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#Nextchat: The Aging Workforce

The U.S. workforce – like that of many countries around the world – is aging.  HR professionals and other business leaders are understandably growing increasingly concerned with how they will replace these exiting workers, especially those with high in-demand skills and education.

U.S. Census data shows that over the previous decade, the number of U.S. residents aged 55 to 64 grew considerably from approximately 22 million to 29 million.  It projects that the number of people in this age group will increase to almost 40 million in 2014 and to 42 million in 2024.



Attendance is an Essential Function But...

Think about all the different jobs at your workplace. Is attendance an essential function for every one? This could lead us into a protracted discussion about what it means to "attend" work, whether and why we care where or when our employee works, so long as the work gets done.  But for now, take comfort in the fact that at least one court, the 7th Circuit "has found regular job attendance to be an essential job requirement."  That's key under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) because covered employers, those with 15 or more employees may not discriminate against...

The Realistic Job Preview

The eBook for the North American 2013 Candidate Experience Report was released this week by The Talent Board. If you work in HR or Recruiting I encourage you to read it; you can register to receive the eBook here. The report covers a wide range of topics from candidate attraction to the application process to screen and selection and nearly 50,000 candidates who applied to close to 100 companies shared their insights.
One of the areas I found quite interesting was the information gathered around Type of Interview Events.  Per the report, “A small number (5.3 percent)...

Executive Book Club: March 2014

Over 1200 pages. More than 40 essential forms for 2014 on CD, plus legal updates between editions free with purchase. Written by a practicing California attorney with nearly 25 years of experience providing strategic advice to many of California’s largest employers, this is the most practical, comprehensive guide to California employment law for human resources managers on the market today. The book provides complete coverage of 2014 rules for hiring, discrimination/harassment, investigations, disability accommodation, leaves, wage and hour, and terminations, including:
  • Coverage of “best practices” used by California
  • ...

Procedural Slip-Up Sinks Mammoth EEOC Lawsuit

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) failed to prove systemic, nationwide claims of discriminatory pay and promotion policies because it didn’t really conduct a nationwide investigation of the claims, even though it told a court it had, according to Gerald Maatman Jr., an attorney in Seyfarth Shaw’s Chicago and New York City offices.
The case involved the pay and promotion claims of 44,000 women employed by Sterling Jewelers, the largest specialty retail jeweler in the nation, with more than 1,300 stores, including Kay Jewelers and Jared the Galleria of Jewelry.
Sterling allegedly paid its female employees less than...

The Best Way to Maintain Human Resources Files

Compliance is a big part of human resources. When HR does compliance right, it can give us time to do the other, more strategic parts of our job. Today’s reader question deals with one of the big compliance issues companies face: employee files.

"Hello. We are a small business of around 50 employees. I would like a suggestion or opinion on the best way to organize employee folders. We do not use a virtual system, everything is still on paper and in a file folder. I think the best solution would be a series of several tabbed folders...


#Nextchat: Marijuana and the Workplace

With 20 states now allowing medical marijuana use (and two allowing recreational use), there is a new and urgent need for organizations to understand the associated liability issues in the workplace.  

Although the laws allow the drug’s use for medical purposes, they may not address the impact that legal medical marijuana has on the workplace.  Beyond the increase in potential safety issues, there is also the concern about productivity—in our organizations and as a nation.

In a recent interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” California Gov. Jerry...


Do Your Employees Talk To Each Other or About Each Other?

I am attending and speaking at one of my favorite diversity conferences this week, and on the trip here I overheard a conversation in the airport among 3 co-workers who were taking one of their peers to task, I mean they are letting her have it! Unfortunately for her, and for the organization that these 4 people work for, she was not present and is not likely going to get any of this feedback. Intelligent, competent, educated adults who are talking about each other rather than to each other.
I get to do some hands on work...

HR Philosophy from the Trenches

I have two HR philosophies; “Keep It Simple” and “Deal With the Problem”. My that I mean that people always seem so scared of dealing with something going wrong because they see it as conflict and that they will upset the person involved. The way I approach it is, something has happened, and that is what we need to address. I’m not going to belittle them, or attack them, we just need to address the issue as soon as possible. ~Leeanne, a dedicated upstartHR reader

Recently I asked some questions of a few of...