To Get Through Back-To-School Season, Parents Should Get Comfortable Being Imperfect




Being a single mother and working full-time as a Principal in consulting has never been an easy balancing act. “Agility” is a term we use in consulting traditionally related to pivoting to client needs and market demands. Now, agility means toggling what feels like never-ending work, cooking, cleaning, fixing, tech help, errands, activity-directing, and tutoring — all while maintaining sanity and physical health.

No parent is perfect. Now is...


How to Prepare for a Job Interview (4 Things You MUST Do)


In this video, Self Made Millennial Madeline Mann shares the four things that you MUST do when preparing for a job interview. Madeline will teach you how to prep for - and pass - any job interview with these critically important tips.

Get ready to ace that interview. Wifi hi-five!


Originally posted on Madeline Mann's Self Made Millennial YouTube channel.





5 Career Lessons from Martin Luther King, Jr.


If we’re talking about race then we’ve got to honor Dr. King. I visited the Martin Luther King, Jr. Museum on my 6th wedding anniversary weekend.

Here are 5 career lessons from the civil rights leader.

Set your sights high.

  • Craft an authentic message. 
    Dr. King almost left out the “I Have a Dream” part of the “I Have A Dream” speech, but he did what he felt was right. Sometimes, you can’t plan everything you’re going to say in an interview, and you don’t want to sound rehearsed anyway. Know
  • ...

Leave Policies and COVID-19 “Long-Haulers” Who Don’t Recover Quickly


There are some people who contract the virus and don’t recover in two or three weeks like most patients do, but instead continue to experience a wide array of symptoms, long after testing negative for the virus. They are not contagious, but are still suffering symptoms 100 days after falling sick. They call themselves the “long-haulers”. Common symptoms include fatigue, chest pain and brain fog. More rare but alarming are fluctuations in blood pressure and heart rate from 30 to 200 without activity.

Their symptoms can’t always be explained by doctors, who are at...


How to Help Your Team Navigate Their Concerns About Culture Change



When you’re working hard on culture change, it’s natural for your team to feel skeptical.

After all, you’ve been thinking about this for a while.

You’re committed to engagement and making a difference.

You may wonder why your team isn’t breathing a huge sigh of relief and jumping on board.  After all, your vision for the future is compelling and engaging.

It’s also likely they have questions of their own about your motives, your follow-through, and what will happen...


Does Your Talent Management Strategy Support Women of Color?



I’ve been married for 9 years, and my husband and I have 1 child.

I got my first ever credit card in 2019.

I’m a stay-at-home mom (by choice) with no live-in nanny or regular sitter (by choice), and I work one full day during the workweek (by choice). It's been that way since the beginning of my independent practice, aside from a 12-week period where I was without my daughter for two workdays.

How did your assumptions about me fare?

Had you previously stereotyped me?

The main problem with stereotypes...


SHRM Tune in Tuesday – “You Can’t Outsource Integrity” – Rob Chesnut



The August session of SHRM’s “Tune in Tuesday” featured a great discussion by Rob Chesnut, the former Chief Ethics Officer and General Counsel for Airbnb and author of the book “Intentional Integrity.”

Rob shared several stories and examples about how, more than ever, ethics and integrity have taken center stage in companies and organizations worldwide. In the past, corporations could focus solely on their bottom line by driving up shareholder value. However, in today’s world, as both employees are customers alike...


The Future of AI-Powered HR



Artificial Intelligence (AI) for HR is still in its early stages, but it can provide new efficiencies and greater effectiveness around the fundamental human process of engaging with, training and retaining the most critical of all resources—people. 

If you’re an HR executive interested in how AI can benefit your company, you do not need to understand all of the precise details about the programs, technologies and applications that comprise AI. Instead you should think about AI from a business perspective by asking yourself these questions:

  • What is the business value of the
  • ...

To Dream -- Explore Your Vast New Landscape of Opportunities



If you took a poll right now in workplaces, the title of this post might be “to survive” or “just exist.” It’s tough right now. The work environment is being tested and challenged in ways it hasn’t in our lifetime.

You have those who have been working remotely for months that have altered their living space, their schedules and their approach to work. There are also people who have been working ever since the pandemic began and haven’t missed a beat.

Even though that has been the case for them,...


9 Ways To Encourage Employees To Take Vacation Days & Use PTO




Taking time off is something many people will avoid when job security is at the forefront of someone’s mind. As a leader or HR professional, navigating how to go about asking employees to use their paid-time-off during these times can be a challenging task. 

How can you encourage employees to take vacation days? We asked nine thought leaders to share their best advice on how to encourage employees to take some well-deserved time off.

Change the Way PTO is Discussed...