exercise we would use involved a ban on hats in the classroom.  We’d talk about why there might be a ban on hats (they would block the view of other students) and then try to apply this “law” to specific situations – What about a baseball cap? A giant hair bow? A stocking cap covering the head of a child with cancer?  The children quickly learned that applying laws to real...


Given First

It’s a topic that’s getting a ton of attention these days. It’s in our discussions, our social media and in societies around the globe. People are trying to determine if people are/aren’t trustworthy and there’s never a clear answer because everyone’s opinions and definitions are different.
I’m not here to define what “trust” is. However, I do want to tackle the first aspect of trust – and that is whether it is earned or given. The majority of people I know feel trust has to be earned. If trust isn’t earned, how do we know how people...

What is Micro-Clanning at Work?


You may have noticed a trend that has been developing over the last couple of years: people are banding together in small groups of common interests. The anxiety that many people are feeling in today’s world have them seeking comfort zones and groups to lesson this anxiety. This is a trend that Faith Popcorn, futurist and founder of BrainReserve, has called “micro-clanning.”

Seeking More Intimacy

Popcorn says that people today are seeking more intimacy than what the digital world offers. We see this reflected in Facebook where people gather around...


Makeba Clay – The First Recipient of a SHRM Foundation/ACDI-VOCA International Volunteer Opportunity


At the end of 2016, the SHRM Foundation forged a new partnership with ACDI-VOCA, a Washington, DC-based international development organization experienced in managing impactful, skills-based international volunteering programs. They offer professionals international volunteer opportunities at no cost to the professional or their organization.

Makeba Clay is the first recipient of a SHRM Foundation/ACDI-VOCA International Volunteer Opportunity. Makeba is a leader in diversity and inclusion in the DC-metro area having worked most recently as Chief Diversity Officer for the National Museum of African Art and now as the CEO of Innovative Global Solutions Consulting, LLC, a woman-owned management consulting...


Mary Tyler Moore and Single Women



A lot has been written about the passing of Mary Tyler Moore.  Perhaps we did not know at the time how ground breaking the Mary Tyler Moore show was.  In retrospect, it is clear to us.  
There are so many episodes that dealt with gender equality, including when Mary was paid less because she was a woman and denied opportunities because she was not a man.  With a wonderful combination of strength and humor, she leaned in….and prevailed.
But there was something else about Mary Richards that...

Spicing Up Your Employee Handbook


In today’s workplace, it is not enough to have an employee handbook in name only, but it must be one that employees have read, digested and received training on.  Now is the perfect time to take your employee handbook off the shelf, drag it into the kitchen and add a little spice to it.

Here are some ways:

Incorporate company culture and brand. An employer should use the employee handbook as a vehicle to let its workplace shine and familiarize employees with the company’s mission, value, goals and aspirations.  An employer...


HR Intel: What the ‘Federal Vacuum’ Means for HR

Much of the employment-related commentary and guidance around what to expect from the Trump Administration can be summed up as follows: wait and see. I’ve been guilty of it myself with HR Intel, harping on the uncertainty that this transition presents to employers in the absence of specifics.

However, now that President Trump’s cabinet is taking shape, we can start to make some educated guesses as to how the next four years might take shape for HR. And if you look at each cabinet appointee whose job affects...


#Nextchat RECAP: What’s Next for Paid Leave?

On January 25, @shrmnextchat chatted with SHRM Senior Vice President of Knowledge Development Alex Alonso (@SHRMKnwldgeSVP) and SHRM Vice President of Research Shonna Waters (@Shonna_Waters) about What's Next for Paid Leave.

In case you missed this informative chat, you can read all the tweets here:




Questions About Your Culture? Check Your Travel Policy

Okay, it doesn’t necessarily need to be your travel policy; but I think it’s particularly useful for this exercise.

Allow me to explain.

Culture has lots of different definitions. Feel free to Google them if you’re a completist. For me, I look at culture as how work gets done in an organization. That encompasses a lot of stuff, and many tend to think solely of the people component – attitudes, values, behaviors, etc. Those are all part of it, so I’m glad people consider it!  Some also think about...