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Dispatches from #SHRM17 – Day One


When you think of Sunday in New Orleans many things come to mind.  The heat rising off the worn streets of the French Quarter, an interesting mix of pagan and penitent moving about slowly round the Jackson Square, or the line for café and beignets crowded with tourists struggling to find shelter from the mid-morning sun.  Oh and then there’s that conference of over 17,000 HR Professionals over by the convention center.

This is my seventh SHRM conference and it has become my favorite. Now, I hear you already saying’ and...


What I Want to See at #SHRM17 -- Part 2





Wow. This thing is awesome. I just got stickers that said I was smart a$$.  Which is, all and all, a great reputation to have.
I am interested in going to “Communicating Total Compensation and Benefits to Millennials” because I want money. (I can turn into a millenial on the fly due to the fact that generations are basically stuff that we made up and no one has defined exactly when Gen Z starts. Look it up; it’s worth a google)....

Agree to Disagree with Laszlo Bock

It’s Day 2 here at #SHRM17 and I just attended the General Session. While I enjoyed Laszlo Block’s presentation and believe he has tremendous talent, he offered something that I just can’t stand behind.

He offered that we shouldn’t let Hiring Managers make hiring decisions.

Think about this message. It got a good laugh and I respect that, but please think about the meaning of those words. And then contemplate this…

  • What have we, as HR Professionals, been trying to do for years and years?
  • What are the things we can
  • ...

Back In the Saddle: #SHRM17

Sometimes there is value in taking a break.  I don’t mean taking a break in the sense of relaxation, but in removing yourself from some activity or situation.  Sometimes it is intentional and sometimes it is beyond your control.  Either way, it offers the ability to gain new perspective on the value of what you’re missing.  I took a break from SHRM annual last year due to a client commitment.  Now, I’m back at SHRM’s annual exposition and conference and it feels good.

Attending so many times in the past, I...


Don't You Dare Forget...



Today saw the beginning of #SHRM17 in New Orleans, where 18,000 HR pros have descended upon the city for learning, fun, and reconnecting with old friends.

The shenanigans kicked off early in the morning with pre-conference workshops, but the sessions began in earnest after lunch, with concurrent sessions and SmartStage speakers. But the main event REALLY kicks off late in the afternoon, with the appearance of Juana Hart and our first keynote of the conference.

You have probably heard of Kat Cole – she worked at Hooters and learned the operations side of the business when the...


My First Day at the #SHRM17 Conference


This is the first time that I’m attending a SHRM conference and that too as a #SHRM17 blogger!

Words can’t explain how excited I am! This convention center is full of HR Professionals – running around, laughing and enjoying every moment in our small HR world. Well, it’s not that small – this year we have almost 18,000 attendees. Awesome right?

We have some amazing sessions lined up for this year and I am so glad to attend them. Some of my...


Starting Out – #SHRM17 – June 18 – Day One


There are a thousand stories in The Big Easy. This is just one…

…of the thousand.

To say it is “humid” in New Orleans is an understatement. It’s ridiculous.

Now, I’m from South Carolina, so I have a personal relationship with humidity. We are not strangers. But this level of humidity is something else. It is aggressive humidity. It’s not just moist… it is like walking though hot molasses. Chunks of hot molasses. Yet, this week, 15,000 plus HR Professionals and a handful of amateurs, will gladly(?) look that humidity in the eye and stare it down just so...


13 Signs That Someone Is About to Quit, According to Research




Despite a century of speculation by managers and scholars, we know very little about whether certain cues or signs exhibited by employees can predict whether they're about to quit.

To help managers and companies identify employees at risk of quitting, we investigated this very question and uncovered a set of behavioral changes exhibited by employees—what we dub pre-quitting behaviors—that are strong predictors of voluntary quits in the 12 months after they are observed by managers. Our inquiry was inspired by a study by evolutionary psychologists David Buss and...


An Introvert's Guide to #SHRM17


If large groups of people, lots of activity, sound, noise, and light feel overwhelming, you may be an introvert. Let’s just say that SHRM National is an extrovert’s delight.

Yet, the conference is full of interesting people, opportunity, valuable information, and things that promise to make your life easier, people happier, and decisions easier. There is so much to learn and explore.

My favorite trick for managing the overwhelm is to hide in plain sight behind my camera. It gives me a focus, literally. And I get to just edit anything...


The HR Profession is Ready… Are You?

SHRM CEO Hank Jackson and SHRM Board Chair Coretha Rushing visit the “Commitment Wall” at #SHRM17, where participants are confirming what they are “All In” for.

Greetings from New Orleans and the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition—the largest gathering of HR professionals in the world, and maybe even in history. On Day One of #SHRM17, we are closing in on record attendance, with more than 15,400 registrants.
Everyone here, and all of you out there, face a common challenge today: How to cope with the tremendous pace of change barreling toward...